Nov 16, 2020

Praying Medic News - November 16, 2020

My news update for November 16, 2020.


  1. 14:52 pg12 he was also soros advisory committie on bosnia, rented apartments from soros while working in NY on UN assignments, and spoke beside soros suggesting UN, open society,and other orgs work to fund humanitarian functions. He was also Veep for soros quantum fund and was also vice for soros fund management.

    Theres also another smartmatic chairman named peter neffenger who is also tied to atlantic council and soros and is also on the biden transition team. He was 29th vice commandant of coast guard and was confirmed by us senate to be head of TSA between 2015-17. MPA from harvard, MA in business management from michigan U, BA from baldwin U and has an honorary doctorate. Also 2 time recipient of DHS distinguish service medal and "distinguished fellow" at atlantic council. NE U and Penn U