Dec 4, 2010

Cath Lab Transport

I transport many patients from small hospitals to larger ones for special procedures. The most common is a coronary angiogram. Many small hospitals don't have cardiac surgeons or the equipment needed to treat some cardiac patients. In the case of severe heart disease, patients undergo special testing to determine the condition of the arteries of the heart. This procedure is known as a coronary angiogram. The video explains this procedure.

The patient who was healed in this story was being transferred for this procedure.

As we loaded her on the gurney I noticed the gold cross dangling from a chain around her neck. When looking for signs that someone is open to prayer, use whatever clues are available. It also provided an entry point for the topic I wanted to discuss with her - divine healing.

I liked her cross and asked her to tell me about it. She said it reminded her of God's faithfulness in all the trials she'd been through.

The door was now open.

From this point on, the conversation was warm and friendly as we shared about prayer and the faithfulness of God. She told me about her friends and family who had been lifting her up in prayer. I told her about the people I've seen healed in the ambulance. It was a divine set-up if ever one existed. She gladly allowed me to pray for her healing.

I placed my hand on her left shoulder.

She said, "Oh, do you want to start with my bad shoulder?"

I laughed and asked if it was a torn rotator cuff.

"No, I have bursitis. It hurts all the time."

I commanded the shoulder to be healed, then asked how it felt.

"Well, it feels wonderful. It doesn't hurt at all."

I'm still having some difficulty believing people when they say this. After years of seeing no results, I'm a little skeptical when a patient is healed in just a few seconds. But it's becoming more common.

Since the healing power of God had already been manifested, I asked if we might go for something bigger. My new friend was going to the cath lab because the left ventricle of her heart wasn't working. She was admitted for breathing problems. An echocardiogram revealed that only 10% of the blood in the left ventricle was leaving on each contraction. Normal is around 60%. She's lived with diabetes for years. We went for complete healing.

I prayed as the Lord revealed different parts of her body that needed healing. I told her that once she was healed, she may experience a recurrence of symptoms and taught her how to keep her healing. I also did some quick training on how to heal others. She was open and excited to learn anything I could share with her.

I gave her a card for the website and told her to contact me with a report. We hugged and I introduced her to the cath lab team. I really hope she sends word on her progress. I promise to share her testimony if we receive it.