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Jun 14, 2014

Power, Love & Truth - Steve Harmon

My guest blogger today is Steve Harmon

Two years ago I met a Satanist on Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco where the start of the hippy movement began. God taught me a lot in that experience about how people get set free. It basically works with three components, and it was these three components that Jesus used in His ministry.

So this guy asked me for a cigarette and I told him I don't smoke. I began a conversation with him. He told me he was an Iraq war vet, in the marines. He's homeless and apart of the "Occupy Oakland" movement. We talked for about 20 minutes then he told me that he had a torn rotator cuff that needs surgery. I asked him if I could pray for it to make it well. He said, "No, no...I'm a Satanist bro". He proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs about God and the world. I just listened to him. I then said, "I'm not like other Christians you've met. I love people and I see value in you. There's love in you. There's a big heart that has been covered and people don't see it, but I see it."

He then told me that he has two daughters living in Oakland and that last week he celebrated his 12 year old daughter's birthday. He gave her a birthday cake which was "hash brownies" (Marijuana laced brownies). She got so excited and was jumping up and down saying  "You're the best dad in the whole world!", and he said he started crying when she said that. I actually started crying myself just because the situation was so messed up, but in that, his daughter showed him a form of love and it moved him so much. Up to this point, I just wanted to hold this big guy because he was starving for love.

He told me that he nearly beat a man to death for raping his daughter's friend. He served 5 years in prison for it. He was pouring out his life to me. I asked him again if I could pray for his shoulder and at this point, he felt more comfortable with me and he said, "Sure". So I laid my hands on his shoulder under the signal light on the corner and started to command the infirmity to leave. I prophesied as well, then I told him to check out his shoulder. When he moved it, the pain started leaving. I prayed again and it was completely gone. He was swinging his arm and couldn't get it to hurt. He was shocked because he also had been a shaman and he would heal people, but could never be healed himself.

From this point, I just laid into him the good news of Jesus in a way he had never heard. He was no longer objecting to it. I told him "God has a plan for your life." He started crying  because his mom used to tell him that when he was once a pastor! His mom told him recently that all the seeds he sowed into people's lives, (ten or fifteen of them) had gotten off drugs and were walking with God now. He cried telling me all that and said, "Now look at me. I'm homeless and an alcoholic?"

I told Him, "The Lord is still saying 'yes' to you," then I asked if I could pray the Holy Spirit on him. He said "yes".

I told him, "When I touch you, you're gonna feel something that cannot be compared to any other drug you've had." I put my hands on him and prayed for fire and love. His eyes were closed and tears were coming down his face.

After I was done, he opened his eyes and said, "That was intense!" We talked more and I just kept pouring the love of God into him. After I was done, God told me to tell him that tonight Jesus was going to visit him in a dream. He said, "Okay!" He told me that 16 years ago was the last time he felt God. I told him "16 years from that day God came and touched you again because He loves you".

On the corner where rebellion against the establishment was birthed in the 60's, God showed up in love and in power to tell a prodigal son to come home.

I didn't engage with him and argue all of his outlandish ideas about Jesus and the Father. I ignored it, changed the subject, and told him about the love that I saw in his heart. I kept hitting that point until he finally softened. He was changed from a hardened Satanist into a sensitive puppy dog. Here's how it worked:

Love brings down the walls. Power brings validity to truth. Truth sets the person free. When I first met the guy and he found out I was a Christian, he immediately put up a wall to me. My goal was to get the truth into him, but I couldn't because of that wall. So what did I need?


Love brings down the walls. It makes the person realize you're not a threat. Once the wall was down, he let me in and then I could display God's power through the healing. Once the power was shown to him, when I spoke truth, he was more open to believe it because the miracle testified of the truth. Many people have walls up and it's because they've been hurt. Trying to display God's power and speaking truth to them can be difficult. Love should be the thing that begins every encounter.

For some people, you'll have to display love to them for a very long time before you'll have a chance to display God's power or speak truth to them. This is because their walls won't come down easily and until the wall is down and they feel safe with you—there's no way they will receive the truth. At the same time, you can't only work in love and expect that everyone will change. Mother Teresa did a lot of loving throughout her life and yet thousands died in her loving arms, scared, depressed and fearful. When love and truth is shown without the power, you can have a person who believes in the existence of a supernatural God, but they have very shallow faith that is shaky and can waver.

The moral of the story is: you need all three.

Jan 6, 2013

Get it Away From Me!

Eric Wilding releases the power of God on this man, who was walking with a cane. He had chronic back pain for over 10 years and received prayer often, but was never healed until today.

Sep 17, 2012

Street Healing With Garth Lange

This story is part of a series written in September of 2012 during our trip to Australia to teach on healing.

We had another great day with our friends in Brisbane. We met with Garth Lange, a Facebook friend that we desperately wanted to meet in person. We walked to Southbank and met him on a street corner. He drove us to a coffee shop that he and his friends hang out at. We talked about the kingdom of God for over three hours. He prayed for an injury I have and I prayed for his. Garth is truly an amazing man. I wish we could have spent the entire day talking with him.

As we walked to the car at the end of our meeting, we saw a man with a broken leg approaching. He was with a couple of friends. Garth & I decided to ask if he wanted to be healed.

He said he'd love that.

I placed my hand on his casted foot and commanded it to be healed. He felt tingling in his toes.

I commanded it to be healed a second time and asked him to check it out. All his pain was gone. We asked him to walk around and check to see if there was any pain at all. He took a few steps then flexed his toes and said there's no way he could have done that if it wasn't healed.

One of his friends remarked that she could feel the presence of God around her as soon as we approached and began speaking to them.
(They were all Christians)

We spoke to them about the goodness of God and I gave them a card to my website. We all walked away praising God. The man walked away without using his crutches.

In the evening, we attended a meeting in Darra where I encouraged the street van teams to continue doing the great works they are doing. I taught a bit more on dreams, healing and prophecy. We saw a number of people healed of various injuries. We prayed over a woman with a spinal cord injury, who is in a wheelchair. She felt a lot of heat in her back at the level of her injury, but there was no noticeable movement of her legs.

She had some questions about why we aren't seeing many people healed with these types of injuries. I told there are a couple of things we need to overcome. One is that we usually give up too quickly, noting that in Africa, they'll pray over a person for days, while we pray for only a few minutes.

I also said that as a group, we lack the faith (or confidence) in God to see these things healed. Part of that is because we aren't actually laying hands on a lot of people in wheelchairs. But I told her that when we get serious about seeing them healed and are willing to go after healing with more passion, we'll probably see breakthrough.

We're having a blast in OZ.
God is so good.
Thank you for your continued prayer and support.


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Jun 28, 2012

Kwik Trip Healing

I’ve been spending a lot of time inside gas stations. If I’m not buying coffee, I’m buying water. Summer is here and the weather is sizzling hot. And God is healing people wherever we go.

As I approached the check out stand, I saw a woman wearing an immobilizer on her leg. As she walked, she had a noticeable limp. I made a simple comment as she passed....

“Wow – that’s looks like it hurts.”

She said it did hurt so I asked how it happened. She told me how she'd fractured her foot and how it was misdiagnosed as a sprain. Se went through physical therapy and after a second opinion, she was found to have multiple fractures that required a cast. The cast didn’t help. So she’s been wearing the immobilizer for 8 months with no improvement and little hope for recovery.

We paid for our things and I asked if she had a few minutes to talk.

We walked outside and sat on a stone wall in front of the building, facing the parking lot. I asked if she had any desire to be healed by God. With a smirk, she said, “I need to tell you something….”

For the next ten minutes she recalled different events from her childhood. I thought she would eventually tell me why she didn’t believe in God. Then she shared a recent story about being bitten by venomous snake. When the ambulance arrived, they didn’t know how to treat the snake bite, so they pulled out a first aid manual and read it in her living room, hoping to find instructions on what to do. She told them she was getting weaker and they needed to get her to a hospital soon. She asked them to call for a helicopter to fly her to the hospital. The bird landed six miles from her house and they drove her to the landing zone. As the helicopter lifted off into the sky, her body and spirit separated and she found herself standing before God in eternity.

I told her about my love of near death stories. She told me about meeting her parents again and being surrounded by the all-consuming love of the Father. We talked about the absolute sense of peace in eternity. After she finished her story I asked if I could pray for her foot to be healed.

With a bit of apprehension, she said, “I’m not one of those people who goes to church every week. I believe in God, but I’m not very religious.” I told her that I didn’t go to church either since I worked every Sunday. I told her that Jesus was the kind of man who met strangers wherever he found them and that he was a friend to the “sinners” that religious people looked down on.

She smiled in agreement and said I could pray for her foot to be healed.

I placed my hand on her ankle, asked the holy Spirit to touch her and commanded the ligaments, nerves, tendons, bones, and cartilage to be healed then asked what she felt.

She pointed to her toes….“It’s tingling right there.” I told her the power of God was beginning to heal her foot. Her smile grew bigger.

I commanded more healing and asked what she felt. “Now my ankle is tingling.” I continued commanding the pain to leave and the injury to be healed and asked a third time what she felt.

“Now the back of my leg is tingling, just below my calf muscle.”

I asked if she had any pain at all. She flexed her foot and reported that all the pain was gone. I asked if she was lying.

Laughing with me, she said, “I’m not lying– it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s completely gone.”

We sat in the shade and sipped our drinks. I told her that God healed her because He loves her. I taught her how to keep her healing and explained what to do if the pain returned. She thanked me for taking time out of my day to pray with her. As we were saying good bye, my partner came over and told me that we had to go on a call.

Convenient timing....

Jun 24, 2012

The Banker

A few days ago my daughter decided to take God up on His promise to bless her. As a college student who asks her dad for gas money every week, she opted for a financial blessing. 

The next day she received a $300 check in the mail from the college she attends. Not sure if it was a mistake, she talked to an administrator and learned it wasn't a mistake. The college had a surplus and decided to share it with the students. The money was hers to keep.

She asked me to go with her to open a checking account, so we stopped at the Chase branch near our house. The banker ushered us into his office and we sat down. She shared the story of her heavenly blessing, which made the banker (Jim) smile. He asked the usual questions, offered some professional advice and had her sign the usual paperwork. She now had her own checking account.

Jim asked if we had any plans for the summer. We told him about our plans to visit Australia. Then we then told him why we're going. He was surprised to hear we were going to teach on healing. We talked for a while longer. I shared a few healing stories and the plans we had for ministering healing to the homeless people of Brisbane. He asked if I could do anything for a blown out knee. I said we probably could.

Jim confessed to being an agnostic. "It's not that I don't believe in God. It's more that I don't like organized religion."

I told him I didn't have much use for religion either.

Jim had seen an orthopaedic doctor who did an exam, but couldn't give him an exact diagnosis. He would need an MRI to determine the extent of the injury.

"If you let us pray with you, when we're through you won't need an MRI."

I'm learning that unlike the affairs of men, where you get in trouble for writing checks you can't cover, God doesn't mind us boasting about His power and goodness. I'm convinced that it's impossible for me to write a check He can't cover.

Jim said that if we got his knee healed, it would change his views about God.

"Well then....why don't we pray right now".

I took a seat next to Jim behind his desk. (How many people get to sit behind a banker's desk during their first meeting?) My daughter scooted her chair closer and we laid hands on his knee. We commanded spirits of pain and disease to leave and commanded ligaments, muscle, tendons, bones and cartilage to be healed. I asked what he felt.


"What do you mean by nothing?"

"I mean it feels normal."

"Why don't you squat down and flex it, to make sure there isn't some pain left."

Jim Squatted down as low as he could. "There might be just a little pain still, but it's nothing like it was before."

"Let's pray again". I wanted him to be completely pain free, so there would be no doubt in his mind that God had healed him. My daughter and I placed our hands on his knee and repeated the same process. "Check it out again."

Jim repeated the low squatting position and shifted his weight from side to side, then sat in his chair with a look of amazement.

"You know....the first time I was afraid to put much weight on the injured knee, but this time I put nearly all my weight on that side and it feels great. I haven't been able to do this in a long time."

We talked for a while longer and I mentioned this website. He asked if I'd write the website info on his business card, so I did. I told him we took prayer requests and if he knew anyone with cancer or a serious condition he could e-mail us a prayer request.

We shook hands and left the bank.

With a grin on her face, my daughter opened the car door.

" seems like everywhere we go, this always happens."

May 23, 2012

Miracles in Sweden

Torben S√łndergaard filmed his friends as they healed the sick on the streets of Sweden.

May 19, 2012

Brisbane's Teenage God Squad

The healing power of God is hitting the streets and churches of Brisbane, Australia through young men and women like Grant Shaw, who is featured in the news story.

I plan to visit Brisbane this year to teach on healing. Perhaps I'll meet them and share more about what God is doing there.

Apr 14, 2012

On Target

My daughter and I have a Saturday ritual. We check what’s left in the pantry and refrigerator and make a pilgrimage to Costco to re-stock. We always stop at a second store to get a few things we can’t get a Costco. This Saturday we stopped at Target.

We picked up a few things and were cruising the aisles, when my daughter said, “Hey dad, did you see the lady with the leg immobilizer?”

I was busy looking for things on my list had hadn't noticed her.

We found her in the refrigerated food aisle. I could tell that my daughter wanted to see her healed, so I walked up and asked what she did to injure her foot. She explained that she had a torn (detached) left Achilles tendon. I asked how it happened. She said it was a rare side-effect of taking the antibiotic Levaquin.

I’d never heard of an antibiototic causing something like a torn tendon.

I asked if she’d had surgery to repair it yet.

"Not yet. I’m scheduled for surgery in two weeks."

I would have already introduced myself, but Lori was so friendly and willing to discuss her life with a couple of strangers, I decided to wait and let her tell us as much as she would without telling her who we were and what we had planned.

If you know me, you know I like to build bridges of trust before asking if I can pray with someone. This bridge was going up quickly. But it was time for introductions, so I told her I was a medic and introduced my daughter.

I thought it would be good to share one testimony before we asked if she wanted to be healed, so I told her the story about the EMT who had his torn Achilles tendon healed while at work. Then I asked if she wanted to be healed. She said she’d like that very much.

My daughter and I placed our hands on her immobilized ankle. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence and touch her. I don’t know if she felt His presence, but I did. We commanded pain, inflammation and spirits of infirmity to leave and asked if she felt anything.

“It feels hot down there.”

“Awesome. That’s the power of God healing you.”

We prayed a second time. I commanded the tendon to re-attach to the heel bone and asked what she felt.

“I feel a pulling sensation near my heel.”

I explained that the “pulling sensation” was probably her tendon re-attaching to her heel bone and said she may want to remove the immobilizer and try to walk without it when she got home.

We spent a few minutes talking. She thanked us repeatedly for stopping to pray with her. I gave told her info on how to find this site and asked her to drop us an e-mail and let us know how she was doing.

My Daughter gave me a high five as we walked away.....

and a fistbump.

Jesus is so cool :)

Feb 14, 2012

Holy Spirit Visits the Rock & Gem Show

My wife is a metalsmith. She creates one of a kind art jewelry by setting precious stones, fossils, meteorites, and other unusual objects in formed metal; typically silver or gold. It's been her life - long dream to attend the annual rock and gem show in Tucson, Arizona.

The show in Tucson is one of the largest in the world, drawing craftspeople and vendors from every continent for two weeks in February.

This week I had the pleasure of accompanying her on a trip to the show. I was a bit overwhelmed at the scale of it all. Vendors descend on the city taking up temporary residence in just about every vacant parking lot in town.

My wife was on a treasure hunt. She's developing a business selling the jewelry she makes. She needed some raw materials. She specializes in odd shapes and textures, combining unusual design concepts to make one of a kind creations.

(As a side note - I plan to incorporate a link to her jewelry website where her creations can be purchased. The website is still being developed)

She really likes ammonites, one of which is pictured above. This one has undergone a process of opalization, where a layer of opal forms around a fossilized sea shell. Her search brought us to a number of vendors who sell such things.

The first vendor we visited had a number of things she wanted to buy. As they worked out a deal, I couldn't help but notice all the people walking by who needed healing. I saw people using canes, wheelchairs, splints and slings everywhere I looked.

We moved to another booth. The second vendor and I struck up a conversation about God after I made a remark about all the people who needed healing. The vendor shared her own testimony of healing of a severe back injury. A few minutes later her husband joined us. He happened to be one of the men I saw limping. A few minutes later I was praying for his back and knee to be healed. It was a sight to see the four of us standing in the presence of God, half of us praying in tongues and the other half commanding pain to go.

The vendor asked us to follow her to another booth, so we did. She took us to meet her friend Diane - who is also a Christian and who became my newest Facebook friend. Diane is a wonderful person as is her husband. The four of us talked for almost an hour and we prayed with both of them for healing of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence and when He came near, Diane almost ended up on the ground. We didn't have anyone to catch.

We visited another vendor named Kasi, who had some stones that my wife liked. As she talked with my wife, Kasi noticed my wife's pendant (left) and asked who made it. She said it was one of her own designs. She asked if my wife did special orders (she does) and wanted to know if she could make a pendant with her mother's favorite bible verse on it as a birthday gift.

After some discussion about pricing and the fact that they didn't take credit cards and were low on cash, they agreed to a trade. Half a dozen stones for a custom silver pendant necklace. We talked for a long time about God with Kasi and her husband whom I liked a lot. He has a killer sense of humor.

We drove to another part of town and visited more vendors. I was smiling ear to ear because of how God had orchestrated the first part of our day. My wife bought a few more stones. I felt like a high school geology student on a field trip. So much to learn.

It was a wonderful trip. On the way home we stopped to visit with my aunt and uncle, who live in Tucson. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel. My uncle re-told the story of his trip to South Africa before the end of apartheid. He worked for a company that made medical devices. He was sent to South Africa as a salesman to show doctors the advantages of a new device. When the doctors showed interest in learning more about the device, he visited them in the hospital and showed them how to use it.

He visited the ghettos of Soweto; a city of 3 million people, nearly all of whom were black. The hospital he toured was a one story building with hundreds of patient rooms. The sanitary conditions were miserable and all the patients were black. The only whites allowed in the hospital were doctors. Each patient room had one bed. Most of the rooms had four patients; two lying in opposite directions on the mattress, with two more patients lying under the bed on the floor.

He told me about seeing a line of about 50 women outside the hospital, waiting their turn to go inside. All the women were 9 months pregnant and about to deliver their babies. They waited in line until just before the birth, then a man would take them quickly inside for the delivery.

He also told me about visiting the white -only hospital, the floors of which were so clean you could eat off them. All the staff at this hospital were white except housekeeping. The rooms were very nice. He told me about hearing the alarm that went off every night at 6:00 to announced that blacks had exactly one hour to return to the ghetto for the evening.

I love hearing about how things were years ago. It makes me appreciate a little more the freedoms we have today.

On February 18th, Diane Coon posted this testimony on my Facebook wall:
"Hey you guys, you prayed for me at "the Rock Show", God showed you my bones; I'm better and better; dancing around my living room; exercising all those joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Jan 31, 2012

Jason Chin - Street Healing

Jason Chin & his crew are back with words of knowledge, a healed leg and a new believer.

Jan 22, 2012

Revival At Starbucks

Jose Coelho does a wonderful job of demonstrating the word of knowledge, releasing healing and presenting the gospel to strangers in a way that they could understand it.

Dec 13, 2011

Holy Spirit Breaks Out at Football Game

Jason Chin took the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to a football game and 40 people got to know God a little better.

If you are a Christian, you can do this too.

Nov 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

On the way home from work yesterday, I stopped at the store to pick up marshmallows and chocolate bars to make s'mores. The warm weather has drawn us outside around the fire pit in the evenings.

On the day before Thanksgiving, the store was crowded. A few moments after I got there, I saw a woman in front of me reaching for a gallon of milk. She had an immobilizer on her right wrist

"Excuse me....are you in a hurry?"

"Yes, I am", came the reply.

"Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome?"

Looking at her wrist, she said, "I haven't had it diagnosed yet. My thumb hurts constantly and I have this weird buzzing sensation in my wrist when I move it."

I introduced myself, told her I was a paramedic and that I prayed with a lot of my patients who have been healed and asked if she wanted to be healed. She said she'd love to be.

I asked her to hold out her hand and as she did, I gently placed my fingertips on her hand and commanded the pain and inflammation to leave then asked if she felt anything.

Her first response was 'no,' but then she said, "It feels warm". I told her it was the power of God healing her. She asked, "Is this a Christian thing?"

I said, "You know that Jesus went around healing a lot of people....well he gave authority to his disciples to do the same thing and that's what I'm doing. Jesus is healing you."

She said, "Oh,thank you!"

Some people are offended when you tell them you're a Christian, but some are grateful.

I asked her to hold out her hand again and when she did, I commanded the spirit of pain to leave and for the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and bones to be made whole then asked how she felt.

Looking at her hand with a smile she said. "It doesn't hurt anymore." I asked if there was any pain at all and she said there wasn't. Her hand and wrist were completely healed.

She looked at me and said, "You know...this is so weird. This is the third time in a year that a complete stranger has walked up to me in a store and told me about God.

I smiled. "I guess God has you on his radar. He's going to some amazing things with you."

I gave her a card to this website and explained what I do. She asked if I thought she could be healed of multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. I told her a story about a woman I prayed with at Walmart who has MS and was ready to get out of her wheelchair when we were done.

Her hope began to soar.

I asked where she lived. It turns out she lives a few miles from us, so I wrote my phone number on the back of the card and told her to give us a call and my wife and I would be happy to have her come to our house and get her healed of everything.

A stranger might tell you they're in a hurry. But when a hungry soul sees that the meal you're serving is the power and love of God, they'll make room for it. And when they receive it, they'll have one more reason to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 7, 2011

Street Miracles - Miami

This video was shot on the streets of Miami, Florida as a young man healed the sick and led people into the love of God.

Sep 28, 2011

Street Healing in Denmark

The word is getting out. Healing is for today and for all Christians - not just special ones. In this video, shot in Denmark, believers release the healing power of God on strangers wherever they are found.

You can do it too!

Sep 25, 2011

Safe Way or Extra Bold?

We went out last night for a drive and stopped at Sonic for dinner. I love their coney dogs. On the way home we stopped at Safeway for groceries. At the check stand, I saw a familiar Face.

It was Bryon.

When we first moved to Mesa a month ago, we met Byron at the same check stand. I struck up a conversation with him then about the immobilizer on his left wrist. I asked if he'd considered having anyone pray for it to be healed. His reply came from a man who had to be a Christian. But there was a line of customers and I didn't want to delay them, so we left. Until tonight. And there was almost no one else in the store.

"It's going to take me a minute to enter all this with my right hand, so I appreciate your patience", he said as he rang up our stuff.

"Well, why don't we get your left hand healed so you can use both of them", I replied.

He shot me a grin... "With faith the size of a mustard seed..."

I finished his sentence, "That mountain will be tossed into the sea."

I'll admit it. I wasn't feeling like taking the safe way tonight. I was feeling extra-bold.

"Byron, why don't you let me get your wrist healed tonight."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Let me pray over it for you. It should take about ten seconds."

He agreed, but by now there was a customer in line behind me, so I offered to pray after he took care of them. I waited with my daughter and wife. I asked the young lady who was helping Byron if she'd ever seen a miracle.

"Yes, when my baby was born!"

OK, she had me there.

"What I meant was, have you ever seen a miracle of healing?" She said she had not.

"Well, you're going to in a minute."

This naturally made her ask what I had planned. "So do you know some kind of trick or something?"

"I know Jesus and He heals people everywhere I go."

If you're wondering why I can be so confident in the area of healing, it's not because I have some ability or knowledge of my own. It just the fact that I've seen the work of Jesus heal so many people of the exact same thing, I no longer have any doubt that carpal tunnel will be healed. God's faithfulness has given me faith that allows me to boldly tell people they're going to be healed.

I don't have the same level of faith for every type of condition. I have a lot of faith for torn rotator cuffs, carpal tunnel, torn ligaments, and such things. But I don't have the same level of faith for blindness or deafness. I hope one day that I will.

Byron came over. I confirmed his diagnosis and asked how bad the pain was. I told the few people gathered around that Jesus still healed and because it was Him doing the healing, it's actually very easy.

I asked the Holy Spirit to come in and commanded the carpal tunnels to open, for ligaments, tendons and nerves to be healed and the spirit of pain to leave then asked what he felt. He said he felt pressure in two of his fingers. I explained to the group that in healing, after you command the healing to happen you should check the progress. I commanded the healing one more time then asked what he felt.

"The pain is all gone."

We rejoiced together and I gave one of the employees a card to this website and told her to e-mail me if she had any prayer requests.

I know I'll see Byron again. If he's having problems keeping his healing, I can teach him how it works and maybe send him here for some info.

That's how we make disciples.

Aug 14, 2011

Power At The Marketplace - Tempe, Arizona

Tempe is home to 70,000 Arizona State University students. And one beautiful shopping mall. When we visited Tempe before moving here, we visited the Marketplace and fell in love with the palm trees, fountains, fireplaces, lights and friendly people.

In need of lamps for our apartment, I headed to the mall with my wife and daughter for an evening of shopping. In one of the stores we met a student and her mother; both decked out in pink from head to toe. Most of the things they bought were also pink. After some playful joking, the daughter warned us not to come shopping there this weekend, because we'd run into tens of thousands of college students buying everything they needed for the school year.

At the end of the evening, while walking toward the parking lot, we noticed a woman in a wheelchair. I had not yet prayed with anyone since moving here, so I excitedly approached her and started a conversation. I introduced myself and family and told her we were new in town. We talked about the weather for a few minutes then I asked why she was in the wheelchair.

She told me about her rare neuro-degenerative disease, which I'd never heard of. In a matter of fact tone I asked if she wanted to be healed. She did a double take and asked, "What did you say?" I repeated the question, "Do you want to be healed?"

She smiled and said "And how are you going to do that?"

From her response, I knew she wanted to be healed. If she wasn't interested, she probably would have said 'no', or just left me standing there. I told her I was new in town because I just accepted a paramedic job then I told her I'd been seeing a lot of miracles in the ambulance with my patients. I shared some stories and asked if I could pray with her. She said yes.

I asked her to take my hand. She pulled off a glove from her left hand that she wore to prevent callouses from using the wheelchair. She apologized for a large sore on her hand, explaining that her doctors thought it was cancer but they weren't sure.

I asked the Holy Spirit to bring his power and presence upon her then commanded her spine, ligaments, nerves, tendons and muscles to be healed. I commanded sickness and spirits of pain to leave.

When I opened my eyes I noticed she was crying. I asked what she felt. "Tingling...all over my body - from head to toe." She was deeply touched by God's presence.

I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence in a stronger way and to bless her with complete healing of all sickness and disease then asked what she felt. "I feel a warm, burning sensation all over. It's not uncomfortable, it feels so nice."

I prayed over her a for a few more minutes then told her I believed she was healed. She told me she would love to have her next PET scan show no disease left and ask her doctors to explain it. My wife reminded me to tell her how to keep her healing, so we spent a few minutes teaching her about the battle against the enemy. I told her my faith in God could get her healed, but her faith is what would keep her healed.

At this point her husband arrived so I introduced my family. He seemed anxious to get her home, so I gave her a card to this website and asked her to check it out and e-mail me about her progress. She didn't try to get out of the wheelchair. But I believe she'll find out in time she was healed. We both went home with a better understanding of God and His ways.

I think I'm going to like living in Arizona. God is here. He's in me and if you're a Christian, He's in you. All we need to do is let His power work through us.

Aug 5, 2011

Night On The Town With King Jesus!

by Lisa Fitzgerald-Adams on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 7:52pm
8 Healing testimonies 6-18-2011
Originally published here (re-published with permission)

Testimonies of Healings:

Today was one of those days. I am supposed to be gone camping with my family. But circumstances prohibited it. My mother who was to come stay at my place became ill and couldn’t come today. My litter of puppies developed diarrhea and needed vet care. So, my family went with out me and I had to stay home for at least today.

At first I was disgruntled. But I remembered my own teaching and I began to worship God.

Around 4 p.m. I started talking to God about how we would spend our evening together. We would be alone for once and I wanted an experience with Him. I felt led to go out on the streets and pray for the sick. I wanted to get some new video as well. I had no idea how beautiful the night would go. In three hours I saw eight people healed/delivered. Not one person I prayed for did not receive. Here is the testimony of how tonight’s outing with King Jesus went.

1st testimony:
I walked around the park in Niles MI and found two teenage boys sitting in the grass with their pit bull dog and a group of girls that were teasing/flirting with them. The girls walked off and I walked up to the boys and started to dialog. (got video of this one…uploading it now, hope to have it up later.) I asked if they had any problems that could be healed and the one boy complained of bad knees. I commanded healing, the boy got up and tested his knees and all pain was gone. Talked to him about Jesus love for him and bid them good day.

2nd testimony:
This one I wish I would have gotten on video…but it appears the young man I gave the camera too shut it off instead of just holding it. I went into the skate park. It was full of teenage boys. I told them I was documenting miracles. Asked if anyone needed healing. They all pointed to one young man who had a very painful ankle. I began commanding the healing and I could hear the others mocking and laughing. First time he tested it he said it was slightly better but still really hurt. I prayed twice more and the pain completely left. One of the young men was telling his friend I was using the power of the universe but I just called it Jesus. I told him, no Jesus is the only power that can heal the sick. Jesus lived in Christians and any Christian can heal the sick. (wish I would have said more…but it is a learn as you go ministry) They asked if I knew the boy I healed. (he thought it was a set up) I said I had never met him. Go ask him for yourself. He has no reason to lie. (very good encounter here…God is still speaking to them I am sure.)

3rd testimony:
again my camera failed, this time it was a woman with a knee brace. I asked if I could pray and she said yes, I touched her knees and all the pain left. She said, “I hope it works! I have a Doctors Appointment on Tuesday for another cortisone shot.” She walked away pain free! Praise You Jesus!

4th testimony:
walked up to a tall young man and told him I prayed for people and they got instantly healed. Did he need prayer. He said yes, I have seizures. I asked if I could touch the back of his neck, he said yes. I touched him and prayed commanding the seizures to go, for his brain to be healed and all curses to be broken off of him, that he was forgiven. I told him I had no way to tell if he received, only he would know. He then said to me…I received, I know this, because when I opened my eyes…I can see clearly now. YAY GOD! ( he had had this condition from birth)

5th testimony:
found a woman who was pregnant and simply prayed blessings over her and the unborn child.

6th testimony:
I saw an older gent down the road sitting on a front stoop. I almost didn’t go down to him, but felt led to do so. I walked down and told him I was going about praying for folks and they would be instantly healed. He began to laugh! He said, “I have been asking God for two weeks for you.” I said, “really! What is going on in your body.” He said, “well you can pray for my restless legs”. I did. As I prayed for him I could feel Gods power coming from HIM! I told him this, that I felt the anointing coming from him. He laughed and showed me he was covered in goose bumps. We continued to talk. It wasn’t healing he was asking God for…it was to talk with a real Christian, he said. Someone who had a relationship with God…not all those other “Christians” who just don’t get it. LOL!

He wanted to talk to someone who understood him. I was so blessed by this. He continued to tell me stories how God had talked to him in His still small voice and saved his life twice. I told him to use his voice! God was not done with him yet and he needed to speak what he knew. He laughed again and said, “I was in a coma twice and woke up each time and asked God why I was still here and my sister in law told me the same thing you just said.” LOL! I told him to get busy and get on the streets and preach, (he was homeless and just visiting family all over different states to have a place to stay) I told him I had to get back to my walk and he blessed me by saying, I pray to God He sends you two healing Angels to walk before you. I thanked him and received his prayer. What a beautiful time we had reminiscing about our Father! See you someday in Heaven Larry!

7th testimony:
Walked up to a small group of ladies, ( got this on video, will try to get it up soon, I have a very slow computer). I asked who needed healing and the one woman said she had an illness but wasn’t willing to tell me what it was. I asked her if it was a blood disease. She said yes. I prayed and commanded healing of her blood, told her she was forgiven. She began to weep. I asked if she had anything else that needed healing, she said yes, her heart. It was emotional pain. I prayed Gods peace over her and healing of her emotions. Blessed her and then we hugged. She hugged me so tight!! Another God moment. Thank you Precious Father!!!

8th and final testimony for tonight:
walked up to two older woman and asked my question. One lady had pain in her right side. I prayed and all pain left. Just blessed them and went on my way.

So, I bless God for our wonderful night out on the town. I was to be with my family tonight…but God decided it was our night out. Thank you Jesus for your unending love for your children and the lost. Thank you for your tenderness. Your wisdom. And how you set us up to do great and mighty things if we will just go and believe.

Satan tried to steal my joy today by keeping me from my vacation. I chose instead to steal his power over my emotions by pouring out LOVE on the streets to as many as I could find. Thank you King Jesus! I was not this person even a year ago. Oh and by the way….when I got home…all the puppies were healed and had normal movements! My Jesus!


Jul 31, 2011

Sam On The Streets of UK

I have a new friend on Facebook, named Sam Agunbiade, who lives in the UK. I think he's going to bring a blessing to a lot of people there. Check out this video from a man who has a heart of love and compassion for others.