Sep 22, 2020

Digital Soldiers And Social Media Camouflage

 If you follow certain commentators on social media, you may have noticed recent changes in the way they present information. Some of us are making these changes because of a request from Qanon.

On Septemeber 17th, Q asked us to “Deploy camouflage.” Specifically, we were asked to stop making direct references to ‘Q’ or ‘Qanon.’

The request was based on two observations: First, Q acknowledged that social media platforms are increasing their censorship of messages that mention Q directly. Q asked us to present our information in a way that lessens our exposure to censorship and decreases the likelihood of our accounts being suspended.

Second, Q pointed out that they should not the main point of our discussions. Reporters don’t tell you about their sources. They give you the information provided by their sources. The information is the key, not the source. The 17th letter of the alphabet is merely a source of information. As such, we can, and ought to make the information the main thing, not Q.

To honor this request, many of us are changing the style we use to present our information. Some commentators (myself included) are omitting direct references to Q, on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This is what Q referred to when he mentioned camouflage.

Because the threat of being de-platformed on social media is serious (and dead soldiers launch no memes), many of us are changing the locations where we post our messages.

I’m no longer creating Q threads on Twitter and I won’t post videos that make direct references to Q on my YouTube channel. Instead, I’m hosting nightly live broadcasts (at 7 pm eastern) on Clouthub. These broadcasts cover the day’s news and I provide commentary on Q posts for that day.

I haven’t abandoned the major social media platforms. I’m still active on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but the information I provide there will change. It must be camouflaged. I’m still working through the mechanics of how to present the information in a way that doesn’t risk having my account suspended.

These changes will cause inconveniences. Some people are angry at the fact that some of the videos on this website are not viewable on their favorite browser or mobile device. YouTube videos are viewable on virtually any device or browser, but It’s not worth having my YouTube account suspended to have the convenience of displaying videos here that mention Q directly.

Going forward, videos on this website that mention Q directly will be hosted elsewhere and may not be viewable on some devices and browsers. (If there were a better option, I would have chosen it, but the hostile environment we’re operating in requires these changes to be made.)

I’ll do my best to continue providing the kind of information you need in a format you can use. Some of my broadcasts will be hosted on a different platform and some will be presented in a different style. Despite these changes, I want you to know that my source has not changed.

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