Aug 5, 2011

Night On The Town With King Jesus!

by Lisa Fitzgerald-Adams on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 7:52pm
8 Healing testimonies 6-18-2011
Originally published here (re-published with permission)

Testimonies of Healings:

Today was one of those days. I am supposed to be gone camping with my family. But circumstances prohibited it. My mother who was to come stay at my place became ill and couldn’t come today. My litter of puppies developed diarrhea and needed vet care. So, my family went with out me and I had to stay home for at least today.

At first I was disgruntled. But I remembered my own teaching and I began to worship God.

Around 4 p.m. I started talking to God about how we would spend our evening together. We would be alone for once and I wanted an experience with Him. I felt led to go out on the streets and pray for the sick. I wanted to get some new video as well. I had no idea how beautiful the night would go. In three hours I saw eight people healed/delivered. Not one person I prayed for did not receive. Here is the testimony of how tonight’s outing with King Jesus went.

1st testimony:
I walked around the park in Niles MI and found two teenage boys sitting in the grass with their pit bull dog and a group of girls that were teasing/flirting with them. The girls walked off and I walked up to the boys and started to dialog. (got video of this one…uploading it now, hope to have it up later.) I asked if they had any problems that could be healed and the one boy complained of bad knees. I commanded healing, the boy got up and tested his knees and all pain was gone. Talked to him about Jesus love for him and bid them good day.

2nd testimony:
This one I wish I would have gotten on video…but it appears the young man I gave the camera too shut it off instead of just holding it. I went into the skate park. It was full of teenage boys. I told them I was documenting miracles. Asked if anyone needed healing. They all pointed to one young man who had a very painful ankle. I began commanding the healing and I could hear the others mocking and laughing. First time he tested it he said it was slightly better but still really hurt. I prayed twice more and the pain completely left. One of the young men was telling his friend I was using the power of the universe but I just called it Jesus. I told him, no Jesus is the only power that can heal the sick. Jesus lived in Christians and any Christian can heal the sick. (wish I would have said more…but it is a learn as you go ministry) They asked if I knew the boy I healed. (he thought it was a set up) I said I had never met him. Go ask him for yourself. He has no reason to lie. (very good encounter here…God is still speaking to them I am sure.)

3rd testimony:
again my camera failed, this time it was a woman with a knee brace. I asked if I could pray and she said yes, I touched her knees and all the pain left. She said, “I hope it works! I have a Doctors Appointment on Tuesday for another cortisone shot.” She walked away pain free! Praise You Jesus!

4th testimony:
walked up to a tall young man and told him I prayed for people and they got instantly healed. Did he need prayer. He said yes, I have seizures. I asked if I could touch the back of his neck, he said yes. I touched him and prayed commanding the seizures to go, for his brain to be healed and all curses to be broken off of him, that he was forgiven. I told him I had no way to tell if he received, only he would know. He then said to me…I received, I know this, because when I opened my eyes…I can see clearly now. YAY GOD! ( he had had this condition from birth)

5th testimony:
found a woman who was pregnant and simply prayed blessings over her and the unborn child.

6th testimony:
I saw an older gent down the road sitting on a front stoop. I almost didn’t go down to him, but felt led to do so. I walked down and told him I was going about praying for folks and they would be instantly healed. He began to laugh! He said, “I have been asking God for two weeks for you.” I said, “really! What is going on in your body.” He said, “well you can pray for my restless legs”. I did. As I prayed for him I could feel Gods power coming from HIM! I told him this, that I felt the anointing coming from him. He laughed and showed me he was covered in goose bumps. We continued to talk. It wasn’t healing he was asking God for…it was to talk with a real Christian, he said. Someone who had a relationship with God…not all those other “Christians” who just don’t get it. LOL!

He wanted to talk to someone who understood him. I was so blessed by this. He continued to tell me stories how God had talked to him in His still small voice and saved his life twice. I told him to use his voice! God was not done with him yet and he needed to speak what he knew. He laughed again and said, “I was in a coma twice and woke up each time and asked God why I was still here and my sister in law told me the same thing you just said.” LOL! I told him to get busy and get on the streets and preach, (he was homeless and just visiting family all over different states to have a place to stay) I told him I had to get back to my walk and he blessed me by saying, I pray to God He sends you two healing Angels to walk before you. I thanked him and received his prayer. What a beautiful time we had reminiscing about our Father! See you someday in Heaven Larry!

7th testimony:
Walked up to a small group of ladies, ( got this on video, will try to get it up soon, I have a very slow computer). I asked who needed healing and the one woman said she had an illness but wasn’t willing to tell me what it was. I asked her if it was a blood disease. She said yes. I prayed and commanded healing of her blood, told her she was forgiven. She began to weep. I asked if she had anything else that needed healing, she said yes, her heart. It was emotional pain. I prayed Gods peace over her and healing of her emotions. Blessed her and then we hugged. She hugged me so tight!! Another God moment. Thank you Precious Father!!!

8th and final testimony for tonight:
walked up to two older woman and asked my question. One lady had pain in her right side. I prayed and all pain left. Just blessed them and went on my way.

So, I bless God for our wonderful night out on the town. I was to be with my family tonight…but God decided it was our night out. Thank you Jesus for your unending love for your children and the lost. Thank you for your tenderness. Your wisdom. And how you set us up to do great and mighty things if we will just go and believe.

Satan tried to steal my joy today by keeping me from my vacation. I chose instead to steal his power over my emotions by pouring out LOVE on the streets to as many as I could find. Thank you King Jesus! I was not this person even a year ago. Oh and by the way….when I got home…all the puppies were healed and had normal movements! My Jesus!


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  1. I can hardly type the HOLY SPIRIT is so lovin this....Go Jesus fill your people make us disciples built with the fire that only you can give.