Aug 17, 2010

An Uncomfortable Healing Testimony

This testimony came from a friend a few days ago. For the sake of privacy, his name is being omitted.

For a couple of weeks, I had a problem when I visited the men’s room: every time I used the toilet paper, it came away with blood on it. I said to myself “No big deal, it’s just a little bit of blood. It’ll go away.”

But it didn’t go away, and soon it was not “a little bit” of blood, but a vivid pool of blood (mixed in with other things) left in the toilet when I was through, and it took extra toilet paper to mop up the blood. One night, I spent much of the night in the men’s room, making substantial hourly deposits of diarrhea and blood. I lost about 3 pounds that night.

After one particularly bad episode shortly before dawn, I stumbled back to bed and determined to try to change my thoughts. Instead of continuing to bemoan the (very) unpleasant circumstances, I tried to look at the situation from heaven’s perspective. I began by repenting for the foolish belief that I needed somebody else to pray for me and accepted the responsibility for praying for myself. I turned my attention toward heaven, and settled my spirit with Holy Spirit. It’s a nice place.

In that settled place, I brought up my physical issue, and in a few minutes, he showed me a portion of his grace that he said would fit my need. So I accepted that bit of grace, and as an act of faith, I applied it to my colon (all this happened as I watched it, inside my head; how do you describe that?). As I applied it, I felt something change: a place inside my physical body where there had been a pain shifted into an itch, but there was no real way to measure a change, since I was pretty empty by this point.

When the morning arrived, I was surprised to discover that I had reason to visit the men’s room, and the results had no blood and no diarrhea, and it hasn’t come back. I was still dehydrated from the night’s adventures, but that was easily addressed with several glasses of water. I’ve decided I like having God heal me.

Aug 15, 2010

Hospital Healing

What happens when a handful of believers bring the healing power of Jesus to a hospital?

Disease leaves.

Check out this video from the crew at Revival or Riots.

Aug 14, 2010

Brain Tumor - Two Options

Warning - In the first video, a surgeon is shown removing a brain tumor. This video may be too graphic for some viewers. Consider this before watching.

If you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, there are several options for treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation may be indicated. Surgery is sometimes an option, if the tumor is encapsulated and not spreading. In the first video we'll watch a tumor being removed surgically.

In the second video, we'll hear the testimony of a young man for whom surgery wasn't an option.

Matthew, was diagnosed with a small brain tumor in April 2008. After a checkup in November of that year, the tumor had grown to the size of a softball. The tumor was not encapsulated and was rapidly spreading, making it inoperable. His doctors gave him less than a month to live. His family refused to accept the prognosis and began to pray. A few months later he was healed. Matthew went in for a MRI in January of 2009. There was no sign of the tumor.

Aug 11, 2010

Todd White in New York

Todd White spent some time with a CBN film crew in New York city. God touched many people during Todd's visit. Here's a sample.

Aug 10, 2010

Drive Thru Prayer Booth

This is a video about a drive through pray booth in Los Angeles. It's seems to be big news in Europe.

Aug 8, 2010

Forgiving After an Affair

Healing comes in many different forms. My wife and I have a great desire to see marriages strengthened and relationships healed. Jimmy Evans is the author of many books on marriage and is the host of the TV show Marriage Today. His website is packed with marriage resources. In this video, Jimmy and his wife discuss how to forgive your spouse after an affair.

Aug 7, 2010

Healed of Pancreatic Cancer

Toni Roberts is a nurse and her husband Bill is a physician. When Toni was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer, her life was suddenly changed. Her faith was tested but through persistent prayer she won her victory over the disease. After multiple diagnostic tests, her oncologist was happy to report that all traces of cancer were gone.

Aug 5, 2010

Man Wakes Up During His Own Autopsy

A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began an autopsy.

Carlos Camejo, 33, was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue, where examiners began an autopsy only to realize something was amiss when he started bleeding. They quickly sought to stitch up the incision on his face.

"I woke up because the pain was unbearable," Camejo said, according to a report on Friday in leading local newspaper El Universal.

His grieving wife turned up at the morgue to identify her husband's body only to find him moved into a corridor - and alive.

Hospital officials could not be reached to confirm the events. But Camejo showed off his facial scar and a document ordering the autopsy.

To read the original story click here.

Aug 3, 2010

Prostate Cancer Healed

This is the testimony of a man who was healed of stage 2 prostate cancer at Bethel church in Redding, California. The woman who prayed for him was herself, healed of West Nile virus and multiple sclerosis.

Aug 1, 2010

Cowboy Understandin’

This post came courtesy of Kevin, at Campfire Cowboy Ministries

It doesn’t even surprise me anymore when I see angels disguised as children and cowgirls.

True happiness in life comes from takin’ what you like to do the most and doin’ it for God.

He died for me so I could live for Him….What’s so hard to understand about that?

God needs two things in order for you to hear Him: Shut your mouth and open your heart.

God’s got a plan for you. Contentment with the ordinary is what keeps you from experiencing the extraordinary.

“I’ve found that worry carries too big a price tag, grudges burn a hole in your gut, and being grateful stills a troubled soul.” -The Good Cowboy

My daughter says she will never drive a dually pick-up. It’s a truck with big hips.

God sent us cow dogs to teach us how to love unconditionally.

Prayers are just talkin’ unless you’re walkin’ with the Lord.

If you’re sittin’ comfortable in the saddle you are probably sittin’ still.

The West Texas wind is mosquito repellant from God.

If the roads in heaven are caliche, that will be just fine with me ’cause that’s the way they are in Texas.

They don’t let good cowboys and cowgirls in heaven. Only forgiven ones.

When you get to the pearly gates, will Peter yell “Ship him” or “Keep him”? (Hint..He’s looking for Jesus Christ’s brand on your heart and soul.)

We are not defined by what others think of us. We are defined by God’s love that lives through us.

Submitting to God isn’t like surrendering from a Kung Fu choke hold. It’s taking the time to have a cup of coffee with God and finally listening to Him.

God didn’t let cowboys go to Jesus’ crucifixion. They would have turned that hill into the little Alamo before they let someone kill their Lord.

If Adam would have been a cowboy, he would’ve shot that snake in the garden with some buckshot and then cut his head off and hung the body in a mesquite so it would rain. Sure would’ve saved us a mess of trouble.

Jesus has drawn a line in the dirt. Do you have the guts to follow the cowboy that conquered death? Leave your sissified life behind and let’s go live a life worth living.

Unfortunately, most people feel the same way about God as they do four wheel drive. They really don’t think they need it until they get stuck.

The greatest act of worship is havin’ fun and rejoicing in the Lord each and every day. So quit yer whinin’ and bellyachin’. It’s worse than watchin’ World Cup Soccer.

You wouldn’t feed your best horse moldy hay, so turn off the TV and hang out with your family or friends. It’s Omolene and oats for the soul.

Jesus is the pair of gloves we wear when dealing with the barbed wire of life.

When you get to the pearly gates, will Peter yell “Ship him” or “Keep him”? (Hint..He’s looking for Jesus Christ’s brand on your heart and soul.)

I hate a cowboy that doesn’t get back on when he gets bucked off. Unless he lands in a mesquite or a cactus and then it’s fine to roll around and scream bloody murder.

In my day, a man would stay with you on a handshake. –John Wayne, The Cowboys

I have many BS degrees from the School of Hard Knocks, but the one I want the most stands for “Be Still”.

I’ve seen sorrow, happiness, curiosity, and wonder all in the sideways tilt of a dog’s head. If they can say so much with so little why do we think we have to use so many words all the time?

I am not responsible for how you act, speak, or feel. Taking responsibility for you not only damages me, but is even more damaging to you.

You are either a liar or a communist if you don’t like Flintstone Vitamins. And I will hit you with my wife’s hardcover Amplified Bible if you touch the one shaped like a car.

Cowboy Wisdom: If ketchup can’t fix it, don’t eat it.

Put your big boy boots on and quit feelin’ sorry for yourself….either give it to Jesus or shut up.

A real cowboy is a man that has guts and a horse…and Jesus.

In my experience, people tend to be a little more careful about what they say if you are holding a long yellow hot-shot.

Jesus don’t use a high port bit or sharp rowel spurs to get us to do what he wants. He uses gentle pressure on your heart.

For all the small churches out there….Jesus says, “I only had 12.”

A day started with prayer and coffee will keep you going all day long. “Stay thirsty my friends.”

If God wanted us to work our way into heaven, He would have sent us post-hole diggers and a pair of gloves. Instead, He traded the killer buyer his Son for your heart.

Jesus won’t say, “Thou hath done a good deed my child” when I get to heaven. I’m pretty sure He’s gonna tell me, “Heckuva job amigo! Let’s go get some beans.”

A snake in your path is no cause for alarm. It’s a cause for 3,000 shotgun shells, a nitro pill, and the only time a man is allowed to scream like a girl and not be made fun of.

I’ve seen people scuff up their new boots so they look like they’ve been working. My boots are like that from walkin’ through crap, kickin’ myself for bein’ stupid, and usin’ them to take me and my horse where God wants me to go.

I’m gonna ride this day like the Man From Snowy River — a crack of the whip, a smile on my face, and goin’ where no one else dares to go!!

Many people stay lathered up in life because they are tryin’ to carry God around in their lives. We should trust in God and let Him carry us instead.

Opening your Bible is a lot easier than opening a stupid feed sack. You can start from either end and not mess up.

God made receiver hitches shin high to remind us to slow down.

I can sure relate to this new 4-yr old horse we are trying out. She ain’t very big. She ain’t very pretty. She ain’t very fast. But what I really love about her is that: SHE DON’T KNOW THAT! She thinks she’s big, pretty, and fast and I can relate to that.

Jesus said, “Out of your mouth flows the true nature of your heart.” My entire head is now covered in duct tape while I do some prayin’.

Gettin’ bucked off don’t hurt near as bad as admittin’ it was your fault.

When Jesus comes back, he won’t be in a Mercedes. He won’t be on a pogo stick. He won’t be flyin’ in on a lear jet wearin’ a three piece suit. He’s gonna be ridin’ a ranch horse for goodness sake. Tell me God don’t love cowboys.

“God, would you please saddle up and ride with me today. I keep gettin’ stuck in the same old canyon no matter how hard I try. I go south and it’s there. I go north and it’s there. But when I look up…it’s gone.”

I may have muddy boots, a muddy mouth, and a muddy brain, but God sends the rain that can wash all my mud away.

Like ridin’ a horse at night, Lord, I am going to trust you to guide me when the trail back home is dark. I’m shuckin’ you all the reins and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the stars.

When I saddle up Monday’s, they always seem to have a little hump in their back. Thank goodness I have Jesus snubbin’ for me this morning.

“Dear Lord, today I pray that I don’t lose a stirrup or break a rein as I try to work your pastures.”

If Jesus would have chosen to come to Texas instead of Israel, his disciples would have been: Joe Dean, Larry Don, Ricky Bud, Tom Bill, Billy Bob, Jack Alan, Jay Simm, Cody Lee, John Wayne, Tom Dooley, Joe David, and Biscuits.

Let’s all squat down with our spurs on. Maybe a swift jab from behind will help us “Go Love A Knucklehead Today!” Lovin’ the lovely is easy….knuckleheads are whole different story–and that’s who Jesus talks about when he says,”Love yer neighbor”

If the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” is the favorite congregational hymn….you might be in Cowboy Church.

Heaven on earth is a child’s smile from the back of a horse.

Cowboys know that toughness is a result of enduring blisters that would stop most people from doing what needs to be done. Just like changing boots, be prepared to endure a few blisters when you try to change your life from broken down to brand new.

Christians and Cowboys are made of the same metals: Hearts of gold and guts of steel.

Tryin’ to push a little God into your life is like pushin’ a rope. It goes everywhere except where you want it to. But if you turn it around and put God first and let Him lead the way, your life will line up right behind Him just right.

You want to know why you keep landing in every cactus in the pasture? Because you think your life is about you.

It can’t ever be too cowboy and you can’t ever have too much Jesus.

When God made the world, he made a few people who would: choke up over loosin’ a good dog, who could love a horse just like a family member, and who would laugh until they cried when people fall down. He said that these people were good and He called them Cowboys and Cowgirls.

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