Jul 31, 2010

Torn Rotator Cuff - Two Options

Warning - the first video shows a surgical procedure. The surgeon is shown cutting into the patient with a scalpel and the patient bleeds. This video may be too graphic for some viewers.

If you have a doctor tell you that you have a torn rotator cuff. There are two options for repairing it.

Option one: Surgery.
In the first video, we'll learn how the problem is assessed and treated with arthroscopic surgery.

Option two: Divine healing.
In the second video, we'll hear the testimony of a man healed of a torn rotator cuff at the Firestorm Conference in 2009.

His doctor told John that he needed surgery on his left shoulder for a rotator cuff. He experienced pain in this shoulder for 8 months and couldn't sleep on that side. At the Firestorm Conference, healing was released and John could lift up his arm part way without pain. When he went home that night before bed, all the pain was completely gone. He is still doing well today.