Jan 17, 2010

Dislocated Jaw Healed (Testimony)

This is a stock image from the web showing dislocation of the left condyle

My wife and I had a nice dinner last Friday after work. I picked up a package of ribeye steaks, which we grilled and made the centerpiece of a candlelight dinner. Eating steak has drawbacks; small pieces can become lodged in your teeth. If it happens to get stuck between molars, getting it out means opening wide. I'll make it short; my wife dislocated her jaw after dinner. Her teeth didn't line up correctly and there was a noticeable gap between them on one side. It was painful and hard for her to eat the rest of the weekend. I prayed for her immediately after it happened, but nothing changed. On Saturday, we began searching the internet for ideas. One website described a seemingly simple technique; applying equal downward force on the molars to reduce the dislocation. I asked if she wanted me to try it, but she was content to wait for now.

Saturday night we went to church at a place called Revival Town. Lots of cool people go there and God's presence always shows up. Jason Phillips gave a very prophetic message on love and the fact that it must be the beginning point of everything we do. That's a subject God has been impressing upon me lately. He also gave a very accurate and loving prophetic word to me in front of the assembly. Afterward, a team went up front to minister to those needing prayer or prophetic ministry. My wife went up and received prayer for her dislocated jaw, which was still causing pain. She felt nothing during or after prayer. We hung around and talked to friends, then went home.

This morning she woke up and informed me the pain was gone, and her teeth lined up perfectly. She was healed. Once again, God has proven His love and faithfulness.