Feb 3, 2011

Sherry's Chat Healing Testimonies - Part 1

This testimony was submitted by my friend Sherry Evans, who prays for people to be healed over Facebook chat.

A man came on chat for prayer for his knee. This is what happened:

"I bent over and put my right hand, right upon the part of my right knee that hurt. Sherry was praying and asking how my knee felt, I told her a little better so she kept praying for more power and a complete healing. When she got done, I straightened up and my knee popped about a half a dozen times. Never did that before. It moved right down my knee, where it hurt the most. The pain was gone.

The man who was healed gave the following history of his injury:

In the summer of 2006, I was helping out a friend of mine who goes to our church. He owns a vegetable farm, and to help support us in our ministry, he hired Debbie to work for him in 2003. Before summer was over, I started helping him as well. In 2006 I started wearing a knee brace, out in the fields, and at the market, selling vegetables. On September 15 2006, after wearing a velcro brace I'd been wering for mounts my brother let me borrow, I chose to wear an elastic brace he also let me borrow instead for more support. I put in on @ 7 AM wore it til 9 AM while I drove the corn picker. Climbed down off the picker and couldn't walk. Knee stiffened, blood circulation had been shut off, and my knee had swelled to 3 times it's size. I could only limp. Been doing it EVERY day since. October 20, 2007, had surgery to remove arthritis, and smooth out 2 bone spurs. Surgery was not a succes. Pain in same spot with same intensity. Will be paying on hospital bill until 2113. Had been prayed for dozens of times, annointed with oil, tried heat, ice, rubs, ointments, medications, natural suppliments, felt I wrestled with God, He won, and I was gonna limp the rest of my life. Haven't since Sherry prayed."

The pain has never come back. I will tell you what I love about this testimony. Since that day when this man was healed, the whole town where they live have come to know about God's power. It is visible! This man used to always walk with a limp, but now he does not. It has become the "talk of the town." They have been able to share Jesus with countless people because of this miracle. What a privilege it is to be apart of what God is doing in the lives of people! Yay, God!