Sep 29, 2010

Who Will Be Healed Today?

As I drove to work I wondered...

Who will be healed today?

God has been doing more miracles lately when I ask people if they want prayer. It's not an occasional thing anymore, but a lifestyle.

We checked the rig and went in service on a slow morning where everyone seemed to be in quarters.

...would it be someone with a foot injury?

...or back pain?

Our first call was for a woman who fell while attempting to cross the busiest street in town. She didn't make it far. We found her lying half on the curb and half in the street in the pouring rain. We quickly put her on a backboard and in the rig where it was dry.

I got her medical history and asked what happened. She was walking with a cane because she has decreased feeling in her right foot from neuropathy. She couldn't feel the irregularities in the sidewalk and tripped. She had an appointment to see a specialist the following day. He would do a procedure on her foot and she'd be using a walker after that.

I asked if I could pray for her foot to be healed. She said, "Get over here and take my hands. Let's get this done!"

I placed my hand on her foot and commanded it to be healed. I told the nerves to come back to life and spirits of disease to leave then asked if she felt anything. She said she could feel the swelling in her foot going down and in a minute or two it felt normal in size, but she had numbness in her foot. I commanded the sensation in her foot to be restored. She felt a wave of sensation going down her foot and the numbness was leaving.

Lying on a hard yellow board in the back of an ambulance, I can only imagine what was going through her mind.

I looked in her eyes. "In case you didn't know it, God really loves you."

I didn't need to tell her. With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, she softly said "I know He does".

Who will be healed today?

The choice is ours. If we don't lay hands on the sick, the answer is 'nobody'.

Sep 27, 2010

47 Days In a Coma

This is the heart warming story of a woman named Lindsey. Shortly after the birth of her fifth child, she was admitted to the hospital with bleeding from her uterus. Two surgeries later, she wasn't doing much better. Her condition deteriorated and she was placed on life support. When all medical efforts to save her life failed, the power of prayer ignited her family. Her doctor confesses that her recovery was nothing less than a miracle.

Sep 25, 2010

Miracle In The Ambulance

I've waited two years to write this story.

My adventure down the rabbit hole began with a book written by a cardiologist who prayed for his patients and saw some miracles. I happened to pick up the book at a Goodwill store.

It challenged everything I believed about God.

Did God still heal people today?

Would He do it through me?

Would I have the guts to ask my patients?

Would they want me to pray for them?

Would He actually heal someone in the ambulance?

Would anyone be crazy enough to believe it really happened?

I've had so many dreams about healing people I've forgotten most of them. I've probably prayed for a thousand patients and haven't heard back from more than one or two. I've seen unexplained changes for the better in critically ill patients that made me wonder if God was healing them. But I can't say that one patient has been healed miraculously in the ambulance yet.

Today would be different.

We responded on what would be a boring call for most of us. A little old lady with the flu.

How exciting.

I suggested that there wasn't anything the hospital could do for her, but my objections were overruled. She was going with us. While loading her in the rig, I got her medical history. She was pretty healthy except for severe scoliosis, arthritis and a torn meniscus in her left knee. It was the torn meniscus got me excited.

About a month earlier, I prayed for a young woman at a grocery store who had the same problem. I saw her in a wheelchair leaving the store and asked if I could pray for her. After a few minutes of prayer she was healed. Having done it once, I believed my little old lady would be healed, too.

I told her about the healing at the store and asked if I could pray for her. She was delighted. She had limited range of motion in her left knee with severe pain when she flexed the joint. I had her relax and placed my hand on her knee and commanded it to be healed. I asked if she felt anything. She said it felt very warm. I didn't have to ask her to flex the knee, she did and her jaw dropped open. All she could say was "how did you do that?" She had full range of motion with no pain. She grabbed my hands and thanked me repeatedly. After a short celebration in the back of the rig, I asked about her back. She told me about the chronic back pain and that she used to be 4 inches taller than she is now. I asked if I could pray and she agreed, so I placed my hand on her back and commanded it to be healed. She felt heat going down her back. She was on the way to having that healed, too. She talked about the goodness of God all the way to the hospital.

About a hour after dropping her off at the emergency room, we responded for another little old lady who tripped and fell.

How exciting.

I instantly linked this woman. She had a beautiful Scottish brogue. I asked where she was from and she said, Glasgow. She gave us a sad history of a misdiagnosed injury to her left leg. She'd developed severe pain in her lower leg and was told she had shin splints. They never bothered to take an x-ray. She began physical therapy and the pain got worse. She had another exam and an x-ray they realized she had a fractured tibia. The pain in her lower leg and ankle was so bad she wouldn't let anyone touch it.

We got her loaded. I got down next to her and explained what happened on the previous transport. She was so glad to have me pray she almost kissed me. I placed my hand on her leg and invited the Holy Spirit to join us.

Her hands went up in the air immediately and she began praising God.

Very loudly...

In the ambulance....

I'm so glad my supervisor wasn't there.

In less than a minute the pain was almost gone. She said it was a 1 out of 10. I kept praying, thinking I could make it leave completely.

She kept praising God, louder and louder.

We dropped her off at the emergency room. I have no idea what she told them. I never want to find out.

So far in this little adventure, I've been keeping the healing thing a secret. (There hasn't been much to tell anyway) But if it keeps going like this, it won't be a secret for long.

Sep 24, 2010

Evangelism 101 - Overcoming Fear

My friend Joel Jackson did a short message and demonstration on overcoming fear in street healing and evangelism. Check it out.

Sep 23, 2010

Cancer Defeated By Prophetic Declaration

This is the testimony of a man whose mother was healed of uterine cancer. He made a declaration of healing over his family and God honored it.

Sep 22, 2010

Why We Lose Our Healing

If you've seen someone healed by the power of God, chances are you know someone who also lost their healing. In this video Pete Cabrera discusses the problem of how we lose our healing and how to get it back. The short story is this; it's a battle. The powers of darkness that bring sickness and pain don't stop their assault because someone told them to leave one time. When someone is healed, the enemy often brings the pain or sickness back.What are we to do? The same power that brought healing the first time will heal it returns. Rebuke it and command it to leave in the name of Jesus. If it comes back, do it again. Stand on the promises of God.

Sep 21, 2010

Prophetic Hot Tub

My wife and I spent a romantic weekend alone to celebrate our anniversary. Jesus went along and made our vacation nicer than we expected. This is the third story of how God touched people that weekend.

Early in the morning, my wife and I decided to soak in the hotel's hot tub. But we weren't alone. A family of four children and their mom were there. The two youngest children who were about 10 years old were in the hot tub with us. As I rested, God gave me a vision for the boy. I saw him building things with Tonka trucks. Then I saw large yellow construction equipment like backhoes and bulldozers. It seemed like God was telling me the boy likes to build things. I began a conversation with him about breakfast then asked if he likes to build things. He said he did. That led to a conversation in which I told him that God would probably open doors for him in construction. He was surprised that I knew this information, but was glad I shared it with him.

I gave his sister a similar word about her love of dancing. God showed me a vision in which she appeared as a young lady of about 20 years old. She was moving gracefully as a ballerina. I suggested that God may bless this endeavor if she pursued it. She was happy but surprised to hear this coming from a stranger.

Their mother was amazed at the fact that I knew these things about her kids. We sat with her and talked about prophecy and the healings we’d seen that weekend. Eventually she asked if we would prayed for her vision to be restored. She’s was far-sighted.

Then she asked me to pray for her older son who had symptoms of a cold. To be honest, I didn’t expect a cold to be healed by prayer. It seemed off limits for some reason. But I prayed with the same faith as all the other times this week. The boy told his mother (Jessie) that his nose, which was sore and runny felt a lot better after I prayed for him.

Before we left she had me give her oldest daughter a word. I saw her windsurfing off the coast of an island like Hawaii (which turned out to be her favorite place). In the vision I saw that she had confidence on the board and the look of determination. She was moving fast. Then I saw the front of a thin boat, like a kayak and a paddle going through the water. I gave her some insights from this vision and she was encouraged by it. Her mother said it described her very well.

Earnestly desire the best gifts, especially that you may prophesy.....

You never know who will be blessed.

Sep 19, 2010

He Has Anointed You

This little video profoundly impacted my life. The song reveals a simple yet amazing truth; we have been anointed to heal the sick, bind up the broken hearted and bring freedom to the captives. Through the actions of a handful of normal people like you and I, cities and nations will be changed. Darkness will become light. Despair will become hope. Hatred will become love.

Thanks to Heather Clark for the music and the folks at Extreme Prophetic for their loving obedience.

Sep 18, 2010

Healing At The Car Show

It was a hot summer day, so we decided to visit the car show. My wife and I love old cars. My dad took me to antique car shows and race tracks when I was a boy. He built hot rods with his brothers in the 50's. His was a '35 Ford 5 - window coupe. They put studded tires on them in the winter and raced them across frozen lakes. (And they call firefighters crazy for going into burning buildings)

My dad taught me a lot about fixing cars. I've never made a serious attempt to restore one, but my wife and I have a dream of one day restoring an old piece of American cast iron. I saw a few cars that were for sale at the show, but they were just a little out my price range.

As we rode the shuttle van from the parking lot to the casino, where the show was being held, I talked with my wife about who we'd find and what they would be healed of.

I can't help it. He's taken over my soul and become who I am. He lives in me. I'm not the man I used to be. I love seeing people healed and watching God on the move.

As we walked up and down between rows of beautifully restored classics, I was looking for someone with a cast, splint, immobilizer or in a wheelchair.

I'm not gonna lie.... the '41 Willys got my attention for a while. It was for sale. But I wasn't buyin'.

My daughter and I were having fun looking at the cars together, when I saw a woman limping through the crowd with a leg immobilizer on. I thought I'd found who I was looking for. But she was walking toward the main entrance of the casino and before I could get there, she and her sister vanished inside. Rats!

After a few hours in the hot sun some of my family took refuge in the beer tent. My daughter and I found shade in the food tent next door. After a bite to eat, I joined the rest of the group in the beer tent.

We talked about the cars we'd seen. I pointed out the purple and yellow Willys to my wife and told her it was for sale. As I turned around to find another car to show her, I saw the woman with the leg immobilizer sitting at a table directly behind me.

It had to be a divine set up.

So we went for it.

I got her attention and introduced my family then asked about her injury. She had torn ligaments and tendons and open sores from a moped accident. I told her about some of the healing stories we've seen. She let us pray over her leg. The pain was 5 out of 10 at the start. She said she felt tingling almost immediately. I commanded her ligaments, tendons, nerves and muscles to be healed while my wife prayed in tongues. In a few minutes she said all the pain was gone. This woman was a believer. She was very grateful that we asked to pray for her.

As I left the beer tent to meet my daughter, she pointed to a girl about 10 years old sitting in a wheelchair with soft cast on her leg. My daughter was grinning from ear to ear. I went over and introduced myself then asked how she hurt her leg. She had the same exact injury that the other woman had. I pointed to her and said she had just been healed then asked if I could pray for her leg. She agreed. Her pain was 3 out of 10 when I started. She immediately felt tingling. In a minute or two her pain level was down to 1 out of 10.

I saw Ryan Rhoades point his finger at a woman in the hospital then he made the sound of a gun being fired. The woman jumped but didn't see what he was doing. I did the same thing to this girl's ankle. The moment I said, BANG, she flinched. And with a startled look on her face, she said "Hey, How did you do that? It's all better!!" I told her I didn't do anything, Jesus did it. Her grandmother began to tell her about the stories of Jesus healing people that she knew about from Sunday School. We thanked them and went our way.

All the cars we saw were once just average cars for their age. A little rusty, a little worn out, dripping oil, and not running like they should. Someone came along and purchased them. But in buying them, the goal was total restoration. Lovingly replacing everything broken and making something beautiful is what restoring cars is all about.

The divine mechanic has the tools and know-how to fix every broken part of our lives. He has an endless supply of new hearts and other parts to replace the bitter, failing ones we carry around. He's the master mechanic laboring continually, rebuilding us into a perfect re-creation in His image.

Sep 16, 2010

Christian Cults In The Electronic Age

What do you think of when I mention the word 'cult'?

For many of us, names like David Koresh, Jim Jones and Joseph Smith come to mind; those mysterious men of the past who led well-meaning people into religious error. In the world of modern magnetic personalities, today's cult leaders have a new face and a new agenda. No longer a man who leads people with unorthodox teaching, today's cult leader is more likely to preach the cross of Jesus and teach on the triune God. They also don't pass out poison Kool-Aid, but if you follow them long enough, you may end up in an early grave from exhaustion. Take a short quiz and see if your hero is leading people down a crooked path.

1) Do you follow the teaching of someone with a public forum or ministry that you consider to be particularly insightful, inspiring or gifted?

 2) Does that leader promote the idea that the church has lost it's focus and that He's been given an assignment from God to re-establish it?

 3) Does the leader claim to have a special revelation, anointing or mantle of authority given to him that qualifies him in a special way to restore God's original purpose for the church?

 4) Does this leader discourage people from learning from other leaders?

5) Do you encourage others to follow this leader?

 6) Do you meet with friends who follow the same leader and read or listen to his messages?

 7) Do you distribute the materials prepared by that leader to others? (mp3's, podcasts, videos, internet links, books, etc)

 8) Do you find yourself frequently quoting this leader?

 9) Does the leader come under criticism from other Christian leaders on a regular basis?

 10) Do you find yourself defending the leader or his teaching before others?

 11) Have you lost friends over your support of the leader and his ministry?

 12) Do you know people who followed the leader then left and have been criticized for leaving?

 13) Does the leader promote any type of activity that he believes is necessary to remain in right relationship with God?

 14) Do you wonder if your spiritual activity is good enough to please God?

 15) Have people familiar with the ministry ever used words like brainwashing, indoctrination, legalism, performance, or similar words to describe the teaching or activities of the group?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you may be following someone who could be considered a cult leader.

The Leader
Cult leaders don't wake up one day and decide they're going to start a cult. The ones I've observed seem to be oblivious to what they're doing. Most of them may actually have good intentions. They seem to have wounds from past encounters in the church. In dealing with the pain, rejection or disillusionment they start a campaign to set things right. These leaders are always visionary people, with a goal of either re-establishing something lost, or bringing to the church something new. From a wounded soul arises a need to be publicly justified. The driving force behind their movement is a bruised ego. These men and women are genuinely gifted and inspiring individuals with a quirkiness that others find admirable.

Though I follow the teaching of different leaders, the ones I follow have one thing that sets them apart from those I would consider to be cult leaders; they're all accountable to someone else. The model for church leadership involves different people with different functions providing a system of checks and balances. Whether elders and bishops or apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers - all church leaders should function in relationship with others to keep egos in check. Without exception, cult leaders believe they are accountable to no one, except God. They resist correction or instruction from anyone.

The Follower
Though some may not know God, followers of modern cults may be genuine disciples of Jesus, who are saved by grace. Many embrace a biblical world - view. Unlike cults of the past, many followers today are likely to be refugees from evangelical or charismatic churches. Having been poisoned by mainstream Christianity but not wanting to give up on God, they believe they've found a better path. Sometimes critical of the mainline church and it's lack of enlightenment or it's laziness, they have a strong need for accomplishment and acceptance and like the social involvement of the new group's activities.

The leader demands obedience to what he believes is the call of God. He expects loyalty to the group, it's vision and activities. Followers study the approved teachings and know them well. They refuse to entertain ideas contrary to the teaching of the leader and tend to engage in long arguments in defense of that position. Loyalty among these groups is deep. When a member leaves the group they tend to be treated as a traitor, losing the friendships they had inside the group.

I'm a person who enjoys discussing controversial subjects. God is doing some amazing things these days, much of it dripping with controversy. Seeing life from another's perspective can be healthy. The give and take builds healthy relationships. But with cult leaders there is no give and take. They tend to be rigid and unyielding in their position. You'll find little compromise among their followers.

The Internet has given a new spin to fringe Christian movements. The controversial teachings that were once closely guarded secrets are now widely publicized on blogs, websites and social networks. Public debate is inevitable with teaching that flies in the face of conventional Christianity. Members tirelessly defend the group's position against anyone who questions it. If the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and willing to yield, a swirling vortex of arguments and accusations may be an indicator that something is wrong.

Exclusive Teaching
Cult leaders have a set of unique ideas they expect their followers to know and follow. The teaching revolves around what they've learned through special revelation or their own life experiences. In general, they disdain the teaching of others, referring to them as erroneous, unenlightened, unbiblical, apostate, or in some way unworthy of serious consideration.

In developing their material, leaders nearly always have a biblical basis for their teaching. Some are excellent bible scholars. But in every case, they'll manipulate scripture to support a new doctrine. Some take an obscure passage and make a major teaching out of it. Others deny the validity of certain passages. Often they point to the passage in question and claim it wasn't in the original manuscript, being added later or they question the translation. Cultic teaching always deviates from the word of God in some way.

The Persecuted Few
While not universal, today's leaders often point to some real or perceived persecution they've endured. They may suggest you'll likewise be persecuted for following them. The common perception of persecution provides an experience the group can rally behind.

Oddly enough - nearly every cult will establish some teaching on diet that's out of sync with mainstream Christianity and the teaching of scripture. Today's groups also have much to say on what you should or shouldn't eat. Some advise you to eat certain foods or supplements. You can even purchase them from the leader at a price. Others either require fasting or deny the biblical basis for fasting. If a leader takes a hard position on what you should or shouldn't eat and when, ask questions.

Two ErrorsThe two errors the church has dealt with historically are legalism and gnosticism. Legalism is the idea that God's grace is not enough to keep you in right standing with Him. Gnosticism is the pursuit of esoteric knowledge outside the natural realm.

The New Gnostics
Gnosticism has been around since man first walked the earth. We've always desired to know the deepest truths of the universe. But there's the nagging problem of discerning between knowledge and truth. They're not the same thing. There's no shortage of people today who claim to have received special knowledge that will enhance your life. But, there's usually a price tag attached and what they give you is often a pile of rubbish. I'm as fascinated by the supernatural as anyone. But I'm surprised at the lack of discernment the church has in evaluating supernatural experiences and so-called higher knowledge. The problem is that some have jettisoned reason and scriptural revelation in favor of the spiritual, regardless of where it leads them.
Performance Groups

Paul's letter to the church in Galatia addressed the fact that after he brought the gospel of grace, men came after him teaching that grace was good, but they needed more to remain in good standing with God; obedience to the law. There will always be leaders telling us we need to do something to please God.

While many fringe groups today agree that the blood of Jesus is enough to pay for our sins. Those same groups also suggest that you may not be a true disciple without meeting their definition of discipleship, which always includes something you must do.

Every cult based on performance has some work that needs to be done. Following one of these leaders will always be a busy life full of doing this and going there. Long time followers suffer physical and mental exhaustion from pursuing the nebulous goal of reaching as many people as possible. It's a game of numbers. If you make contact with so many people, you're a 'good disciple'. You become a hamster in a cage that never rests. If not, you're labeled as lazy and disobedient.

I consider myself to be a Christian mystic. I've had some 'interesting' spiritual experiences. (All of them with biblical precedent) I generally keep them to myself, but I share some with a few trusted friends. I'm not trying to teach others to experience them. I'm not doing anything to seek them but asking God in our time alone to develop a deeper relationship with Him. When I experience something new I ask God about it, search the bible to find what it says on the matter and take it to friends for their advice. It's a safety net that will hopefully prevent me from falling into gnostic error.

Lately I've struggled with the notion that I should be praying for more people. I've wondered that if I don't lay hands on someone everywhere I go are my efforts good enough to please God? I've come under the influence of people promoting the agenda of works - based acceptance by God. I know better than to believe this stuff, but it's crept into my life ever so slowly.

I have friends who've been in the healing ministry for years who have lived under constant guilt when they didn't have time to honor all the requests to pray for "just one more cancer patient." If they take a weekend off to be with family, they worry that people will die. They avoid friends for fear of being asked to pray for another person. They dread opening their e-mail. They've felt intense pressure from leaders to perform at the highest level of efficiency every moment of every day. They live under constant guilt.

There's a subtle deception taking place in all this. It's the idea that we can't be wrong as long as we're do something good. I'd suggest that our motives and relationships are more important than we think. I'll leave you with a few questions to ponder:

If we lead others into deep spiritual knowledge, but in doing so cause them to fall into darkness, how have we helped them?

If we're healing people to collect a pile of testimonies, how is God glorified in what we're doing?

If we see people as mere 'targets' for our ministry, are we truly revealing Jesus to them?

If we suffer a nervous breakdown and alienate our friends and family from years of frantically doing the work of the ministry, who wins in the end?

Satan is a cruel task master.

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

(And keep sending me your prayer requests - I haven't come close to being overworked yet!)

Sep 15, 2010

Torn Achilles Tendon Healed

Sarah is a runner who was sidelined with a torn Achilles tendon. She went through physical therapy and conventional medical treatment but still wasn't able to run. Shorty after being healed at Bethel Church, she was off and running again.

Sep 13, 2010

Healing 101

This is a message with practical advice for those interested in learning to operate in divine healing.

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In my experience and in what I've learned from those who have successfully ministered healing over dacades, a common message comes forth: To operate successfully in divine healing it's imperative to establish a strong, active relationship with the Holy Spirit. All of what we do must be led and powered by the Holy Spirit. As we minister healing to others, we're not primarily about healing. We're ambassadors of heaven facilitating new relationships with those who may not know God. If we don't know His ways, we can't share Him with the world. Establishing and maintaining the relationship is the first order of business. The authority to heal comes from Jesus. He gave his disciples authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). If you're not His disciple yet, become one. Ask Him to come into your life and the Holy Spirit will come and reside in you. You will have the power and authority to heal the sick and raise the dead.

My first bit of advice to those who desire to heal is to to get rid of daily distractions and seek the face of God in solitude. Unplug your television for six months and use that time to rest in God's presence. Sing, worship, pray, let God show you visions, do some fasting, have dreams and get acquainted with God in ways you haven't before. As your relationship with God grows so will your anointing for healing.

My second bit of advice comes from a friend (Brian Fenimore) whose been in healing for decades. Don't ever try to heal while remaining detached from the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can heal the sick on faith alone. Many people do it. But what they end up doing is building a kingdom for themselves and eventually their ministry collapses. After a successful run, they find that people aren't being healed and they wonder what happened. Always invite the Holy Spirit to participate and lead the encounter and do with the person what He wants done. Ministry with the Holy Spirit is a dance. He leads, we follow.

Faith To Heal
Healing comes through faith. It's that simple. Children can be used as healers because they haven't been poisoned with doubt. Replacing doubt with faith is critical to healing. As my faith has grown, the frequency of miracles increased.

Reading Scripture
When I began in healing, I found every passage in the New Testament that had to do with healing and I studied and memorized it. Then I went through the Old Testament. Reading scripture passages about healing is a faith building experience. Study, study, study. Then rest in the Holy Spirit and let Him apply it to your spirit.

Learn From Others
Many people have done healing before you. They all have lessons you can learn from. If you know people who operate in healing, go with them when they minister. If healing is happening at a certain place make a point to be there and witness it firsthand. If you need healing, find someone to do it. My own healing made a profound imact in my faith to heal others. Read books, watch videos - especially testimonies of healing and instruction. Many people who operate in healing have mp3 and podcasts you can listen to. Devour all you can stomach, then rest in the Holy Spirit and let Him sort it out.

You'll find many different methods of healing out there. All of them work - but none are foolproof. I saw an approach I liked so I borrowed it, then adapted it to fit my personality. It works for me. Don't get hung up on following a certain method. Develop your own, as I did. In fact, you might consider using different methods at different times. Jesus used a different method nearly every time, probably to confound those who think one method is best.

A word of caution: if anyone claims to have figured it all out and they tell you not to bother studying from anyone else but them - beware. They have an agenda you don't want to be under. Don't be impressed by their numbers. Most people in healing have decent success, but nobody has 100% success.

This is something I do as a medical practitioner, but it's also helpful in healing. I ask questions of the person before I begin:

1) Ask about the onset of symptoms - when and how it happened.

2) Ask about severity of pain on a one to ten scale. This is very helpful in evaluating the progress of healing. If the pain was 8/10 at the start and a few minutes later it's 5/10, you're making progress.

3) Ask about limitations in activity or range of motion.

4) Ask how long they've had the symptoms.

5) Ask about treatment they've had. Antibiotics damge the immune system, so commanding the immune system to be healed may be in order. Radiation and chemotherapy also damage the body. You may need to command that damage to be healed.

Don't be discouraged by what you hear. It's just information so that when they are healed, you know what they were healed from.

Just Do It
Healing doesn't happen unless you get started. Lay hands on anyone who will let you. Friends, family, co-workers and strangers. When I order food at a restaurant or coffee shop they usually ask, "Is that all you need today?" I reply, "That's it.... unless you know someone who needs healing." I often find people with headaches or other things to heal. When I'm shopping I look for canes, casts, immobilers, splints, wheelchairs and people hobbling along in obvious pain. These folks are usually open to healing. Introduce yourself, build some trust and ask if you can help them through healing. If they say no, bless them and keep going.

Don't beg or plead with God to heal anyone. This may be the most common mistake people make. God has already given us authority over sickness disease and injury. It's in our covenant. It's an eternal promise. Command sickness, disease, inflammation, pain, darkness, depression, or unclean spirits to leave. Command organs, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, tendons, bones and other things to be healed.

Persistence Pays Off
Don't be discouraged if nothing happens the first time you pray. Do it again.
Don't be discouraged if nothing happens after a second time. Do it again.
Don't give up if nothing happens after a third time. Do it again.

Most of the healing I've seen has come after 4 or 5 sessions of commanding the healing to happen. Be persistent. Don't quit. The second most common mistake in healing is giving up too soon. If you see any change in symptoms or severity of pain after 3 or 4 times, keep going. You're making progress. If you move it at all, you can eventually get it to go away completely.

Healing's Limitations
Healing is not the final answer to life's problems or issues and it's irrelevant to healthy people. When you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of people with no healing needs and healing is your only weapon - you have nothing to give them. Spend a few months in a college dorm and see how your healing ministry goes. Personally, I love the prophetic life. It's a gift that can be used in any situation with anyone. Dream interpretation is another great tool to have in your arsenal. Consider other gifts God might want to use in your life. Remember my advice on building your relationship with the Holy Spirit? If you're tuned in to what He's saying, you'll know which gift He wants to use and how He wants to do it.

Love and Compassion
If we heal out of any other reason than love and compassion, we gain nothing for ourselves, the kingdom or those we heal. I'll be blunt; there are many people in healing today who are doing it for questionable reasons. For some it's turned into a game of numbers - "How many people can I get healed today?" For others it's about making a name for themselves. Some are out to make a living off it, seeing it as a step toward full time ministry. Some do it to write books about healing or produce media to sell. God will heal the sick through people who have less than pure motives. Ask yourself if you'd like to be one of those people. Jesus healed out of love and compassion. My advice is to follow His example in everything you do.

Sep 11, 2010

Emergency Room Healing

I was on duty at a fire station the morning the twin towers were destroyed and the fire community lost friends and family. I'll never forget the incredible pain and heartbreak I went through as the men and women of our department gathered around the television and watched the tragedy unfold. This post is dedicated to the memory of them with a hope for healing and a better tomorrow.

When we're in pain, many of us go to a hospital for treatment. But we all know someone who still has chronic pain even after being treated by a doctor. Given that healing is supposed to be our job as medical providers, I'm puzzled at how many nurses and doctors live with chronic pain. This story is about four such people, all of them nurses, who were delivered from their afflictions on the same weekend.

I was working last weekend, which happened to be Labor Day weekend. On four consecutive days I had the opportunity to touch four different people who labor hard comforting the sick and who suffer from their own aches and pains.

On Friday, while picking up a patient at one of the area hospitals, I ran into a friend in the ER hallway. Kelly (not her real name) is the kind of nurse that paramedics naturally like; a competent nurse with a cheerful disposition and a wicked sense of humor. I’ve known her for years and always enjoyed her compay. When she was diagnosed with cancer, I got to know her a little better.

She went through the usual regimen of chemo and radiation with a smile, which is hard to do. Cancer treatment can be brutal. She’s a survivor and a living testimony to the advances in medicine. We were talking in the ER hallway, when she asked what I was up to. I shared with her some of the healing miracles I’ve seen lately. She told me she has plantar fasciitis in both feet and lives with constant pain. She asked if I would pray for her feet to be healed.

I knelt down on the floor and place my hands on her feet and commanded them to be healed. A minute later she said all the pain was gone and she was rejoicing - rather loudly. She yelled out, “How did you do that?” I told her I cheated. “It was God and He loves you very much.” We talked for a few minutes. I gave her some tips on how to keep her healing but I had a patient to see. So we hugged and went back to work.

The next day I was back at the same hospital. I asked a nurse if Kelly was around.

“She’s not here today, she’s on call. Can I leave a message for her?” I told her I was there to see how Kelly’s feet were doing. When I mentioned that she was healed of plantar fasciitis she asked me to repeat what I just said. I told her again that Kelly’s feet were healed. Her mouth dropped open. “Will you pray for my feet, too? I have plantar fasciitis in both feet.”

(God perfected the wicked sense of humor)

I asked her how bad the pain was and how long she’d had it then knelt on the floor and placed my hands on her feet.

She said in a surprised tone, “Are you going to pray for me right now?"

(She thought I would go home and pray for her later)

I jokingly asked, “Do you want to be healed right now?” She said yes, so I commanded her feet to be healed. A minute later she was jumping up and down with tears streaming down her face. “I can’t believe it, this is a miracle!!” I informed her, “You just got healed by a Jewish carpenter who died 2000 years ago."

She was overwhelmed with gratitude. Tears of joy ran down her face. We talked about God’s love for her. I gave her a short lesson on how to keep her healing and told her if the pain comes back, not to accept it, but to rebuke it and command it to leave.

On Sunday, I was back in the same emergency room picking up another patient. I was telling the charge nurse, who is also a long time friend about the miracles. She said, "you know, it's funny, but I'm having pain in my foot. It just started a few days ago." She's been training for months to run a half marathon. I asked if she wanted me to pray for her foot. She said, "I'd love it." So I took her foot in my hands and commanded it to be healed. She hugged me and said thanks. We both went back to our labors.

On Monday, I had a fourth opportunity. I was in a different hospital, talking with the staff while waiting for a patient I'd be transporting. Due to paperwork and other issues we often arrive before the patient is ready to go. I asked one of them if she was a swimmer in college. (She had big shoulders and biceps like a competitive swimmer)

She said, "No, but it's funny you asked, because I was thinking about swimming today. I can't go to the gym anymore and I want to keep in shape" When I asked why she wasn't going to the gym, she said she'd broken the 5th metatarsal bone in both of her feet.

This had to be a setup....

I softly repeated, "broken bones in both feet?"

She shot me an inquisitive grin. "Yeah, why?"

I got up and motioned for her to follow me. I walked down the hallway away from the nurse's desk. When we were far enough away, so that no one else could hear, I explained what happened earlier this weekend. "You can certainly pray for my feet," she said.

So I did.

Very quietly.

I tried to appear as if I was merely looking at her feet. I'm not sure she was even paying attention as I whispered the commands for healing. After a few minutes I left and she went back to the nurse's station. I met my partner by our patient's room. We loaded her on the gurney. He saw what I was up to and asked, "Did she get healed?" I told him I didn't know.

As we were preparing to leave, she came over to us. "By the way, I wanted to thank you - my feet feel wonderful." She smiled and left.

I got into medicine in 1982 so I could help heal the sick and injured. 28 years later that dream is finally coming true.

I'm not really special or gifted. I just stepped out of my comfort zone and miracles met me there. If you're not seeing the miraculous, begin today as I did. One person and one miracle at a time.

Sep 9, 2010

IHOP Coming To The United Kingdom

For ten days at the end of October and the beginning of November, Wes Hall, Cory Asbury, Laura Hackett, and a team of musicians, singers, and students from the International House of Prayer of Kansas City will be in the UK to encourage the Body of Christ there.

Sep 8, 2010

Bay Of Holy Spirit Revival 2

This is an update on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit taking place in Mobile Alabama. For more information and live steam webcast, go here.

Sep 7, 2010

5 Year Old Heals The Sick

Child-like faith is a great asset in ministry. This boy was taught to pray for others at a young age. God has blessed many people through him including several people who have been healed.

Sep 5, 2010

The Average Christian

I first met Pete Cabrera through Facebook. I'm honored to call him a friend. Although I haven't met him in person, I feel like I've always known him. Once you see his videos you see his heart openly displayed before the world. He's that transparent. He's putting together a DVD teaching video for those who want to learn how to heal the sick. It's not for sale - it's free. (Yes, I said free)

To contact Pete on Facebook go here:

Here is Pete's e-mail:

Here's the trailer for his upcoming video set:

Sep 4, 2010

Walmart Healing

On the trip my wife and I took to celebrate our anniversary, we saw people healed every day. On the first morning of the vacation, we stopped at Walmart to pick up a power cord for my cell phone. To no one's surprise, we found someone who needed healing. Walmart seems to be a sanctuary for people with physical problems. You can always find someone wearing an immobilizer, a cast, walking with a cane or in a wheelchair. I have to confess, I've started looking for people with disabilities everywhere I go. Now that I'm actually seeing people healed, it's become an obsession.

This morning we found a couple in their 60's hobbling through the store in obvious pain. The gentleman was using his wife's cane to walk.

I love my wife's patience with me. Like a toddler with a new toy, I asked if I could pray for them. She said yes. I introduced myself, gave them a short explanation of street healing, asked if we could pray for them and asked some questions about their medical conditions. He had a logging accident years ago leaving him in constant pain and with partial paralysis from nerve damage. She had varying degrees of pain and numbness in her feet from neuropathy, although she was happy to report she'd survived several episodes of cancer.

The gentleman reported pain in his back and legs at a level of 5 out of 10. We commanded pain to leave and for nerve, tendon, ligament and muscle damage to be repaired. After several minutes of prayer he reported no pain anywhere in his body. We prayed for his wife and within a few minutes she also felt nearly complete relief of symptoms. They wanted our names and e-mail address, so we exchanged information, prayed a blessing over their finances and relationships and went our separate ways.

We found a power cord for my cell phone. But I wouldn't have cared if we didn't. I left the store overjoyed that I have a friend like Jesus who heals just about everyone I touch. His power is more than enough for me.

Sep 2, 2010

Back Healed in Little Five

This is how easy it is to heal people when faith is at work with the power of Jesus.

Sep 1, 2010

Healing Down Under

I asked a Facebook friend, from Australia, Jessie Campbell, to e-mail me a few interesting healing stories. This is what I received. God never ceases to amaze me:

Today, I felt like God was finally out of the box. It wasn't me being let out of the box, it was HIM. When a need was observed He was drawn and fulfilled it. As they say in Oz: "Too easy!"

So in the middle of homeschool (which had turned into a lesson on forgiveness and love) we got a call from someone I didn't know. She said she was a friend of the man who we prayed for and had woke within a few hours from the coma and could I pray for her niece who could not absorb any nutrients into her body since the chemo for the leukemia. I asked if they wanted me to come and she said yes and gave me a few details of what floor of the hospital her niece was on. We stopped our discussion and Skinny Man and I left for the 1 1/2 hr drive. We prayed in tongues together on the way and prayed for the young woman. When we arrived in the city and parked, a man was walking towards us with an injured arm in a cast like contraption. I asked what happened and saw his hand was severely cut. I asked to pray and he said no, but I found myself touching his hand anyway and praying over the stitches and lacerations and could feel how new it was (as if I could feel the restoration process that the body was involved with). It seems I have lost the social etiquette when it comes to healing. Go Holy Spirit! LOL!

Then we entered the hospital and had to find reception and the lady behind the counter was shaking her head in frustration after she gave the man she was speaking to directions. I asked if she was having a bad day and took her hand and prayed for God's blessing on the rest of her day. Then up the elevator. We could have stood in front of the elevator and prayed all day. Anyway we arrive on the 7th floor and the young woman wasn't there but there were 3 other beds with patients being attended to. We were directed where she was across the street in the church lawns. I found the group and asked if she was there. Her mother pointed to where she was. (As they were all strangers; but not for long)

The mother thought I was a psychic or something when I mentioned I was there to pray for her daughter. I told her it was Jesus, and that her relative had called me and she was happily surprised. So I joined the young woman on the grass and told her I had come to pray for her. She had such tender brown eyes and looked more like a small defenseless child than an adult. I laid hands and commanded and she could feel the heat in her hands ( I had her lay her hands on her bowels with my hands on top). God gave me a WOK (word of knowledge) that her heart had been broken and I asked her and she nodded yes and I prayed for that too. He gave me another WOK that she believed she was going to die and I bound and crushed that. The Father poured His love upon her and I left. As I ran into her mother a few minutes later, I asked if I could pray for her, but she said no and asked if He heals broken hearts. I said yes but she refused prayer. So as I kept running into her on the 7th floor, she told me she had just spoken to her daughter and she had told her mom that she wasn’t going to let this defeat her, she was going to fight. So God put the fight back into her.

I had brought the last sheet of gold paper with me and envelopes but had forgotten the love letter that the Holy Spirit had dictated and SkinnyMan suggested I ask God again and He would write her another one or remind me of the last one. Out of the mouth of babes…..So I sat near the mother and wrote carefully His letter much of it was what I remembered but some was just for her. I cried as I read it back. I folded it and enclosed it in the envelope and wrote For You Happy Valentine’s Day and gave it to her. She thanked me but looked downcast as if how is this going to help. I told her to read it as it was from Him. I saw her one more time near the elevators and she said Thank you (I believe she had red it). I touched her and said goodbye.

One of the young woman's relatives, a teen aged boy was standing nearby in the church garden and I said hello and noticed he had a bandage on his hand. I asked what happened and he told me with an embarrassed look that he had had a fight and had severed some tendons. I looked at him and said God will heal that no matter how you got it. I said let’s pray for that and asked for his hand. I prayed the first time and he had improvement. I prayed again and it was better. I told him let’s get 100% that’s what Jesus wants and when I stopped he said it was good. I laughed and asked if that was because he wanted to get rid of me and he said no, it’s good and started talking to his mate, laughing, in unbelief because he could barely move it before and now he was bending it and flexing it. I touched both their faces and said Jesus made you and He loves you and cautioned the young man who just got healed to take care of that hand.

From there we exited the hospital and found a man sitting on the stairs with a crutch. I asked him what happened and he told me a detailed story of how he contracted Hepatitis B. I asked to pray and when I laid hands on him, I could feel the presence of God enter in. He had a peace that was already his but the Lord filled him up. He said he was a Christian although he was not living as such and I was so glad I didn’t need to moralise his situation and correct him but simply minister the healing that was already his.

Next we went to the Christian Bookstore that was nearby and the young woman behind the café counter took our order. When she came to the table I asked if she needed any prayer and she said there were a couple of issues and that she was going to China and needed finances for missions work. I prayed and she felt the presence of God (and was hot and shaking slightly). She left and came back out later and started talking again and said she had never asked this before but wanted a husband. So I laid hands and prayed and God gave me such a precious word for her. We hugged and said good-bye again. Then as SkinnyMan and I opened our Scripture cookies (like fortune cookies only true), I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to pray for her protection. We went back inside the café and I asked if she had had any prayer for protection for this missions trip; she said she hadn’t and this is where the real fun began. I prayed for her to be hid in Christ in China and for her ministry to be protected. After I finished she said when she was complaining to the Lord about her lack of knowledge and understanding about what to do in China, He kept telling her she knew what to do and she said “well how?” He reminded her she knew how to be undercover. This is when she told me she was a “born Muslim” from Malaysia and had to hide her faith for 20 years and detested doing so, as she wanted to proclaim Him. And now He was going to use that experience for her to set the captives free in China! How about that? ! Is He good, or is He good?! Just before SkinnyMan and I left, I went to purchase a lavender leather bound journal for her and wrote in her card to that she could write down the adventures of love she was embarking on with Him. She said "You shound't have." I told I didn't it was from Him!
Man, it was a good day!

Shalom brother,