Sep 13, 2010

Healing 101

This is a message with practical advice for those interested in learning to operate in divine healing.

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In my experience and in what I've learned from those who have successfully ministered healing over dacades, a common message comes forth: To operate successfully in divine healing it's imperative to establish a strong, active relationship with the Holy Spirit. All of what we do must be led and powered by the Holy Spirit. As we minister healing to others, we're not primarily about healing. We're ambassadors of heaven facilitating new relationships with those who may not know God. If we don't know His ways, we can't share Him with the world. Establishing and maintaining the relationship is the first order of business. The authority to heal comes from Jesus. He gave his disciples authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). If you're not His disciple yet, become one. Ask Him to come into your life and the Holy Spirit will come and reside in you. You will have the power and authority to heal the sick and raise the dead.

My first bit of advice to those who desire to heal is to to get rid of daily distractions and seek the face of God in solitude. Unplug your television for six months and use that time to rest in God's presence. Sing, worship, pray, let God show you visions, do some fasting, have dreams and get acquainted with God in ways you haven't before. As your relationship with God grows so will your anointing for healing.

My second bit of advice comes from a friend (Brian Fenimore) whose been in healing for decades. Don't ever try to heal while remaining detached from the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can heal the sick on faith alone. Many people do it. But what they end up doing is building a kingdom for themselves and eventually their ministry collapses. After a successful run, they find that people aren't being healed and they wonder what happened. Always invite the Holy Spirit to participate and lead the encounter and do with the person what He wants done. Ministry with the Holy Spirit is a dance. He leads, we follow.

Faith To Heal
Healing comes through faith. It's that simple. Children can be used as healers because they haven't been poisoned with doubt. Replacing doubt with faith is critical to healing. As my faith has grown, the frequency of miracles increased.

Reading Scripture
When I began in healing, I found every passage in the New Testament that had to do with healing and I studied and memorized it. Then I went through the Old Testament. Reading scripture passages about healing is a faith building experience. Study, study, study. Then rest in the Holy Spirit and let Him apply it to your spirit.

Learn From Others
Many people have done healing before you. They all have lessons you can learn from. If you know people who operate in healing, go with them when they minister. If healing is happening at a certain place make a point to be there and witness it firsthand. If you need healing, find someone to do it. My own healing made a profound imact in my faith to heal others. Read books, watch videos - especially testimonies of healing and instruction. Many people who operate in healing have mp3 and podcasts you can listen to. Devour all you can stomach, then rest in the Holy Spirit and let Him sort it out.

You'll find many different methods of healing out there. All of them work - but none are foolproof. I saw an approach I liked so I borrowed it, then adapted it to fit my personality. It works for me. Don't get hung up on following a certain method. Develop your own, as I did. In fact, you might consider using different methods at different times. Jesus used a different method nearly every time, probably to confound those who think one method is best.

A word of caution: if anyone claims to have figured it all out and they tell you not to bother studying from anyone else but them - beware. They have an agenda you don't want to be under. Don't be impressed by their numbers. Most people in healing have decent success, but nobody has 100% success.

This is something I do as a medical practitioner, but it's also helpful in healing. I ask questions of the person before I begin:

1) Ask about the onset of symptoms - when and how it happened.

2) Ask about severity of pain on a one to ten scale. This is very helpful in evaluating the progress of healing. If the pain was 8/10 at the start and a few minutes later it's 5/10, you're making progress.

3) Ask about limitations in activity or range of motion.

4) Ask how long they've had the symptoms.

5) Ask about treatment they've had. Antibiotics damge the immune system, so commanding the immune system to be healed may be in order. Radiation and chemotherapy also damage the body. You may need to command that damage to be healed.

Don't be discouraged by what you hear. It's just information so that when they are healed, you know what they were healed from.

Just Do It
Healing doesn't happen unless you get started. Lay hands on anyone who will let you. Friends, family, co-workers and strangers. When I order food at a restaurant or coffee shop they usually ask, "Is that all you need today?" I reply, "That's it.... unless you know someone who needs healing." I often find people with headaches or other things to heal. When I'm shopping I look for canes, casts, immobilers, splints, wheelchairs and people hobbling along in obvious pain. These folks are usually open to healing. Introduce yourself, build some trust and ask if you can help them through healing. If they say no, bless them and keep going.

Don't beg or plead with God to heal anyone. This may be the most common mistake people make. God has already given us authority over sickness disease and injury. It's in our covenant. It's an eternal promise. Command sickness, disease, inflammation, pain, darkness, depression, or unclean spirits to leave. Command organs, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, tendons, bones and other things to be healed.

Persistence Pays Off
Don't be discouraged if nothing happens the first time you pray. Do it again.
Don't be discouraged if nothing happens after a second time. Do it again.
Don't give up if nothing happens after a third time. Do it again.

Most of the healing I've seen has come after 4 or 5 sessions of commanding the healing to happen. Be persistent. Don't quit. The second most common mistake in healing is giving up too soon. If you see any change in symptoms or severity of pain after 3 or 4 times, keep going. You're making progress. If you move it at all, you can eventually get it to go away completely.

Healing's Limitations
Healing is not the final answer to life's problems or issues and it's irrelevant to healthy people. When you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of people with no healing needs and healing is your only weapon - you have nothing to give them. Spend a few months in a college dorm and see how your healing ministry goes. Personally, I love the prophetic life. It's a gift that can be used in any situation with anyone. Dream interpretation is another great tool to have in your arsenal. Consider other gifts God might want to use in your life. Remember my advice on building your relationship with the Holy Spirit? If you're tuned in to what He's saying, you'll know which gift He wants to use and how He wants to do it.

Love and Compassion
If we heal out of any other reason than love and compassion, we gain nothing for ourselves, the kingdom or those we heal. I'll be blunt; there are many people in healing today who are doing it for questionable reasons. For some it's turned into a game of numbers - "How many people can I get healed today?" For others it's about making a name for themselves. Some are out to make a living off it, seeing it as a step toward full time ministry. Some do it to write books about healing or produce media to sell. God will heal the sick through people who have less than pure motives. Ask yourself if you'd like to be one of those people. Jesus healed out of love and compassion. My advice is to follow His example in everything you do.