Jun 30, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis Miraculously Healed After 13 years

Marie gives her testimony of being healed of multiple sclerosis, which she had for 13 years. The interesting thing about this healing is that she wasn't the one being prayed for. But God's power still healed her. Thanks to John Mellor for being a faithful servant.

Jun 26, 2010

Warren Smith's Testimony

This is the testimony of a New Age practitioner who was delivered from an oppressive spirit by commanding it to leave by the authority of Jesus.

Jun 23, 2010

Shalom's Story

This is the story of a woman and her journey to find power, peace and hope. She compares her experiences with the power of Wicca and her experiences with the power of Jesus.

Jun 19, 2010

Rescued from Satanism

This is the testimony of a man set free from demonic possession and Satanism.

Jun 16, 2010

New Age Transformation

This is the testimony of a New Age practitioner. He talks about his search for meaning and where the journey took him. One day he experienced the presence of God and the love and humility of Christians. This powerful combination changed his life.

Jun 13, 2010

Healing For a Co-worker

After a few days off work, I came back to find my EMT partner hobbling to the ambulance on our first call. He winced in pain as we lifted the gurney. I could tell something was wrong. I asked what happened. He didn't answer me directly, but instead asked if our company provided short term disability insurance. I asked why he wanted to know. He said he injured his back on his last shift and was experiencing severe pain in his lower back and along the sciatic nerve, which runs down the back of the leg. He was also having muscle spasms and was concerned he might have a herniated lumbar disc.

After our first call we made it to the station, where he collapsed in a recliner. My partner has already been healed on four previous occasions while on duty; once each of a headache, neck pain, back pain and a hand injury. I decided to go for number five.

I walked over to where he was sitting and asked where the pain was. I had him lean forward and placed my hand on the middle of his back. I said a short prayer – commanding the pain and the spirit of trauma to leave and threw in my usual comment, “You’re healed, now stop acting like a sissy.”

Later that day (after we ran a few more calls) I asked how he felt. He reported that all the pain and muscle spasms were gone. It’s been a few days since he was healed. The pain hasn’t returned.

My friend had many concerns; would he require surgery? How would the injury affect his life at home? Would he lose a few months of work while going through physical therapy or rehabilitation?

Thanks to a God who heals, none of them came to pass. No MRI, No doctor’s appointment, no pain medications or time off work. All of these were avoided. This kind of healing can be done through anyone.

Jun 12, 2010

Neck Pain And Migraines Healed By Phone

This couple gives their testimony of a healing that happened  during the Onething Tacoma 2010 meeting. The woman suffered from neck pain and migraine headaches, which were healed when someone at the meeting had a word of knowledge.

Jun 11, 2010

Legs Grow Out

Pete Cabrera, a friend from Facebook post this on my wall. Check out the power of God.

Thanks, Pete!

Jun 10, 2010

…But Now I See!

This is the story of a man healed of an incurable form of blindness. When the diagnosis of advanced retinitis pigmentosa threatened to steal the joy from Roy Sasscer's life, he found out God had other plans. Check out this amazing story of of one man's journey to see again.

Jun 8, 2010

Reporter Healed Filming Story on John Mellor

Reporter Nick Coe from the popular Australian national news program 'A current Affair' gets healed while covering a John Mellor healing meeting.

Jun 7, 2010

Child Raised From the Dead - Testimony

I'm not going to apologize for this - I love stories of people being raised from the dead.....

Stephanie and Jon Middleton were attending the Jesus Culture Cleveland Revivelist Conference on May 21 and 22, 2010 and the power of God showed up in many ways. After a Saturday of evangelism with 1000 people on the streets of Cleveland, Steph and Jon headed back to the hotel with their parents for a swim before the evening session. Little did Steph and Jon know that God was going to use them in a life-changing encounter for suffering families around the hotel pool. A three year old boy lay lifeless from drowning after attempts of CPR failed. Watch and listen to this encounter with God.

Jun 6, 2010

Hepatitis C Healed

Candace Henry was diagnosed with stage 3  hepatitis C. Her prognosis was poor. She began aggressive treatment and her doctors suggested a liver transplant might be necessary to save her life. Two months into  her treatment she was touched by a greater miracle than what her doctors were offering.

Jun 5, 2010

Skeptic Healed of Bleeding Ulcer

When a skeptical man found himself crippled with pain from a bleeding ulcer, he finally allowed a few strangers to pray for him. The rest of the story is a medical miracle according to his doctor.

Jun 4, 2010

Growing in Revelation - Brian Fenimore

This is part 2 of a teaching with Brian Fenimore about learning to hear God's voice and how to operate in relational ministry. Although his focus is on prophetic ministry, the same principles apply to healing. Brian has a website where more instructional resources can be found. His website can be found here.

Jun 2, 2010

Brian Fenimore - Revelation In Ministry

If you've ever wanted to learn about receiving words of knowledge and revelation from God, this video is for you. Brian Fenimore is a gifted healer, prophet and teacher. Get a note pad and learn from one of the best.

There are numerous methods people use for healing the sick. Some use a method based on simple obedience to what the bible says about healing. This method is the easiest to learn. You pray when you see a need and believe they will be healed. This is the method used by people like Curry Blake and Andrew Womack.

Brian teaches a different method. In this lesson he teaches on hearing the voice of God and knowing specifically what God wants us to do in releasing his power to heal. This is referred to as prophetic healing. Brian uses the ministry of Jesus as his teaching model and addresses world views, perceptions of God's nature and the idea that God wants us to partner with us in what we do. Brian has a website where more instructional resources can be found. His website can be found here.

Jun 1, 2010

Cancer Healing Testimony

Johnno had pain in his body from three cancerous tumours in his throat and near his kidneys and heart. He lost his voice and was unable to lead worship. He was healed when John Mellor prayed for him and Jesus took away all pain from his body, restored his voice, strength and energy.