Nov 6, 2009

About This Blog

Welcome to the MIPU.

You've found a rather unique place and if you're on this page, you might be wondering, who this fellow is and what does he hope to accomplish?

I'm  a paramedic. Yes, a real one. I work for an EMS agency near Phoenix, Arizona. I've been in EMS for 30 years and finally realized I'd seen enough weird stuff that someone might want to read about it.

Forgive my mysteriousness. If you're looking for my name, my employer or where I hide my car keys, you won't find them here. This is an anonymous adventure - mostly for the privacy of my patients, but also because I think it's intriguing to write anonymously.

You may notice that I talk a lot about God and healing, so let me explain that.

In 2008, I began having dreams for the first time in years. In the dreams, God began teaching me about healing the sick. Since then, I've seen thousands of people healed; patients, friends, co-workers and strangers on the street. The stories I share are the stories about the people I meet and pray with.

This website is primarily about teaching. My calling is to train and equip people who are interested in learning  how to love the broken and hurting and to release the miraculous power of God. If that describes you, then pull up a chair and let's talk.

The website is divided into pages. Each tab contains posts on a certain topic. There are healing testimonies, essays on the kingdom of God, upcoming training events, even a page of inspiring quotations I've picked up along the way.

There  is an archived list of posts in the left hand column and a list of keywords just below it to help you find topics you might be interested in.

My contact information is on the "contact" tab. You're welcome to e-mail me with questions, prayer requests or for any other need. I'm also available on Facebook and Twitter.

Feedback on anything posted is always welcome. I'll do my best to answer questions and I appreciate any comments you have. I hope you find this blog helpful.

And because you were curious enough to come to this page, let me share something with you:

The picture below is from a collection of photos owned by Mickey Robinson.

Yes, those are real angels. The picture was taken at a worship service in South America. To the best of my knowledge the photo has not been altered in any way, except for the watermark, which is plain to see.
(Click on the image to see a larger view.)

If angels don't scare you, then you'll probably find yourself at home here.

Thanks for dropping by,

Praying Medic


  1. I believe in miracles, I also believe very strongly about angels, as my two (Goodness and Mercy) have been with me through thick and thin, all through my life. I am not a great writer, but God impressed upon my heart,to write a fictional novel where I could weave Gods protection and care through the existence of a young women orphaned early in her life. This was based on a true story, yet since I have never been privileged to know exactly how this child's life proceeded, I built for her what I hoped, was the possible outcome. Yes, God is a God of the impossible, and the trials we experience mold us into the person we are meant to become. Many Blessings sent to you, your colleagues and family for continued caring and sharing of God love.

    1. Thanks for fining me, Mary. Isn't it amazing how God's wisdom makes His plan for us come to pass? I hope you write that book. I know it will give people hope and inspire them.


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