Dec 2, 2012

Annual Check-up

This is the continuing story about the healing of a co-worker. The previous post about her healing from last year can be found here

Amy (not her real name) saw me coming in from my ride at the end of shift. Surprised to see me working the east valley, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

I told her I'd been working the east valley for a year. She didn't waste time getting to the point.

"I might need your help with my knee again. It's swollen and hurts a lot. Especially behind my knee."

Amy had been healed of a knee injury a year ago. But the pain and swelling returned. So the question was - would she be healed again?

She pointed to where the pain and swelling were. I asked if she had a few minutes so I could get her healed. She was going off duty and wasn't in a hurry. So we sat on the couch in the day room.

I asked a few questions - basically trying to pinpoint where the pain was located. I placed by hand two inches from her knee and asked if she wanted to be healed again.

"I can already feel the energy coming from your hand," she said with a smile.

"So, I'll take that as a yes", I replied.

I kept my hand about two inches from her skin and commanded spirits of pain and inflammation to leave and commanded ligaments, tendons, cartilage and soft tissue to be healed. She said she felt something moving inside her knee joint.

"Well, you know what that means....why don't you get up and walk on it...see how it feels?"

She got up and walked around.

"I still hurts a little."

"Okay. Have a seat and show me where it hurts."

She pointed to the lateral aspect of her knee. I placed my hand on it, commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus and had her check it out again.

"'s feels pretty good."

"That was way too easy," I thought to myself.

We talked for a few minutes then we both headed to the parking lot. The end of another day as one of God's kids.

If you're new to this blog - and you haven't heard this need to take this to heart:

Anyone can do this.

I sincerely mean it. I'm not someone who has a special gift. Four years ago, I didn't believe in healing. I just decided I was fed up with living a powerless life and I determined that I was going to pray with anyone and everyone who wanted to be healed.

The learning curve for me was pretty steep. I had no faith. I knew nothing about healing or miracles. So the first 400 or 500 people I prayed with weren't healed. But God told me to keep going and not to give up.

So I kept going. And eventually, the miracles came.

So you need to keep going, too. Because the same Jesus who heals through me, also lives in you. He wants to heal people through you. The miracles will come. If you don't give up.


  1. Amen I worked Ambulance in a rural area of West Virgina for 21 years, over the years watching people die despite the care we could give I started asking people if they wanted prayer. Only one person turned me down and he was having an MI had his face toward the wall crying. I never was able to touch him. Others? that is a different story. I have seen people that were healed while I was en-route to scene. My partner was usually a Christian or gave their heart to the Lord while working with me. I have seen bleeding stopped, amputated fingers reattached and yes a few were raised from the dead. For those that were not healed I usually hear "the problem is not on my end Joyce and not everyone receives healing for various reasons. Number one is My people perish for lack of knowledge. Tradition taught them God made them sick. How can someone receive healing if they do not know better. Some were frequent patients and We were able to teach them what the Word says. There are a lot of miracles I have seen but I wanted to say I agree with you keep laying hands anyway. It sounds like you are seeing most of the people healed that is Awesome.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Joyce. Love your testimony. There are too few people stepping out and releasing the power of Jesus. So glad to have a friend like you!

  2. Good encouragement -- I needed that! Thanks

  3. I am an RN in a rural hospital in NE Washington and have seen the hand of God move. I remember one time a woman came into the ED complaining of chest pain. She was extremly symptomatic and things had to get done fast. This woman had an extensive cardiac history and was distress. We tried every cardiac medication to convert the rhythm. Finally I asked her if I could pray. She was more than willing for me to intercede. I laid my hand on her heart and commanded the heart to beat in the rhythm that the Lord God Almighty created it to beat. We watched on the telemetry as her heart was restored to a perfect sinus rhythm. About that time the physician came into the room, stopped dead in his tracks and with an astounded look, said what do I need to be here for. My God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more that I can ask or think according the power at work in me. The same sanctified life at work for those who believe in our awesome savior Jesus.

    1. Mary Ann - what a powerful witness we are to the world when we know our God and act boldly as His ambassadors. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. You're an inspiration.