Dec 28, 2009

Cerebral Hemorrhage Healed

This is a letter I received from Sandy Ayers, a healing room volunteer. She shares about the night I was healed of PSVT at the Spiritual Hunger Conference. She was one of the people who prayed for me. My testimony about that can be found here. She also shares her experience with a man healed of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The 2009 “Spiritual Hunger Conference” in Spokane Wash. was approaching quickly.

Our members of the “Golden Gate Healing Rooms” of Goldendale, Wash. were busy getting ready to attend.

The Directors, Elaine and Mike Quantrell and Associate Directors Terry and Linda Chambers were encouraging all to go. Their past experiences, at the Conferences, brought testimonies of “encounters” with the Lord. They spoke of “Living Bread and Water” that our hearts yearned for!! We were HUNGRY.

I wasn’t disappointed! This following story was one of many “happening” throughout the four days of attendance:

He looked to be about 30 years old. My view was from behind him as I was sitting off to his left. I could see the sweat on his head and the contractions he was experiencing in his whole body as he yawned and gasped for breath. He flexed his arms and legs and arched his body repeatedly. The young woman on his right was tending to him with her words and reached up to feel the pulse on the right side of his neck. He was desperate, which caused another women, sitting next to him, to stand up and move behind him and start praying, meanwhile two young men on the left, reached their hands toward him and bowed their heads and prayed.

I looked over at my own Directors, Linda and Terry Chambers from Goldendale Healing Rooms. They too had been watching. The urge to pray was growing stronger until I jumped up from my seat and took the few steps forward which brought me behind him.

I asked the standing young woman “What’s going on with him” she replied “ its his heart!” I quietly asked, “Should we call 911, or an ambulance?”

A young face covered with sweat and pain turned backwards quickly and the young man yelled” NO! Don’t call an ambulance! I am a Medic! I wont go!” JUST PRAY FOR ME!!!

I quickly uncapped my little vial of healing oil and anointed him on his head, his skin felt cold and wet. Then I anointed his heart. When I drew back my hand to replace the vial cap, he grabbed my left hand and put it back on his heart, I started interceding for healing power to come upon him immediately.

I could feel the odd pulsating of his heart which felt more like fibrillating then the thumping of normal regular beats. As I prayed for this young man to be spared and healed, the fibrillating slowed and stopped! I was stunned! Quickly, I leaned over his shoulder to look at his face. I was frightened because I thought his heart had stopped.


The glow on his face was beautiful as he was drinking in the peace that comes from supernatural intervention; I knew God had touched him. Relaxed and smiling and breathing slowly and normally. He said, “I’m ok” “Thanks”

As I returned to my seat, which was behind the young man, I thanked the Lord. Once again he had shown his mercy and loving kindness to one who needed him and had called out to him in desperation. I raised my hands in worship among the many others worshipping Jehovah Rapha, The God that heals!

Sandy Ayers

(Below is Sandy's testimony about the man healed of a cerebral hemorrhage)

Dear Dave: I was so glad to see your testimony at our healing room this Thursday. My Director brought in a copy and handed it to me. I cried!

I am sending you my version attached...

I had to leave the next morning, of the conference, so I missed your testimony at the evening gathering but it was relayed to me when the rest of our team came home on Sunday. All I can say is what happened to you there was the start of some pretty remarkable healings which I have been honored to be part of.

A man came into our healing room and had nausea and seemed out of it. His wife said he was having some "problems" but most of all he was feeling sick to his stomach. I was Lead that evening and with two others we anointed him with oil and prayed for his stomach.....but as my hands searched for those "hot spots" I found two on the right and left of his head toward the top. I cupped my palms in an inverted V shape from the top down on his head and prayed until my hands burned. The right side was real hot, the left was not as hot. When the heat stopped I leaned forward and asked how he felt and there was no response. I had to pry open his eyes and then asked him again how he felt. He was in a very peaceful serene state and he smiled sort of like you did when your heart changed its rhythm He went home and I found out he had been taken into the hospital with his brain hemorrhaging in two places. The next time I saw him a week later I laughed out loud when I saw the sutures and shunts in the exact spots where my palms had been and his doctors said they didn't understand why the right side had cauterized itself but it was well and the left side was healing. Three weeks later he is normal and fully recovered.

Don't we serve an awsome God Dave??

God bless you my brother

In Jesus Name

Sandy Ayers