Mar 30, 2011

Brain Tumor Healed

This is the testimony of Shawna, who received prayer for a brain tumor at the HeartLand Healing Rooms After her most recent examination, her neurologist agreed that God had miraculously removed the tumor.

Mar 27, 2011

The Proof Is In The Paralysis

This post may challenge your theology. It challenged mine.

But we're in a season where God is once again asking us to set aside some of our agendas and let Him show us things in His kingdom we haven't yet considered.

I've taken some heat lately for not standing against John Crowder, who is featured in today's testimony. To be honest, I don't know much about John. But in a recent exchange, when I didn't join others in condemning Crowder, a few people who believe he's a false teacher became angry with me.

OK, it was a little worse than that. They accused me of being deceived. One of them started his own blog to proclaim the truth I wasn't seeing. And that's pretty much how these things go.

One of the troubling things I've experienced (though it seems to happen more to my friends than to me) is the tendency of some Christians to label anyone who doesn't agree with them as a false teacher or false prophet. Crowder is one of the biggest targets for criticism these days.

So I went to the Holy Spirit and asked what's going on.

This is what I heard:

People who reject ideas that conflict with their own, do so because their identity comes from what they hold to be true. They call themselves Christian, Calvinist, Atheist, Republican, Lutheran, etc, based on what ideas they believe to be true and to some degree what experiences they've had.

For many, these labels have become their identity. Instead of taking their identity from the God, they form one based on philosophies, doctrines, morals and experiences. When confronted with a theological idea, their identity comes into question. If they affirm the idea, they allow it to become part of their identity. If they reject it, they maintain their identity.

For these people, every discussion about God or religion challenges their identity.

Herein lies a great problem.

If we tie our identity to our beliefs, every time we discuss something theological, our identity is at risk. If we don't want to change our identity every day, we must reject all experiences and teaching that differ from our own. From this, we first reject an idea. If an individual confronts our identity often enough with "false" teaching, it's easier to label them a false teacher and reject everything they say. This reduces the exposure of our identity to challenges.

This is the operating mode of people who are sometimes referred to as "heresy hunters".

There is another group, whose identity isn't tied to what they believe to be true. They take their identity from what God says about them. Some have heard Him say, "You are one of my prophets" or "You are my chosen vessel for leading worship". Once God declares their identity it never comes into question again. They believe what God said and that ends the debate.

People who take their identity from the Father can be challenged in their beliefs, because their identity isn't at stake in theological discussions. Their beliefs are a bit more flexible and will change from time to time as experiences and revelation continually shape them.

These people are free to disagree with one another without the need to label anyone a false teacher because they have little at stake personally in the discussion.

Bearing these things in mind, I'd ask you to consider this rather amazing testimony from John Crowder and his friend concerning a spiritual revival at Walmart that began with the healing of a woman who was paralyzed.

For those who aren't familiar with what it's like to be drunk in the spirit, that is what they're referring to when they talk about getting whacked, juiced, drunk, etc. They haven't been drinking alcohol. It's the same thing the apostle Peter defended when he said, "These are not drunk as you suppose.... but this is that which was spoken of by the the prophet Joel." (Acts 2:15-16)

Mar 24, 2011

Removing Demonic Homes - To Bring Lasting Freedom

This message was originally published here by More Than Conquerors Deliverance Ministry.

The Mobile Intensive Prayer Unit does not accept donations. This is a labor of love and God meets our needs without accepting donations at the present time.

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What exactly is a demonic home? A demonic home is a fleshly environment by which gives it access and ability to live in a person. This is not a physical home, but a spiritual home. A root of bitterness for example, will create an environment or place in that person's life by which demonic spirits can enter and dwell among. God's Word tells us not to give Satan a foothold or as the KJV says, "a place to the devil."

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. (Eph. 4:26-27)

If we go about casting out demons, but fail to remove the "place" that we've given to the devil (or his demons), then they still have a home within us. Jesus described a demon as a strongman who is armored and keeps his home, but by removing his armor (and take away his home), we can spoil his goods (the area of the person's life that was once held in bondage). Jesus went on to tell us that demons like to return to their homes:

When a strong man armed keepeth his palace [or home], his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils.... When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith,I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
(Luke 11:21-22, 24-26)

Demons cannot just come back and reenter a person without having a home there. That is why it is so important that we minister to the whole person, and figure out what is the root to their bondage, then minister to the root so that the demon has no home to return to.

While there are definitely spirits of lust, anger, and so forth, there are also fleshly homes that are created by which they dwell. A spirit of bitterness cannot enter and dwell by itself, it must have a fleshly 'hook' or 'home' by which it dwells.

Examples of Demonic Homes
Please understand that these are only examples, and not every case is the same. Some bondages may be different than the examples below even though the same demons may be at work. These examples are only here to give you an idea of how demon homes work.

Lust and Pornography
Pornography and lust are known to be rooted in a lack of love. If a person grows up not feeling loved, then there's a good chance they will turn to pornography or lust to fulfill that need which was never met by their parents or family. Let's say that we're about to cast out a demon of lust in somebody; let's first look at the flow of bondage here:

An unmet need to be loved and appreciated CREATED a fleshly bondage to pornography WHICH IS a demonic home THAT CONTAINS a nest of demons (lust, pornography, perversion, etc.).

First we need to minister to the root cause to the fleshly problem, then we need to clean up the fleshly problem itself (which is the demonic house), and then cast out the demons. The person must come to learn how they are loved, accepted, and appreciated by their heavenly Father. Then they need to repent and renounce their bondage to pornography, lust, and so forth. Then it is time to begin casting out the demons that have been holding the person in bondage.

Next, let's take a young man by the name Joe. Joe has been rejected as a child by his peers, and today has a terrible bondage to rejection, thus making it difficult to create meaningful relationships with others. Joe feels all alone, and even when others aren't rejecting him, he perceives even a simple "no" as a form of rejection. Joe has difficulty receiving correction because he perceives it as an attack on him personally. As a result of feeling rejected, Joe naturally fell into a bondage to rebellion, which set him up for further rejection. Those are just a few of the things that Joe struggles with. We could go about casting out the demon of rejection, or we could minister to the root of Joe's problem. With Joe's situation, the flow of bondage looks something like this:

A deep wound that was created when others rejected him CREATED a fleshly bondage where Joe felt worthless and worthy to be rejected WHICH BUILT a stronghold of self-hate, self-rejection, and so forth WHICH WAS a demonic homeTHAT CONTAINED a nest of demons (rejection, rebellion, self-hate, etc.).

A similar flow of bondage may look something like this:

A deep wound that was created when others rejected him CREATED a fleshly need to be accepted and a stronghold of rejection (or a way of perceiving yourself as rejected) WHICH WAS a demonic home THAT CONTAINED the demons of rebellion, rejection, and so forth.

Let's take a woman by the name Susan who was molested by her father when she was a young girl. Ever since then, she's had a terrible time feeling clean inside, and establishing genuine and meaningful relationships. Such a bondage plays havoc with marriages all the time, as it makes it very difficult for the wife to truly bond and enjoy physical and emotional intimacy with her husband. We could start out by casting out the demons which entered in through the molestation, OR, we could minister to her in such a way that brings true and lasting freedom. Susan's flow of bondage might look something like this:

A deep wound and feeling "used" that was created because of the molestationCREATED a feeling of unforgiveness and hatred towards her father (and often men in general) WHICH IS a demonic home THAT CONTAINS spirits of hate, anger, resentment, and so forth.

Our first step is to deal with the wound, and let Susan know that she had a right to hate and be angry with her father for the terrible thing which was done to her. It is a right that God gives us, but He also asks us to yield that right to Him. God's Word tells us to let God avenge wrath (see Romans 12:19), for when we give Him that right, He says that He will repay. Much of the problem with unforgiveness is that we don't really believe that God will bring justice to that situation. Susan must realize that although her father is off of her hook, he's still accountable to God for his actions. Susan has also lost sight of what Jesus has done for her, and what a steep and terrible price that Jesus paid for her own sins. Dealing with the unforgiveness root will tear down the demon house, so that when the demons are cast out, they have nowhere to return to.

Sometimes you cast out demons first, depending on what the Holy Spirit leads. There are valid situations where it is best to get rid of the demonic factor first so that you can more clearly deal with the root issues. Sometimes demons must be cast out before the person can freely receive healing to their damaged emotions. However, use caution when going after the demons up front, as the they love to return when their fleshly house still exists. This is why I generally like to take the safe route (laid out in this teaching) as a default method, unless the Holy Spirit prompts me otherwise. However, be prepared for the Holy Spirit to lead otherwise, because there are times when I believe it is necessary.

In any case, when you're finished with the deliverance process, then both the root should be cleaned up as well as the demons cast out. Whatever steps are taken to get there may vary, but that should always be our goal when ministering deliverance and inner healing.

Understanding Bondage
Whenever you find yourself casting out the same demons from the same person over and over again, then there's a good chance there is a demonic home which the demon keeps returning to. I like how Charles Kraft describes demons as rats which feed off of garbage in our barn. We can keep on casting the rats out, but unless we clean up the garbage by which they are feeding, then they will keep coming back. Balanced deliverance ministry is typically focused on cleaning up the garbage even more than casting out the demons, because it is the key to ministering true and lasting freedom. I'm not saying that casting out the demons isn't important (it is VERY important!), but if we keep on casting out the same demons and they keep coming back, what good are we doing?

This is why I highly encourage every deliverance minister to take the time to study and learn the roots of the popular spiritual bondages. Make it your mission to understand what brings on various bondages to lust and pornography, anger problems, and so forth. Yes, there are demons involved in most of these situations, but there are also fleshly roots that we need to minister to, so that when we cast out the demons, they do not return. It is vital for deliverance ministers to take the time to learn and understand the bondages that are plaguing many people today so that we can effectively minister genuine and lasting freedom.

More Than Conquerors Deliverance Ministry can be found Here on Facebook.

Mar 22, 2011

Praying For Birth Defects

I had a dream one night about healing people with birth defects such as Down syndrome. I didn't know anyone who needed prayer for birth deffects so I posted it as a word of knowledge on Facebook. Many of my friends responded with excitement and began praying with increased faith for the healing of their friends and family members. I prayed for people I'd received prayer requests for. In my mind, the dream was just for Facebook friends. This happened on the first of my two nights off duty.

When I returned to work two days later, my first patient was a 5 year old girl with Down syndrome. I was a little shocked. Could the dream have been a word of knowledge for her?

With excitement, I told the girl's mother about the dream. She was a Christian. She gave me permission to pray with her daughter. She had acute bronchiolits, but her main problem was a gradual left-sided weakness that she’d had for about a month. A CAT scan showed that she had a misaligned C-1/ C-2 joint, which was suspected of causing the weakness. We took her to a larger hospital that had the capability of pediatric neurosurgery. Her father rode along. I told him about the dream. He was overjoyed that I wanted to pray for her.

In the ambulance, I prayed over the girl as her father prayed in tongues. I commanded her neck to be healed and for Down's syndrome to be healed. Without the dream, I may not have had the faith to pray for that. We talked about the Lord and the great things He had done in our lives. We navigated the maze of hallways and arrived at our destination. After giving report to the staff and moving her to bed, her father grabbed my hand and thanked me. I have him a hug a card for the website and asked him to contact me and let me know how she did.

If he sends word, I'll let you know.

Mar 19, 2011

Linda Seber's Angelic Healing With Dr Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh is a physician who has been healing the sick by the power of God for 10 years. This is the testimony of a physical therapist healed of a severe disability through an angelic encounter in Dr. Nemeh's office.

Mar 17, 2011

Street Healing With Doug & Chris

Chris Villaflor & Doug Aquino prayed with this young man who had a knee injury. He received healing and some teaching on the nature of Jesus.

Mar 15, 2011

Bay of Holy Spirit Miracles

Paul Strand interviews people who have experienced the miracles of healing at the revival in Mobile, Alabama.

Mar 12, 2011

Ex Porn Producer Healed

This is the healing testimony of a well-known producer of pornographic films.

Jesus still heals.

Mar 9, 2011

Sue's Treasure Hunt With Jesus

This story was submitted by my friend Sue Wilke.
Jesus took me on a treasure hunt today.
I went to the mall this morning.

I stopped into the coffee shop. I don't drink coffee, but HE told me to go in. As I waited in line thinking I would purchase a hot chocolate, there was a woman in front of me. She was complaining, couldn't here about what. I heard HIM say "touch her", so I asked her if she is ok, she told me she has bulging discs, fractured discs, and might have cancer. I told her Jesus instructed me to come in and talk to you. She smiled and said, she prayed just as she was walking in there today. I said well, lets pray, after, we then grew her leg out and she was shocked she felt it move. I gave her my name and said keep in touch.

Then I started to the store, the Lord said turn and go this way instead. He said "go to the lady on the bench." As I turned the corner their was a lady sitting by herself on the bench. I approached her and said the Lord wanted me to talk with you, are you ok? She began to cry. I said HE wants me to pray for you, she said thank you and we prayed for emotional healing, peace, HIS rest.

As I walked through the mall, HE said "go into the shoe store. There's a man at the cashier, go to HIM." I said, "yes Lord." I saw no man at the cashier but a woman. As I got closer, there he was, standing next to her. I said "c'mon Lord he's busy." HE said, "don't worry he will come to you." Sure enough he appraoched me, the Lord said "feet" I asked him if he had trouble with his feet, He said he stands all day and they hurt, plus he is a runner and they overpronate. I said "lets look at your legs." So we sat him down and sure enough one leg was longer than the other. So we grew out his leg to match. He was so happy and said, "thank you." we talked about Jesus, then I was on my way.

Finally I made it to my store, HE said "ask the man about his leg." I said, "O.K." The man approached me and asked if I needed help. I asked if he had pain in his leg. He said "yes, I just took off my knee brace, hurt it skiing." I asked to pray, he declined. I honored that.

Then I left that store and as I as walking, a bunch of wheel chairs passed me and went into the store. I heard the Lord say "go to the earings section." I went, and their was a lady in a wheelchair who just passed me at the earing section. I asked her what happened she said she was in two car accidents. She let me pray for her spine and her brain and then I was off. I questioned "is she healed?" HE said, "don't worry I'm working" I thought...."OK". I then proceeded out. Stopped and purchased some things and the lady next to me gave me a coupon worth $37 dollars off my purchase.

Abundant favor today....HE was busy. Thank you Father, for letting me be in the room with you while you work. I LOVE HIM!!!!!

Mar 6, 2011

The Checkout Woman

I was working on the ambulance and needed to buy potatoes & onions for dinner. I waited in line at the checkout and noticed the clerk rolling her head from side to side with a look of pain on her face. She asked how I was doing tonight. I asked about her obvious neck pain. She explained that she's had it for a while. I asked if she wanted to be healed.

She was curious and asked if I was a massage therapist. I told her I prayed with people and saw a lot of them healed; often miraculously. She said, "I'm sold!" But we had a problem. She had a line of customers waiting and I couldn't stay long. I gave her a card to the MIPU website, told her my e-mail address was on it and that I'd be back soon.

I left the store with mixed feelings; glad for the opportunity to plant a seed of hope, but disappointed that I didn't get to pray with her.

I came to work the next day & ended up at the same store again. As I approached the store, I met two men who were taking donations to help disabled veterans. I introduced myself and shared my admiration for what they were doing.

I noticed that one man was wearing dark sunglasses, even though they were in a shaded area. Few people wear sunglasses in dark places unless they have vision problems. Normal pupils dilate and constrict to allow the right amount of light to enter the eye. Problems with the pupil, like cataracts, make the pupil unable to correct for different lighting conditions. I asked what kind of problems he had.

With a puzzled look, he asked how I knew about his eye problems. I explained. He told me he had glaucoma and cataract surgery to his left eye, leaving him partially blind. I asked if he wanted to be healed. With a big smile, he said, "Sure". I asked if I could place my hand on his shoulder and he agreed. I invited the Holy Spirit to come and bring his presence and power to heal. I asked for peace to fill him and commanded darkness to flee. I commanded his eye to be healed and glaucoma to leave then I asked how he felt.

Smiling and laughing he said, "I fell like all my anxiety just left and I feel that peace you were talking about". He also said his vision was a little better.

I explained that the peace he felt was the work of the Holy Spirit and asked if I could pray a second time to improve his vision. He agreed, so I prayed a second time, addressing the vision then I asked how it was. He reported that it was even better now.

I went inside the store and found the woman with neck pain at her checkstand with a line of people waiting their turn. I saw another store employee and explained what I wanted to do then asked if she knew when the next break was. It was coming up in 15 minutes. I decided to wait for her.

She saw me waiting and smiled, holding up one finger to let me know she'd be able to talk in a minute or two. She closed her checkstand. Walking toward me she exclaimed, "You came back!" I asked how she was feeling.

"You came at the right time. I have a migraine headache and my neck and shoulders are killing me."

I wanted to give her hope that she could be healed so I shared the story about the store employee who was healed of migraines two years earlier from a word of knowledge. It worked, she was encouraged. We talked as we walked outside.

I asked about her symptoms then asked if I could place my hand on her shoulder and pray. She agreed. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring his presence and commanded the spirit of pain to leave.

Next, I commanded her headache and neck pain to leave and commanded the bones in her neck and back to come into alignment, then for all muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves to be healed. I asked how she felt. "I feel great. My headache is completely gone."

I asked if she was lying and told her she didn't need to worry about hurting my feelings. Smiling, she said "I'm a big girl, and I'm being honest. My headache really is gone." But she still had a little pain between her shoulder blades so I placed my hand there and commanded the pain to leave then asked again how she felt.

Moving her shoulders up and down to see if she could make the pain come back she said all the pain was gone.

I said, "Isn't God just amazing?"

With a knowing smile she said, "yes he is."

As we stood in front of the store, a bitter wind chilled our faces. We talked about the goodness of God, which she'd experienced many times. She knew the Lord well. Today's encounter was a further revelation of His deep love and mercy toward her.

"Well...I suppose I need to go back to my checkstand"

My partner slept in the front of the rig, oblivious to what had just happened. In the distance I heard the wail of a fire engine.

"I guess I need to get back to work, too."

Mar 4, 2011

A New Model of Heath Care

I've been thinking about the future of medicine and I've been having a lot of dreams. Many of those dreams are about healing. The one I'm about to share seems to be a big picture view of coming changes in our health care system.

About a month ago I had a dream in which I watched a new hospital being built. I walked to the construction site every day to check on the progress of the new building. Each day, I took a different route to the building site, trying to find the shortest route.

One day I arrived at the site, as the building was nearly completed. I walked to the street corner and began walking up a steep sidewalk next to the building. There was a handrail, so I used it to assist me in climbing the long, steep slope. I met a man coming down the sidewalk. He was tall and austere in appearance. He was one of the hospital staff. He said nothing as we passed. As we met, he glared at me and kept walking.

There was one more element in the dream; in the beginning of the dream, I watched as group of hospital employees sat around a bed, speaking curses that were damaging patients. They seemed to be unaware of what they were doing. At the end of the dream, when the hospital was completed, the same group of people sat in the same room and prayed for people, who were healed by their prayers.

Lets do some interpretation:

I believe the new hospital represents a new model of health care that God is "building". My trips to the construction site reveal my involvement (and probably the involvement of people like me) in "seeing" the new model of health care come to pass. The fact that I took a different way each day, trying to find the shortest route would suggest there are longer and shorter paths to seeing the project completed. Our influence is intended to get it done in the most expedient and efficient way possible. The steep sidewalk is a reminder that we have an "uphill battle" in helping the medical community see the value of divine healing. The austere man is a representative of the existing medical paradigm. Although they may be left "speechless" by what they witness happening, many will not react favorably to the changes. Finally, the group of people who curse patients in the beginning and pray for their healing in the end, represent the actual change of heart and practice that we'll see in the future.

You can help us build the new model by praying for hearts to be changed and eyes opened to the benefits of divine healing. Another way to help is to get trained and begin healing the sick. You will not only bless your friends, family and patients, you'll be a role model for others to follow. We're all in this together.

Mar 1, 2011

Ministering in Korea - Part 2

This testimony was submitted by my friend Mandy Madryga who lives in South Korea. She ministers healing on the streets of a city where where she doesn't know the language.

I was on my way to write an exam at a church for a distance course I was taking. I got on the subway at the beginning of the subway line, listening to a Todd White or Dan Mohler sermon. A few seats away was a older-middle-aged man with thick, bushy eyebrows. I just wanted to sleep, but for some reason I couldn't get his face out of my mind, and I kept seeing him as I tried to close my eyes and sleep.

I figured that I better approach him and offer to pray just to shut up the distraction I had that was keeping me from relaxing and sleeping - plus, after a few stops, I realized that I'd probably loose my seat on the subway if I didn't act soon, because some busy subway stations were approaching.

So, I got up and walked over to the man who was sitting diagonally across from me and handed him my, "Can I pray for your healing?" card written in Korean. He gestured to me that I could pray for him, and I was a bit shocked because I didn't SEE anything wrong with him. I prayed a simple prayer for generic healing, and blessing, and for God to fill him with His love, and started walking back to my seat.

As I walked back to my seat, the man kept holding up both hands and giving me thumbs-up, and smiling. (He didn't speak any English). The subway filled with people - a Korean subway car probably has about 50 people in it on average. He was still on the subway 30 minutes later when I reached my stop...I was surprised he was still there. As I stood up to get ready to get off at my subway stop, the man stood up...10-15 feet away from me (remember that he across from me on the subway)...and kept bowing at me many, many times until I got off the subway.

I have no clue what went on there...but something BIG must have happened. I've never seen someone bow in respect like that to anyone else on the streets . . . plus, he was OLDER than technically, if anyone was supposed to bow, it should've been me -- Koreans are BIG on respecting age (I usually do a little bow gesture as I say thank you to people I pray for, no matter who they are...but especially if they are older, or people who wouldn't normally get respect in Korea).

Yeah, so God did something, and I probably won't find out what until I get to heaven. Don't let language stop you from praying for someone....language barriers just make you learn to smile and express love and respect through body language more!