Feb 24, 2009

I Am Giving You a Key

On September 3, 2008 I had a very unusual dream. In the dream I saw no images. That’s odd for a dream. I was awake for much of this dream and that’s another strange thing. Dreams are supposed to happen while you’re asleep. I might even refer to it as a “vision” – but I didn’t actually see anything. Here’s what happened:

In the dream I heard a voice speaking that delivered 3 messages. During part of the dream I heard a prophet singing. This dream puzzled me until I read the book, Understanding Prophetic People by R. Loren Sandford. The author says that messages delivered by an audible voice are angelic messages. The bible is full of meetings between angels and people. Angels typically deliver a message from God. This is the account of the dream from my journal:

There were no images, there was only a voice speaking: “I will pour out my Spirit says the Lord. I will visit Olympia in 15 months. I, the Lord will raise up Olympia in 15 months.”

I woke up and wrote down the words. My digital clock read 3:21

As I drifted off, the voice returned. There was only sound, no images. Kim Clement was leading worship with a large congregation, he was playing the song “Sacrifice is Beautiful.” He would chant and the congregation echoed his chant. Yeshua! Yeshua! Messiah! Messiah!

These words were spoken by the same voice as the first words: “Do not leave, stay where you are. In 15 months it will come to pass.”

I wrote the words and tried to sleep, but a few minutes later, I heard these words, from the same voice, again no images: “I am giving you a key, do not lose it!

A couple of teaching points should be made here. Dreams can come from different sources. They are usually, but not always symbolic. It’s up to the receiver of the dream to decode the symbolism and to determine who the sender is. The song is like a watermark on a letter that identifies the sender. The sender of the message claimed to be the Lord. Kim Clement was chanting praises to Yeshua and Messiah. The name Yeshua is the Hebrew name Jesus. Messiah means, “anointed one”, the Greek word for Messiah is Christos from which we get the name Jesus Christ. It would be difficult to argue that the message came from anyone else.

In the last part of the dream the voice said I was being given a key. I didn’t receive an actual key that night. The key would therefore be symbolic of something. What does it represent? A key is used to unlock something. I use scripture as my main reference for interpreting dreams. In it, many symbolic things are explained. There are a few generic references to keys in the bible. But a special key (the key of David) is mentioned in Isaiah 22:22, and again in Revelation 3:7. Jesus also refers to the keys of the kingdom in Matt. 16:19. It seems these keys refer to the authority granted to someone to open and shut the doors of the kingdom.

On December 8th, I was watching an interview of Matt Sorger on Extreme Prophetic. In the interview Matt was asked by Patricia King why he thought we didn’t see as many miracles today as there were in years past. Matt reads biographies of people who worked in healing and miracles in the past. He noted that few people today are entering into long times of prayer and fasting, which was common years ago. He suggested this might be the reason.

Later that night I asked God if He wanted me to fast and pray. He said, yes. I asked how long it would be, and closed my eyes. I saw these words: “After 40 days I will release my glory”. I prayed and fasted for a period of time (not the entire 40 days) until God said He had accomplished what He wanted to. On Jan 19th, (42 days later) I had a vision in which I saw the words “I am releasing my Glory”.

On December 14th a well-know prophetic voice, Kim Clement (the same man who was singing and chanting in my dream) prophesied about a new thing God was going to do. Here is a part of the prophecy he gave:

“He has said tonight I speak of keys, the key of David that has been given to a generation. It has already been granted and sent forth. To do what? To unlock the mysteries of the Holy Scriptures, to unlock and unveil the mysteries that Daniel spoke about, that John on the Isle of Patmos spoke about. These mysteries are about to be revealed to bring great treasures into the kingdom of God and into the earth, says the Lord Most High.
Because God said, I'm raising up sons who will manifest my glory. I will bring daughters that will manifest my glory. They will manifest, what do you say manifest? They won't talk about it. They will walk into buildings and the lights will come on. They will walk into meetings where they are discussing the progress or digression of medical science and as they walk in, the light shall come on. These that shall manifest shall not need to speak much. They will walk into hospitals, and the light shall come on…Now this that I am bringing is the revival of the shadow, for there cannot be a shadow without light and the shadow of Peter fell upon those who had no ability to walk.

God said with this light shall there be no need for commanding words. But God said, the very shadow that shall come from those who have light that has been shone upon them shall come in and this shall be the era of the shadow of light, the shadow of light. And God said they will walk in and suddenly the lights will go on, miracles will happen, people will change, conversions will take place. They will just stand and God said the light shall come on. This is an explanation of your next era in the Kingdom, says the Lord of Hosts!

- Kim Clement from Humble, TX - December 14, 2008

I found it fascinating that the same man who was singing in my dream, explained what the key was for 3 months later. The people he spoke of would simply walk into a building without praying and healing and miracles would take place instantly. It sounded pretty incredible, but would God really do such a thing?

A short time ago I went on a call for a person who had a nosebleed for 2 hours. Their doctor increased the dose of a blood-thinning drug they were taking. The patient was ready to go to the hospital to have their nose cauterized to stop the bleeding. This was something they had done before. The fire department said the patient was still bleeding heavily just before we arrived. After we got on scene it took the firefighters about 3 or 4 minutes to tell us the story.

As the Lieutenant spoke, I was watching the patient and noticed that they weren't bleeding much, if at all. The patient kept checking to see if there was any more blood coming from their nose. After we had been on scene for about 5 minutes they were convinced the bleeding had stopped and told us they didn’t want to go to the hospital. The firefighters were surprised at how quickly the bleeding stopped after we arrived. According to them, the patient was bleeding just before we arrived and it seemed to stop the instant we walked in the door. They began to joke about our magic ability to heal people and asked if we would go with them on their calls the rest of the shift so we could heal their patients.

This story is the kind of thing that urban legends are made of. I’m not trying to create more of them. But we should ask the obvious question - was this person healed miraculously? I didn’t pray for them, nor did anyone else to my knowledge. I don’t know if they believed in God or miracles and I’m not sure that really matters. All we have is a series of events that suggests something supernatural may have happened. If God did heal this person, it may happen again. If He used me in this situation, He could use you the same way. I want to be open to whatever God wants to do through me, even if it might seem strange. Are you open to being used by Him?

We are approaching the end of our story. I’m glad you stuck around to hear about it. I’m not certain there was a miracle that day. I’ll let you be the judge. I don’t know if I’m one of the people who will manifest God’s glory in this season. I hope I am and it would be a great honor to do so. If I am I hope people give the credit to the Lord. Many people who have been used by Him have fallen. I'll close with the words of Jesus from John 15, "Without me, you can do nothing."

The video 'Miracles and Angels' with Matt Sorger can be viewed here:

The entire text of the prophecy by Kim Clement can be viewed here:


  1. This is really cool! I'm a firefighter in Manhattan, KS and God has placed it on my heart that I would experience the same type of miracles just through my presence on a medical scene. It sounds crazy, but I believe it with all my heart.

  2. It may sound crazy, but God will do these things through you, like he did through me. All things are possible to those who believe.