Feb 10, 2009

It Starts Here

This site is dedicated to the millions of sick and injured people waiting to be healed. I believe we have entered a season in which God will deliver that healing touch. It's my prayer that through healing, God's incredible love for us will be made known.

My desire is to share the things I see God doing in the realm of supernatural healing. He's begun to demonstrate healing in isolated places; I believe this will spread to other areas. God has revealed a plan to heal many people within my sphere of influence in the near future . This revelation has come through dreams, visions, books, prayer, my own study time in the bible and prophetic words from others.

The inspiration for this project came from my friend David McLain. I've only met him briefly in person, but his vision and passion for communicating the things of God has affected me greatly. I am grateful for his mature counsel and child-like spirit. He has blessed me like crazy!

Here's my story:

I am a paramedic. I work in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. For some reason known only to Him, I've been blessed with a promise from God. In July of 2008, I read a book written by a cardiologist in which he shared his experiences from praying with his patients. The title of the book is, "A Physician's Witness to the Power of Shared Prayer"

While reading this book the Holy Spirit convicted me and asked me to begin praying with my patients. I struggled briefly with fear and reluctance and tried to come up with (lame) excuses why I shouldn't do this. But I gave in and started praying for everyone I transported. I was surprised how many people actually wanted me to pray with them.

At the same time this was happening, I began to hear the Holy Spirit speak to me of things to come. I didn't know what to make of it. I knew I wasn't crazy, but I wasn't sure what to do with this information. So I began keeping a daily journal - writing down the things God was revealing to me. Many of the posts you'll find on this site are taken from my journal.

One of the things He revealed to me was that on August 8th 2008, (8/8/08) something major was going to change in my life. I had no idea what it was. On August 8th, 2008, after 3 weeks of praying for my patients, God did something I never expected. He came to me in a series of dreams and visions during the night. He began showing me medical conditions that my patients would have and said that if I continued praying for my patients He would heal some of them. As of this writing He has revealed his desire to heal about 15 patients I have seen. All of them have conditions that are essentially incurable.

I'd like to state a few things at this point. Prior to May 25th, 2000 I was an avowed atheist and a hostile one at that. I hated Christians and their bibles. Then I met a creator who knew everything about me. It scared the hell out of me. Learning about God has been a humbling experience. Just when I thought I was getting to know Him well - I found out I was wrong (again). I actually had a disagreement with my wife on the subject of healing last year. She believed God healed people, and I didn't. A few months later God told me he wanted to use me to prove my own ideas wrong.

I'm approaching this subject as a kind of skeptic. Not that I don't believe God will do what He says, I believe He will. He's done it for others in the past, He just hasn't done it with me yet. I'm fairly ignorant in the realm of faith healing (sheesh - I hate that term!) And I know far too much about the limitations of traditional medicine. I know what it can do, and what it can't. Doctors are very modest in what they claim medicine can do. Much of it is aimed at relieving symptoms. Some diseases are curable, many are not. God has already said He can pretty much cure anything. I'm going to try to cooperate with him and report what happens.

In the interest of maintaining credibility for this discussion, I'll attempt to obtain verification of any claims of supernatural healing. I don't want to be a source of urban legends. I despise overly zealous fanaticism. At times I may be an eye-witness to something cool. I'll report it as objectively as I can. Most of the time I spend 20 or 30 minutes with my patients and never see them again. They might get healed days or weeks after I pray for them. I'll ask for letters attesting to any claim of healing I post here. I'll try to obtain the testimony of doctors or medical experts who can provide an objective report in a healing that is truly unbelievable.

Finally, I should mention that due to laws protecting the privacy of medical information, I can’t reveal certain things about the patients I transport, including their names. Generally I will discuss patients anonymously. There are a few patients who have given me permission to discuss their case openly. In those cases I will disclose only that which is relevant to the discussion. I'll also discuss relatives, friends and co-workers and their healing. Privacy laws do not pertain to them. This site is for the purpose of discussing several things:

  1. The revelation of God's will for us in its many forms
  2. The ways in which people are healed including the miraculous
  3. Our response to God's revelation and His healing

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