Sep 30, 2012

Paralyzed Man Healed of Spinal Cord Injury

In this extraordinary video, we see the healing of a man paralyzed from a spinal cord injury. At the Synagogue Church Of All NationsT.B. Joshua administers the anointing water and this man is able to get out of his wheelchair and walk for the first time in years. This miracle was broadcast during the Five-Year Anniversary of Emmanuel TV.

Sep 28, 2012

The Banker - A Person of Peace

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing. 

The economic collapse of 2008 left many of us with some bitterness toward the banking industry. Bankers themselves have received of a lot of criticism since then. My trip to Australia put me in close contact with a banker. What I've experienced since meeting him has changed my perspective on bankers.

The banker I would meet had created a successful life for himself, but his life wasn’t always one of fortune. He spent his younger days in Europe and for a season, was unable to find work, finally hiring on as a manual laborer in London, where he lived in a tiny house with a group of roughnecks. One night he was jumped by some people who robbed him, beat him up and tossed him in a rubbish bin. Were it not for a good-hearted stranger who found him and called for an ambulance, things could have turned out even worse.

Over time, he married a wonderful and gifted woman, secured a good paying job and became the proud father of two charming children

One day he had a long talk with his wife while he was based in Perth for a short time. He asked her, "Do you want to have an ordinary life or an extraordinary life?"

His wife responded, "Well … obviously I want an extraordinary life".

They then spoke about what they should do with their lives and resources. It didn’t take long to agree that the best thing they could do with the abundance God had provided was to become generous givers. Their decision to give was not motivated by the idea that they would receive more money in return. Giving money to receive more of it, only puts you in greater bondage to greed. For them, money itself, took on a whole new meaning. They began to see it not as something to be treasured, but as a tool to be used to bring a blessing to others.

The banker had been raised as a Christian by his Pentecostal mother, though he’d never been a very spiritual person. One day in January 2011, while building a wall on his property, he heard the clear and distinct voice of God tell him it was time to take things more seriously. A short time later his wife became sick with cancer.

With a sense of urgency, he began looking for resources on divine healing. He found Curry Blake’s DHT series and devoured it. With a renewed faith, he sprang into action, praying for his wife to be healed. He began searching for more material on healing and that’s when he found my website. He began reading it and after months of poring over my articles he contacted me.

Early in 2012, I received an inquiry from him. He wanted to know if I would consider visiting Australia to teach on healing. I told him I was honored but that I had no money for such a trip.

A few nights later I had a dream where I was being sent overseas as an ambassador to establish trade with a small group of people. When I woke that morning, I found an e-mail from the banker. He offered to pay all my travel expenses if I would agree to come to Australia to teach on healing. Taking the dream as confirmation that God wanted me to make the trip, the first order of business was to find out more about this fellow and what he wanted from me.

Over the next two months we sent e-mails back and forth and talked over Skype. We had to develop some familiarity with each other if this venture was going to succeed.

And I had some personal issues to deal with.

I’d never traveled overseas before. I’d only taught one class on healing and although it was a success, teaching healing and miracles overseas to a group of strangers was a daunting task. I also work a full-time job and I had to arrange time off work. At the same time my wife was trying to find a job. I had to convince her that taking time away from my work and her efforts to find work wouldn’t put us in a financial bind. After a lot of discussion, we finally agreed to go.

After we committed to making the trip, the banker informed us that his wife had come down with terminal cancer. He didn’t tell us until after we made a commitment, because he didn’t want to appear desperate and didn’t want our decision to be influenced by emotions. The last thing he wanted was to use pressure or manipulation to get us to come to Australia.

We joined with him in prayer for his wife’s healing. I rallied some friends to pray on her behalf. Not long after we began praying, we received news that she had suddenly passed away. My wife was devastated. She spent the entire day crying. The Banker was heartbroken. He spent the following months battling thoughts of depression, hopelessness and despair, wondering what he did wrong in trying to get her healed.

Many people would have given up on the healing project at this point. His faith for healing was in shambles. I was an unknown person to his circle of friends. He’s a very busy man with two children to raise on his own. No one would have blamed him if he pulled the plug on the trip.

But the banker is a man of his word. Once he commits himself to a task, he sees it through to the end, regardless of the consequences to himself or feelings of doubt along the way. We made plans to visit Brisbane for two weeks in September. The first week we’d meet friends and volunteer on the street vans. The second week, we’d hold meetings where my wife and I would train them in prophecy, healing, deliverance and whatever else they needed.

The Banker took a lot of risk in this adventure. The churches he’s connected to have hosted a number of itinerant preachers, who’ve been happy to visit for a few days, give an inspiring message, a few prophetic words and perhaps lay hands on a few people - then leave. And they’re often never heard from again.

He had a different plan for me.

His hope was to bring us to Brisbane to mentor him and his friends in the ways of the supernatural. Not through preaching, but by example. He and his friends go into the dark places of society. They pray with the homeless, the addicted and the mentally ill on the streets. He needed someone to ride along in the vans and discuss their concerns, answer their questions and model the kingdom of God for them.

He also understands the need for relationship in ministry. He wanted to establish a long-term relationship where he and I would share in the work of ministry over many years, so that the seeds we planted would grow into maturity. Reading my blog gave him a lot of insights into what makes me tick. He figured that once we met, we’d get along pretty well and a long-term relationship would follow.

His hope was that if he could get me to come to Australia and if things went well; if we were received by his friends, if healing and miracles were demonstrated and if his friends were able to grow in the supernatural, we would return for a follow up visit.

Officially, he set his expectations pretty low. He managed the expectations of those around him simply saying ‘even if only one person gets this … if only one person is touched and learns how much God loves to bless, heal and restore people then it is worth it’. He kept his expectations of us to a minimum.

He took the view that if we were simply able to encourage his friends with testimonies of healing, and build their faith, that would be a successful trip. Anything more than that would be icing on the cake.

We were both relieved when healing miracles happened virtually every day. Many of them happened when he and his friends prayed with the sick and injured. That made me pretty happy, too. My goal was to show them that God could work through them in the same way he worked through me.

The banker and I are now good friends. I was surprised at how much we have in common. Between days of ministry, he drove us to sightseeing destinations and we talked non-stop everywhere we went. He’s quite an amazing fellow, actually. And he’s very unlike the stereotype of the greedy banker many of us envision.

When Jesus sent His disciples out, He told them to find a person of peace. (See Luke 10:6) A person of peace, like my friend the banker, is someone who sees the work that God is doing in us. They have a sphere of influence, into which they invite us to bring the kingdom of God. They are the door to the harvest field. We are the door to the kingdom of God. Ministry flows through these doors. It’s quite simple, really. And I’m finding that it works pretty well.

Our trip to Australia was a smashing success in just about every way possible. It’s my hope that you’ll find your person of peace and that you’ll have many years of success and fellowship together with them.

Sep 24, 2012

The Ticket Agent

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

As I sat at the gate, waiting to board, I carefully wound the elastic bandage around my lower leg, starting just above the toes, working my way toward the knee. Having suffered swollen feet from the 15 hour flight to Brisbane two weeks earlier, we stopped at a pharmacy and picked up a few elastic bandages. Just before boarding, we wrapped our feet and lower legs figuring it might prevent swelling on the return flight.

My wife and I chatted on the plane, reflecting back on the miracles God had done, and marveled at how He'd connected us to so many wonderful people in a just two weeks.

We arrived in LA and had almost 6 hours to catch our connecting flight to Phoenix. We negotiated the maze going from one building to another in search of our gate. On the way, we stopped to talk with a ticketing agent. I chose her because she was wearing an immobilizer on her forearm. Oddly enough, she was strategically positioned where I could  talk with her for a few minutes and lay hands on her.

"Hi there. Can I ask you a question?"

"You certainly may!"

"What happened to your arm?"

I knew this would be an unexpected question for her. She's an agent at one of the busiest airports in the world. She expects strangers to ask about arrivals, departures and gate locations. She blushed and began laughing when I hit her with the unexpected question.

She said she had a shoulder injury. She didn't say why she had an immobilizer on her forearm and I didn't ask. I knew she'd need to help more customers and I only had a few minutes, so I asked if she wanted to be healed. She asked what I had in mind. I told her I wanted to pray with her. She was delighted.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and commanded spirits of pain and infirmity to leave then commanded the shoulder and arm to be healed. I asked if she felt anything. She reported a tingling sensation going through her arm. I told her God was healing her.

It was obvious that she knew Jesus. But I told her He loved her and that's why she was being healed. We asked where we could find our gate and she directed us to it, with a  grateful smile.

This meeting took about three minutes from beginning to end.

In just three minutes, a complete stranger felt the power and love of God touch her.

I'd say it was time well spent.

Sep 21, 2012

The Three Monkeys

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

We attended our last meeting in Darra on Tuesday. There's been a lot of interest in dreams, so before leaving, we spent about an hour discussing dream interpretation with the group.

A number of people had been physically healed this week after a spirit had been cast out, so we taught a bit more on deliverance. We wrapped up with a discussion on what means to make disciples.

We've been truly blessed by all the wonderful people we've met during our time in Australia.

I met a man named Roland Williamson, who has a blog (Australian Miracles) devoted to reporting the miraculous works of God in Australia and other places.

He sent a friend request on Facebook. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop where Christians hang out called "The Three Monkeys". We talked for an hour or so about our common interests.

As we left the 3 Monkees coffee shop, we had an opportunity to lay hands on a couple of strangers. We met a group of women who were leaving the cafe at the same time we were. One of them used a cane to walk  and we asked if she wanted to be healed.

She said she had a torn meniscus, so I prayed over her knee three times. She felt a little relief, but not much. Pointing to her mum, she said, "You really need to pray for her." I shook her mum's hand and asked her name. She told us about her injured shoulder and we asked if she wanted to be healed. She said she'd be delighted.

I laid hands on her shoulder and commanded it to be healed. After 3 or 4 commands, the pain was gone and she had full range of motion.

The healing gave us an opportunity to speak with them about the goodness of God and the things He's been doing in Brisbane. A few of them had been burned by religion in the past, but the healing allowed us to focus on the love, mercy and compassion He has toward them. Meeting these women and sharing about God's love was the highlight of my day.

God has truly touched people during our stay here and we've been touched by their gentle hearts.

(Thanks once again for your love and prayers)

~ PM

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Sep 17, 2012

Street Healing With Garth Lange

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

We had another great day with our friends in Brisbane. We met with Garth Lange, a Facebook friend that we desperately wanted to meet in person. We walked to Southbank and met him on a street corner. He drove us to a coffee shop that he and his friends hang out at. We talked about the kingdom of God for over three hours. He prayed for an injury I have and I prayed for his. Garth is truly an amazing man. I wish we could have spent the entire day talking with him.

As we walked to the car at the end of our meeting, we saw a man with a broken leg approaching. He was with a couple of friends. Garth & I decided to ask if he wanted to be healed.

He said he'd love that.

I placed my hand on his casted foot and commanded it to be healed. He felt tingling in his toes.

I commanded it to be healed a second time and asked him to check it out. All his pain was gone. We asked him to walk around and check to see if there was any pain at all. He took a few steps then flexed his toes and said there's no way he could have done that if it wasn't healed.

One of his friends remarked that she could feel the presence of God around her as soon as we approached and began speaking to them.
(They were all Christians)

We spoke to them about the goodness of God and I gave them a card to my website. We all walked away praising God. The man walked away without using his crutches.

In the evening, we attended a meeting in Darra where I encouraged the street van teams to continue doing the great works they are doing. I taught a bit more on dreams, healing and prophecy. We saw a number of people healed of various injuries. We prayed over a woman with a spinal cord injury, who is in a wheelchair. She felt a lot of heat in her back at the level of her injury, but there was no noticeable movement of her legs.

She had some questions about why we aren't seeing many people healed with these types of injuries. I told there are a couple of things we need to overcome. One is that we usually give up too quickly, noting that in Africa, they'll pray over a person for days, while we pray for only a few minutes.

I also said that as a group, we lack the faith (or confidence) in God to see these things healed. Part of that is because we aren't actually laying hands on a lot of people in wheelchairs. But I told her that when we get serious about seeing them healed and are willing to go after healing with more passion, we'll probably see breakthrough.

We're having a blast in OZ.
God is so good.
Thank you for your continued prayer and support.


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Sep 16, 2012

Sunday's News From Brisbane

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.


It was quite a day with Jesus yesterday in Brisbane. He continues to amaze us with His power and love.

We spoke at Elevate Church in the suburb of Mansfield in the morning. The glory of God in the meeting was incredible. We saw 3 or 4 people who had their eyesight completely restored or significantly improved and one man who had greatly improved hearing. Several people felt more peace and confidence after receiving prayer.  

We spoke at Access Church in Darra in the evening and once again God blessed us with His the manifestation of His glory.
There were a number of people praying for healing and deliverance during the meeting. This is a summary of what I recall as a friend and I prayed for various people:
  • We saw a man healed of low back pain and bone spurs in both feet.
  • A woman was healed of shoulder and knee pain. 
  • A girl was healed of pain in her foot.
  • A woman was healed of arthritis pain in both shoulders.
  • A woman was healed of a vision problem (astigmatism).
  • Several people asked for prayer for emotional healing. Most were feeling discouraged or depressed. Everyone we prayed with felt a great sense of peace and confidence come over them.
We prayed as a group for a young man in a wheelchair who is severely disabled from a car accident. He suffers from the effects of traumatic brain injury. He wasn't completely healed, but he may have some increased mobility. The love and compassion he received from those who prayed with him brought tears to our eyes. We invited him to come back for more prayer this week. If he does, we'll keep you posted on any changes.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.

Love from your mates in OZ -

Sep 15, 2012

Martin's Story

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

As we handed out food and made coffee, I saw a man approaching. He had a noticeable limp. I introduced myself and asked his name. He goes by the name of Martin. 

I asked about the limp. He said he has a torn cruciate ligament, which will require surgery. I asked if he'd received prayer for it yet. He said a lot of people had prayed over it but it wasn't any better. I told him not to worry, we'd have him healed before the end of the night.

I asked Sylvie and Marie to come over and lay hands on him. For the next 5 minutes they conducted warfare on the injured knee. He began to feel heat. I joined them and  eventually all of his knee pain was gone. The only issue left was a clicking sound coming from just under his kneecap. I asked if he would be willing to rest in the healing tonight and check on it in the morning. I believed the clicking would resolve itself overnight. He agreed and since I was speaking at a meeting he planned to attend in two days, we could follow up on it then.

Martin began to tell the group about the unusual things that happen to him. He related a story about a friend who had a relative who had just been seen in the emergency department and the doctor was very concerned about their condition. Martin told them not to worry, because the person would be released from the hospital soon. A few minutes later, the friend received a call and learned that the person had in fact just been sent home with a clean bill of health.

He told another story about a room-mate who went to the store. Martin gave the friend twenty dollars. The friend said he didn't need it, because he didn't  plan to buy much, but Martin insisted he take it. The friend was stopped at the exit to the store and had in his possession few things he didn't pay for. They were valued at 19 dollars. They were going to have him arrested for shoplifting unless he paid for the items, so he handed over the twenty Martin had given him and walked home. 

He told us about a dream he had. In the dream he was sleeping on a table in his yard, when a shepherd approached and spoke with him. 

The shepherd said, "Martin, I want you to write a book."

He asked what the book would be about.

The shepherd said, "You."

He asked what the title of the book would be.

The shepherd said, "Why?"

The shepherd said, "Many people will read your book and be saved."

Martin is at the shelter because of a drinking problem. And even though he struggles with sobriety, he has an amazing gift of revelation about the things that happen to people around him and what God is doing in those circumstances.

I encouraged him to begin writing down all the stories he could remember and hang onto them. At some point in the future, if he obeyed the shepherd's instructions, God would provide an editor and a publisher to help him write the book.

I hope to see Martin this afternoon. If he shows up, I'll let you know how he's doing.

Sep 14, 2012

A Sovereign Miracle at Pindary

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

Before we left for Australia, a friend gave us a prophetic word suggesting that God wanted to do things we’d never seen before. 

On Thursday night, we made sandwiches, pies and sausage rolls and loaded the van for a night on the streets with the less fortunate citizens of Brisbane.

We generally stop at three locations each night. The stops might be shelters for the homeless, a city park where natives live in tents or a home for men just released from prison.

One of our stops tonight was at Pindary; a Salvation Army shelter for homeless men. We distributed food, tea, coffee and Milo to the men and talked with them about their lives. One benefit of visiting shelters frequently is that you develop relationships which allow you mentor those whom you meet.

About 15 minutes after we’d arrived, my host motioned me toward him. He explained that one of the men had a painful toothache. The man allowed me to pray with him. After a minute, I asked if he felt and pain. He said no. He went on to say that the pain disappeared shortly after we arrived.

Somewhat confused, I began to ask questions. The man explained that he developed a toothache the day before. When we arrived, he came out with the rest of the men. As we set up tables on the sidewalk, he stood next to me. As he stood watching, he realized that his toothache had mysteriously disappeared. He emphatically believed that his toothache was healed just by standing next to us. I asked if he was certain of this story. He insisted that’s exactly what happened.

We spoke with him and the others about the goodness of a God who would heal a man’s toothache before anyone could pray with him. The sovereign miracle allowed God and His goodness to be the focus of our conversation the rest of the night.

Sep 13, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

For 19 years, the people at AccessChurch have been sending teams into the streets of Brisbane to minister to those who are less fortunate. The teams visit hostels, half-way homes, and other locations where the poor and mentally ill live.

We arrived and went to work with the crew making sandwiches, heating up meat pies and filling containers with sweets, like doughnuts. Access also serves hot coffee, Milo and tea. After preparing the food, we loaded it into a van and set off.

Our first stop was a hostel for abused women and children. We set up two portable tables in the parking lot, put out the food, said a prayer over it then began handing it out.

A middle-aged woman named Debra stood next to a beautiful tree; the glow of the street light illuminating it's tri-colored flowers. I asked Debra what kind of plant it was.

“It’s called ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’.” She drew my attention to the white flower and said, “This one’s ‘yesterday.” Pointing to a light purple petal, she said, “This one is today”. Pointing at the dark purple one she said, “And this one is tomorrow.”

I thanked her and asked if she had any pain in her body that she wanted to be healed of. She said she had back pain and a lot of emotional trauma from the recent loss of 3 family members to cancer. I asked if we might pray with her.

I placed my hand in the small of her back, asked the Holy Spirit to touch her and commanded the pain to leave. I asked if she felt anything.

“It feels like electricity going up and down my spine.”

“Why don’t you try to touch your toes?”

She reluctantly agreed, thinking the chronic pain would make it difficult. But she put her hands to the ground with ease. A look of shock came over her when she realized she was healed.

We prayed for healing of her emotions and the power of God began to work in her mind and heart. His presence made it hard for her to remain standing so one of the crew slipped in behind her and prevented her from falling to the ground.

We talked with Debra for quite a while afterward, sharing our experiences and giving her tips on how to keep her healing. My wife and I gave her a hug then helped the crew load the van. It was time to go to another location.

During the first two nights, we’ve seen a number of people healed of chronic pain. We’re having a blast watching God display His power and love to these wonderful people.

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Sep 12, 2012

Access To The Kingdom

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

The meeting at Access Church in Darra this morning was simply wonderful. The weather was mild (it’s spring in Australia) and the magnolia trees are in full bloom.

Darra is a small town outside of Brisbane that was devastated by flooding two years ago. It’s not an affluent community, so the flooding robbed what little possessions people had, leaving them struggling just to survive.

My wife and I shared our testimonies of how we came to know Jesus and how we came to walk in the power of the kingdom of God. Testimonies are nice, but we were anxious to see people healed and set free, so we asked if anyone in the room had any pain.

A man named Greg said he had neck pain, so we prayed with him. He felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit touch his neck and eventually, the pain began to subside. We prayed for his wife to be healed of diabetes and internal problems. The glory of God touched her powerfully and brought her peace and joy.

After seeing the Holy Spirit work in this couple, more people began to ask for prayer. One woman with pain in her head, neck and shoulders felt the warmth of God’s power as He removed all of her pain. Another woman felt the fire of God warming the upper part of her body as he healed her.

Several people with heart problems received God’s healing touch including an 8 year old boy named Malachi, who had back pain and a heart murmur. We had our host pray with Malachi. He had only seen one healing miracle in his life, which was the healing of a relative 20 years ago. I had him lay hands on Malachi and he said he felt a wave of power go through his body and out his arm into the boy’s back. A few seconds later the boy’s back pain was gone.

One woman asked for healing of a painful knee condition. I laid my hand on her knee and shared a few healing testimonies. I didn’t make any commands, but the power of the spoken testimony brought complete healing to her knee.

Another woman, who is a nurse, asked for healing of diabetes. As we prayed with her, she began to feel pain in her left shoulder blade. The Lord showed me a vision of her weeping and it seemed like the pain in her back was connected to it. When sudden pain manifests during healing, it’s usually due to an evil spirit manifesting. We commanded the spirit to leave, and the pain moved to her right shoulder blade. Pain that moves around is a confirmation that an evil spirit is at work. We calmly commanded it to leave and a few minutes later the pain was completely gone.

About 15 people received healing and deliverance this morning. Nearly all of them felt the tangible presence of God. We shared with the group a little about dreams and helped a few people interpret the dreams they’d had. We made a lot of new friends. We’re looking forward to speaking at Access later this week and teaching more about the kingdom of God.

Sep 10, 2012

Brisbane or Bust

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

Traiza asked if anyone else was connecting to Brisbane. As she retrieved her bag from the overhead bin, my wife leaned across the aisle and told her we were going to Brisbane. With a look of relief she asked what gate we were supposed to go to for the connecting flight. My wife told her it was D-14. We had about an hour to find the gate and get checked in before the next flight left.

DallasFort Worth is a big airport and neither of us had been there before. We exited the plane, got directions to the sky tram and made our way to the escalator. On the way, we talked with Traiza. She wanted to know why we were going to Brisbane.

Traiza’s story was simple enough; she was visiting a daughter in Brisbane. Ours required a bit more explanation. On the sky tram we told her about my work, the healing miracles and this website. We told her one of our readers invited us to come to Brisbane to teach on healing.

“Can you teach me?” She asked excitedly.

She felt our meeting was a divine appointment. She showed us the rash on her face and explained that she suffers from allergies. She’s been patiently waiting to be healed. I told her we’d be happy to pray for her healing.

We exited the sky tram, negotiated the escalator and pulled our bags to the gate. Now we had a problem to resolve. The ticketing kiosk in Phoenix crashed while processing our boarding passes. It was supposed to issue two passes; one to Dallas and one to Brisbane. But it died while processing our boarding passes, so an agent issued them for us. But she only gave us the one for the flight to Dallas.

The ticketing agent issued our passes and a few minutes later we boarded. We unloaded our gear in the overhead bin and took our seats. A few minutes later Traiza approached. With a wry smile that confirmed some divine shenanigans, she took the seat directly behind me.

The 16 hour flight went rather quickly. The flight crew was very hospitable, serving food and beverages with a smile. Several years ago, Qantas upgraded their 747 fleet with new seats, including a nice Panasonic entertainment screen in the seatbacks and USB ports in the arm-rests. Not needing to worry about killing my phone battery, I listened to Ian Clayton messages between meals and sleeping. We talked with Traiza, prayed for her healing and I gave her a word from God.

We breezed through customs and found our host reading his latest text message. He’s a busy and well – connected fellow. We loaded the bags and headed for his home in the country.

I have to admit, I was freaked out by the right hand steering on his Toyota and the fact that he drove on the wrong side of the road. On the way, we discussed a common interest; the state of the global economy. We were greeted at his house by his two charming children and a hot brekky; English muffins, bacon, eggs Benedict and a cuppa.

Sep 7, 2012

Stan's Story

Beginning tomorrow, we'll be posting updates from our trip to Brisbane, Australia, where we'll be teaching on healing and releasing the kingdom of God. The first week's activities involve ministering to the homeless. In light of that, this encounter from a few days ago seems prophetic.

Stan approached my pump from his resting place in the shade next to the gas station. 

"Excuse me sir....would you have any spare change for bus fare?"

Stan is one of the millions of men and women who are out of work due to disability, addiction or mental illness. Many spend their days at intersections and gas stations asking strangers for money. I pulled out a few dollars and handed them over.

"Thank you sir. Is there anything I can do for you....Can I wash the windows of your car?"

I told him I was going to wash it when I got home.

"Sir....would do me a favor and please pray for me? I need my disability to go through so I can get some money to live on. Would you pray that God would make my disability go through?"

"I'd be happy to pray with you Stan."

He described the injuries that caused his disability, which resulted from a gunshot would to his head. They included missing part of his brain, a titanium jaw and a coil in his temple. Nothing serious.

"I'm pretty messed I really need my disability."

"Stan....let me ask you a question. I'll pray for God's favor on your disability claim, but I'd rather see you healed. If God would heal you of all your injuries, would you go back to work?"

He smiled.

"Yeah I'd go back to work. I really like working."

"Cool. Then let's pray."

I asked the Holy Spirit to whack him good and heal his injuries, take away his pain and set him free. I felt like I was standing in a 50 knot wind as my body swayed back and forth under the power of God.

Stan thanked me for the money and for praying with him. I put the nozzle away and got in my car. My daughter asked who I was talking to.

No one special.

Just another guy who desperately needs the Master's touch.

Sep 5, 2012

Todd White - Power & Love

Todd White discusses our identities as sons and daughters of God at the New England School of  Power & Love.

Sep 3, 2012

Healing School (Free Admission)

September 14 &15 2012

September 14 - Starts at 6pm
September 15- All day starts at 9am

Location: Professional office bldg 6. 1007 Gould Dr. 
Bossier City, La. 71111

Seating limited. RSVP Contact Glen Hartline or Ian Parker  (318) 455-6585

Sep 2, 2012

Cowboy Healing

 This is Cheryl Fritz's video from the Fair on August 16th.The man in the video had back pain until his leg was grown out. After this, a whole bunch of guys (18-25 years old) gave their lives to the Lord, COWBOY-STYLE. That was their description of getting down on one knee all together and praying!