Jul 20, 2010

Dry Well Gives Sweet Water

I received this testimony from Terry Chambers:

Yesterday, a man in our church called Linda and I and asked if we would come out and pray over his well, a well that is virtually dry. An hour before that, the Lord showed me the passages in Exodus about Moses sweeting the water with wood, and commanding water to come from a rock when hitting it with his staff.

So we went out and went down to the well. The Lord also gave me the scripture from 1 Chronicles 7:14. He acknowledged some things and we prayed for the well and for the land to be healed. We poured oil all around the well head, and laid a Bible on the cap and commanded sweet, abundant water to come forth.

This morning the man called us, crying and laughing and some one came out and did a static tests and the well is seven feet higher than it has ever been and the water is sweeter!! We were laughing and crying and praising God for his righteousness and blessing and love, what a day it is being with our Father. He is so awesome. The man asked if we would share the testimony. He said that certainly got his attention and increased his faith.

Have a great day in God everyone!!!