Nov 21, 2021

Trump Will Save America ... Again

For about six months, TV and radio personalities have been asking Donald Trump if he plans to run again for President in 2024. He's dodged the question each time, claiming that campaign laws preclude him from making a commitment. I've never believed for one minute that he had plans to run again in 2024. I believe he intends to return to the White House much sooner, and I've shared my theories as to how that may happen. 

Last night, Laura Ingraham asked Trump one more time to reveal a little more about his plans for the future. Trump reviewed how he had created the greatest economy in history and how the covid pandemic ruined what he had worked so hard to build. He then recalled how he rebuilt the economy only to have Joe Biden take the reins and ruin it again. 

Ingraham then asked, "Are you the one to save the country after Biden?" 

Trump replied, "Well, let me put it this way... I love our country, and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy."


Trump has said "I think people are going to be very happy" many times in the past, but the context has always been uncertain. Was he referring to the 2024 election, or something else? 

We now know that he plans to rebuild the economy for the third time after Joe Biden and the DC swamp have destroyed it. Trump is working to build a legacy for himself as the greatest President in American history. Rebuilding the economy three times while suffering relentless attacks from the deep state, the medical technocracy, Silicon Valley tech giants, and the media will earn him that distinction. I won't debate whether he should have done something to prevent Biden from destroying the country. It's a moot point. For reasons that are unknown to us (at present), Trump and his allies have opted to wait for a red line to be crossed before making their move. 

There is strategic value in having Durham indict corrupt political figures and Ghislaine Maxwell's trial play out while Biden is President. No one can accuse Trump of weaponizing the DOJ. 
As our difficulties increase, people are growing more desperate for a solution. Imagine how the public's perception of society and politics will change watching Trump save the country for the third time and witnessing the exposure and prosecution of corrupt people. 

For those who are wondering, I believe the removal of corruption will be global. Just as corrupt people were removed from power in Saudi Arabia (SA) in 2017, they will be removed from power here in the US, and then in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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