Nov 3, 2010

Parkinson's Disease Healed

I posted an interview with Lee McDougal and his healing of Parkinson's last year. This is a second interview with him.

During the 1970's, Lee McDougal was involved in the Nashville music industry through studio production and as a musician performing with many Nashville recording artist and on The Grand Ole Opry.

Then Lee met Jesus in a real way.

After meeting the Lord, he served in ministry for 30 years. After serving as a pastor, youth pastor and worship leader he felt the call to go to the mission field. He has traveled and ministered in 38 different countries. As a result of a serious automobile accident he suffered for many years from physical complications and the progression of Parkinson's disease, eventually living his life from a wheelchair.

While attending a conference with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark he had supernatural encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit where he felt a surge of heat go through his body. He was completely healed. Shortly after being healed, a ministry of signs, wonders, and miracles was birthed. Today the ministry of Lee McDougal is marked with many instant miracles.

Lee's website can be found at Healed Guy