Jun 23, 2015

Steve_HarmonMy guest blogger today is Steve Harmon.

My sister had Neuroblastoma as an infant. There were 13 lumps on her body. My mom was a new believer at the time. The church she was going to didn't believe in healing. My dad's brother talked to her and said that his church believed that God heals today. His pastor prayed for her and the baby over the phone. When she hung up the phone, my mom felt the sensation of heat going over her head and down her torso. From that point on, she knew the baby would be healed. She told her mother over the phone that Jesus was going to heal her daughter. There was this silence on the other end. She said to my mom, "Cynthia, can you put your husband on the phone?" My dad got on the phone and she said, "You need to watch Cynthia, she's losing it."

One day, at LA children's hospital, my mother told the doctor that the baby would be healed by Jesus. The doctor said, "Mrs. Harmon, you don't understand how serious this is." My mother was praising God down the hospital hallways. When they left the hospital, they parked their car in a parking structure far away from the hospital. They were leaving the structure and came to the arm gate that requires a token to leave. As they were pulling up, a black man was sitting on the wall right next to the arm. My dad is thinking he is going to ask for money. As they pull up, instantly, the guy asks my dad, "How's your kid?"

My dad looked at him puzzled. And said, "Huh?"

The guy replies, "Well, you don't have to worry about a thing because the Lord is going to heal your baby." My mom's heart skipped a beat,  and my dad blanked out because he really wasn't a believer.

My mom said to herself when they left, "I think that was an angel."

A few days after, my grandmother noticed the lumps were getting smaller. Within two weeks they were completely gone. There was no trace left. They did every test to check. It was so healed, it looked like it never existed. My dad asked the doctor what happened. The doctor replied, "I guess you just call it a miracle" and shrugged his shoulders. On the paperwork, the final note said, "Unexplained."