May 11, 2011

The Power of the Prince of Peace

Originally posted by Jason McCoy on Facebook - republished with author's permission.

Got back from the ER just a bit ago...helping a man who had been in a car accident. When I arrived, the man was very disoriented and very hostile. He was yelling and demanding they let him go home...there were nurses and a doctor there who were intimating he was going to be committed. I wasn't able to pray for him directly because of all the conversation and agitation going on, so just prayed in tongues and released my peace into the room.

The doctors called security and a big dude came in the room. For some reason, they all left for a moment and as I took the man's hands and commanded the life of Christ to fill him and transform his body and mind, he became peaceful. As the medical folks returned to tell him he would be committed, I continued to release peace into him and into the room. The security guy looked ready for action...but then the atmosphere shifted and everything was quiet and peaceful. The man layed down in the bed! His sister left to get him a drink and everyone else mysteriously left as well. I continued praying in the spirit for him and he went to sleep!

As he rested, I commanded demonic spirits to leave him and he would flinch, moan and sigh. When his sister returned, she commented that his coloring had changed and I realized he had been very yellow but now was totally normal! He continued to rest peacefully.

This struck me because Jesus gave us power to not only rescue the prisoners and to heal, but to change environments and I was impacted tonight by how much it made a difference. At first, I was frustrated I couldn't pray directly for him but as I focused on changing the environment, it really did. There were moments at first where I felt I may end up in the midst of a melee, but it was so potent to simply be confident/ able to rest in what Jesus had already provided for this man and to release it instead of having to work at it. It's hard to explain, but I feel a shift has taken place in me and I'm excited to continue to grow in this kind of confidence/rest. (and I'm very glad for this man to be at peace right now, free from such torment). It really was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

The Prince of Peace kicked out the tormentor!