Oct 4, 2012

10 Minutes

As we pushed the gurney to our next patient's room, I noticed an employee limping down the hall with an immobilizer on her foot. My partner went in the patient's room. I went on my mission.

I approached and introduced myself then asked the usual question.

"What happened to your foot?"

"Oh...I broke it".

"Have you had surgery yet?"

“I was hoping I wouldn't need surgery. The plan was for it to heal on its own. But it's been a slow process."

"Would you like to be healed right now?"

"I'd LOVE to be healed. What do you have in mind?"

“I’d like to pray with you.”

She lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Well, of course you can pray with me. I never say no to prayer!"

I bent down and laid my hand on the black plastic immobilizer and commanded spirit of pain to leave, for the Holy Spirit to bring His presence to touch her and for the ligaments, nerves, bones, tendons and muscles to be healed.

"Do you feel anything going on in your foot?"

"No...not really."

I would normally pray a second and third time if nothing happened the first time, but I was short on time. I had to get to my patient. I suggested that she might notice her healing in a little while. She thanked me and I went to get my patient.

Our patient was a quadriplegic with a tracheostomy. He had a lot of things going along that had to be bagged so getting him ready took about 10 minutes. Once everything was on the gurney, we headed for the elevator.

On the way to the elevator, I saw the woman with the immobilizer again. She looked at me as I passed by and said, "What did you do to me? My foot feels great!"

I asked her to test it out and see if there was any pain at all. There wasn't. She was completely healed. And utterly stunned.

I gave her some basic instruction on how to keep her healing. She asked for my name. She was going to call my supervisor and tell him how nice it is that we allow our employees to pray with people.

That's right. While this kind of activity might get you sacked in the UK, we Yanks are blessed to have the freedom to pray on the job and at times even be commended for it.

I'd like to leave you with a word of encouragement and a challenge.

I could have assumed that this woman was not going to be healed, because nothing happened after I prayed with her. But 10 minutes later, she was completely healed. Don't develop the habit of thinking that people aren't healed, just because you don’t see an immediate change. This kind of thing happens quite often. Often enough that I sometimes tell people, "You may not feel anything now, but you will later."

I'd like to put out a challenge to you. The next time you see someone at work hobbling along with some type of injury - offer to pray with them and let me know what happens.

-till then.


  1. Isn't it amazing...even through at times we pray without thinking any more about it, God still does His work.. THEN, we get the shake up!!
    This story made me smile, and it also made me realise there are others (you) such as me, who pray in a hurry at times without a total conviction, or on other occasions, pray knowing it will happen, yet still being surprised when it does.