Nov 4, 2009

Todd White Interview on Dramatic Healings

Todd White answers tough questions about dramatic healings. He makes a powerful statement about why some of us don't see more dramatic miracles. He suggests maybe it's because we haven't stepped out in faith enough, yet. The other day I had a chance to pray for a man whose eyes seemed to be missing. I was transporting a patient, and saw the man sitting in the ER waiting room. Yes, it would have been awkward, but I could have made an attempt.  I chickened out.  I saw 3 or 4 more blind people the same day. I didn't pray for any of them. I'm one of those people who needs to boldly step out more and believe God will heal. I think He wants me to move up to the next level.
In this video there's  an amazing testimony of a woman healed of cerebral palsy.

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  1. Hi there, I really love your blog, I have been watching Todd White for about month now on Youtube as he speaks to my heart, I have been stepping out in faith and have had great success praying for witches muslims and every type of person, people are desperate for love, I just want to encourage you to try and pray, even if you don't see the results at first the anointing will soon follow.Much love and appreciation, Esther, South Africa