Sep 16, 2012

Sunday's News From Brisbane

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.


It was quite a day with Jesus yesterday in Brisbane. He continues to amaze us with His power and love.

We spoke at Elevate Church in the suburb of Mansfield in the morning. The glory of God in the meeting was incredible. We saw 3 or 4 people who had their eyesight completely restored or significantly improved and one man who had greatly improved hearing. Several people felt more peace and confidence after receiving prayer.  

We spoke at Access Church in Darra in the evening and once again God blessed us with His the manifestation of His glory.
There were a number of people praying for healing and deliverance during the meeting. This is a summary of what I recall as a friend and I prayed for various people:
  • We saw a man healed of low back pain and bone spurs in both feet.
  • A woman was healed of shoulder and knee pain. 
  • A girl was healed of pain in her foot.
  • A woman was healed of arthritis pain in both shoulders.
  • A woman was healed of a vision problem (astigmatism).
  • Several people asked for prayer for emotional healing. Most were feeling discouraged or depressed. Everyone we prayed with felt a great sense of peace and confidence come over them.
We prayed as a group for a young man in a wheelchair who is severely disabled from a car accident. He suffers from the effects of traumatic brain injury. He wasn't completely healed, but he may have some increased mobility. The love and compassion he received from those who prayed with him brought tears to our eyes. We invited him to come back for more prayer this week. If he does, we'll keep you posted on any changes.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.

Love from your mates in OZ -

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