Jun 2, 2009

Taking It To The Streets

I'm getting prepared. I'm not sure where I'm going yet, but I'm making plans for a trip. Summer is upon us rather suddenly this year. I like that and so does my wife. It seems like a few weeks ago we had snow in the driveway and now it's close to 90 every day. Things change suddenly.

I've been noticing a lot of people with health problems lately. I can't seem to get away from them. Every trip to the grocery store, gas station or Home Depot puts me next to someone with paralysis from a stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or something similar. I feel a tug on my heart that's growing more intense. I just want to walk up to everyone I see who has some sickness and asking if I can pray for them. Sometimes I chicken out, other times I approach them and ask if they want prayer.

At work I've been plagued with thoughts of going through one nursing home after another and praying for each resident to be healed. I visualize myself going from room to room praying with each person - sometimes thinking I don't care if it takes all day for this person to get healed - I'm staying here until it happens. Yeah, I know - its a big dream. But God makes dreams come true. He places his desire in us to motivate us to do the things He wants to accomplish. No, I haven't seen any miraculous healings in person yet. But it's coming. One day I'm going to pray for someone and they will be healed - suddenly.

God likes to do things suddenly. I believe He does it to catch the enemy off guard. It takes a while for the enemy to adjust to new things, just like it takes us time to sort out and get comfortable with something new. God can use this to His (and our) advantage. But we must go along with the changes and flow in the direction the Spirit wants to take us.

This Saturday I'm getting together with some folks who share a common vision. We all have a desire to see God's light penetrate the darkest recesses of our culture. We want to see his love poured out on the unsuspecting ones He is drawing to Himself. Personally, I hope to see hearts, minds and bodies healed. There are a lot of people God wants to reach with His love. Many of these people have no interest in what we call 'church'. They won't come to us, so God is sending us to them. For several years this group has set up a canopy of shade at community events and offered prophetic 'words of encouragement', prayer and dream interpretation to those who show up. I'm going on a spiritual adventure this summer; going where ever the Spirit leads me.

I believe God is going to do something suddenly this summer as we take to the streets. About a week ago I had a dream in the early morning, just before waking. I was driving my car in Olympia and suddenly something came down from the sky toward me. It was like a large bird swooped down and came to rest, hovering right above me. This was what I 'saw' going on in the natural realm, with my eyes. But there was something else going on. I can only describe it as happening in the spiritual dimension. When the bird descended, I became aware that I had received an invitation to attend the meeting for the prophetic street ministry. It was like a spiritual e-mail. When I opened it, I felt an incredible revival break out in my soul. I developed a much deeper passion for God and a wave of joy overpowered me. In the dream, I forwarded the e-mail to other people I knew.

The interpretation of the dream is simple. Vehicles represent ministry; that's the subject of the dream. God plans to change something about my ministry. It shows a similarity to the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river when the Holy Spirit descended on Him, in the form of a dove. (see Matthew 3:16) This was the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus. Immediately afterward he went into the wilderness to fast and endure temptation, then came out of the wilderness in the power of the Spirit, teaching and working miracles.

Most of what I do as 'ministry' is confined to my ambulance. It isn't really public. I believe the dream foretells a visitation from the Holy Spirit for me and others who will be taking our gifts and going public with them. I believe God will anoint those who desire to carry the glory and power of God in a greater measure this coming season. I believe it's an invitation to step out in faith with a little more boldness and 'go public' with what God has called us to do. If we do this, I believe God will back us up.

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a hot one, literally and spiritually. I believe we're going to see the fires of a true, large - scale revival spread. This fall and winter we should see a great harvest. But revival starts inside each of us, and the message from my dream is that I have to get involved and commit myself to the work of God, then He will send fire down from heaven to make me burn with a passion for it.

I watched some videos this morning that encouraged me a lot. There is a 5 minute video below of Todd White praying with people for healing on a boardwalk. There is a second video interview of Todd describing the way to walk in kingdom power. If the short videos interest you, there is a longer video that's an interview with Todd about his life. (The link to the Extreme Prophetic video is posted below) He describes his transformation from a drug addicted criminal to a passionate, loving, street-healer. He tells about his early days of praying for people and seeing no fruit. Months and months of praying and not one miracle. Then suddenly, someone was instantly healed. He's been seeing miracles of healing just about every day since then. The video shows him at work on the streets. You and I can walk in that same power if we're willing to commit ourselves to trusting in the promises of God.

Todd White Interview (Extreme Prophetic):

This is a video of Todd on the boardwalk praying for a group of strangers:

This is a video interview of Todd discussing the secrets of walking in the power of the kingdom:

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