Jul 31, 2020

Qanon July 31, 2020 America is Witnessing a Brazen Power Grab

The only thing that interests corrupt politicians is remaining in power. 


Jul 30, 2020

Qanon July 30, 2020 – Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Social media platforms can try to silence us, but the truth will come out. Nothing can stop what is coming. 


Jul 24, 2020

Qanon July 24, 2020 – Next: More Acts of Violence Frameups

Qanon warns that in order to further censor Q accounts, the media will try to manufacture connections to acts of violence. 


Jul 22, 2020

The Social Media Purge of Qanon

Yesterday, Twitter announced its intent to limit the spread of discussions about Qanon. The unprecedented steps they plan to take were outlined in a series of tweets. A careful reading of the announcement makes it clear that Twitter (at least for now) does not intend to suspend accounts merely for tweeting about Qanon. They plan to suspend accounts that have violated their terms of service by creating multiple accounts, engaging in targeted harassment, or evading prior suspensions. As long as an account does not engage in one of these behaviors, they should not be suspended just for posting about Q. (At least that's Twitter's official policy.) The other actions in the bullet list describe how Twitter plans to limit the spread of Q-related information on the platform. 

 What would cause Twitter to take such unprecedented action? 

 Researchers who follow Q's crumbs have posted their findings on a variety of social media platforms. Compared to a few thousand mainstream journalists, there are millions of Q followers. Although it lacks cohesiveness, Q followers have managed to create a broad narrative of historical and current events. This narrative contradicts the one propagated by the media, the medical technocracy, the political establishment, and other institutions. 

 Attorney General Barr noted that social media platforms pulled off the biggest bait and switch in history. They promised freedom of speech and grew their platforms on that idea. But freedom of speech was never in the minds of social media's inventors. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were developed to confine the flow of ideas to only those that are approved by our minders. The endgame was controlling the narrative of historical and current events, and through that, controlling how we perceive ourselves and society. 

 Anons and autists, working alongside other non-mainstream researchers, have managed to expose as fraudulent the official narrative of historical and current events. For this crime, the establishment has decided that Q and his followers must be silenced. 

 Q has never endorsed violence. His messages center on the transformation of culture through the collective investigation of open-source information. Nevertheless, social media platforms and the press have decided to silence the movement. As their modus operandi, the press has chosen to establish connections between Q and acts of violence. 

 A scheme was hatched a few years ago to find people who committed acts of violence and determine if they followed Q. If they did, (even if it was only suspected that they did) their behavior was attributed to Q and a news article was published. An assertion was made that the act of violence was due to the subject's interest in Q. This is always stated as fact, despite other influences that may affect the individual's behavior. The media have published hundreds of articles insisting that Q followers are violent. The accusation that individual Q followers are violent has been generalized to all Q followers. That accusation is now being used to justify large-scale censorship and de-plaforming. (Note in their first tweet, Twitter justified their actions by implying, without evidence, that Qanon followers are violent.) 

 The most telling part of Twitter's announcement might be this statement:
Apparently, this is Twitter's current, but not their final position. They will adjust their enforcement policy regarding Q in the future if the current steps don't resolve their perceived problem. It's a safe bet that the perceived problem will persist and Twitter will take further steps. Future policy changes would probably lead to accounts being suspended merely for discussing Q. Again, they would justify their actions by claiming that Q followers are violent. This suggests that the media will create future connections between acts of violence and supposed Q followers. Yesterday's article by the New York Times sheds light on the plans of other social media platforms as they deal with Q's growing influence.
Facebook is preparing to take similar steps to limit the reach of QAnon content on its platform, said two Facebook employees with knowledge of the plans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The company has been coordinating with Twitter and other social media companies and plans to make an announcement next month, the employees said. Facebook declined to comment.
We've known for almost two years that blanket social media censorship of Q was coming. In September of 2018, an anon asked Q why he deleted posts from the read-only board /patriotsfight/. Q's response suggested that a total ban of Q-related discussions was coming and that his board would become the hub for all such discussions in the future.
  qanon main points of interest only 
 My plan 
Forewarned is forearmed. I've been preparing for the censorship of Q-related discussions on all major social media platforms. I expect at some point to be suspended from Twitter. I expect my YouTube channel will be shut down. I've already had my Facebook page suspended for posting about Q. (I created another one, but I anticipate it will be shut down as well.) 

I temporarily deactivated my Twitter account last night. I will reactivate it shortly and continue posting. I plan to maintain a presence on the major platforms to the degree that I can. I have accounts on Gab and Parler (@davehayes). These platforms appear to be safe places to discuss Q. (I do not have the time to manage accounts on the dozens of other lesser-known social media platforms.) 

If for some reason, my account on any social media platform is no longer available, you can always find my articles, podcasts, and videos here. We will not be silenced. We will be victorious. The world will soon know the truth and the truth will set us free. Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your support. 

Jul 20, 2020

Qanon July 20, 2020 – Batten Down the Hatches

FBI Director Chris Wray may be on his way out. Will he be replaced by General Flynn?  


Jul 19, 2020

Qanon July 19, 2020 - It's Time for People to Go to Jail

Mark Meadows believes indictments are coming.