Nov 3, 2009

Thoughts for November

This blog has a couple of purposes; one is to demonstrate to the world (and the medical community in particular) that God is able and willing to heal people of every kind of disease, today. There is skepticism that must be overcome and there is power in the testimony of healing that overcomes skepticism. That's the reason for the videos and written testimonies of those who've been healed.

Another purpose is to show you how and when we can heal people. It isn't just for church services or evangelistic crusades. So I'm posting a lot of videos that show normal people like us, out in everyday places healing people. I hope they're inspiring. We can and should be healing people every day in every setting - particularly in hospitals and in pre-hospital EMS. This is a major change in my thinking. But the more I pray for patients and co-workers, the more I'm amazed at how easy it is and how often God heals people. As hospital beds become less available -it's even more important for us to get our patients healed and send them home healthy.

As fear about bacterial and viral disease prevalence grows, we need to focus on this: The Holy Spirit is the greatest anti-septic in the universe. Yes, I know people will always remind us it's possible for us to catch a bug from a patient. But I continually remind myself of a few things to counter this argument. Jesus commanded his disciples to cleanse lepers. Knowing their fear about getting the disease themselves, he told them nothing would by any means harm them. (Luke 10:19 ) They operated in healing - and God promised to heal them or prevent disease transmission by killing every germ that came their way. He's still doing it today for those who heal the sick. We have to trust God in this. While in South Africa, John G. Lake went through piles of dead bodies killed by the plague. He was looking for bodies to raise from the dead. People said he was crazy and that he would die from the plague. But he was firmly convinced that the Holy Spirit would never allow any bacteria or virus to harm him, and he was right - he never got the diseases he healed. My own fears have been crushed by focusing on these things. I have no fear anymore about catching diseases from my patients. Since I started praying regularly for the sick, I haven't been sick once, not even a cold. I do have occasional muscle aches and my neck pain (from reading too many books) flares up from time to time. Some of the aches and pains are healed with prayer when I decide to take action against it. And my long history of chronic low-back pain seems to have vanished.

I had a surprise this weekend. I found out there are a lot more Christians working in my company than I realized. I had a conversation with my partner about prayer in front of some co-workers. Suddenly believers materialized out of nowhere. I found myself (unknowingly) in a room full of professing Christians at work. I wouldn't have suspected any of them as being believers. It made me wonder. How many believers do I actually work with? Why don't we ever get together? How many are praying for their patients? Would any of them be open to learning more about it? And why the heck are we so afraid to let our light shine in the workplace?

If you're one of the people I work with and you're interested in learning more about healing your patients, please let me know.

On a different note - My partner got healed again...for the third time. He told me he had pain and numbness in his right arm after a call. It ran down the outside of his arm to the wrist, along the ulnar nerve pathway. It may have been due to swelling of a sprain near the spine that caused pressure on the nerve. He was very uncomfortable. While he was driving, I put my hand on his back and commanded healing into his back and arm. I told the pain and numbness to leave. I prayed one time. About fifteen minutes later he said the pain and numbness was almost completely gone. He's was healed of a headache about a month ago, a pulled muscle last week and pain and numbness this weekend. I'm beginning to use him as my walking, talking book of testimonies.

Our company is making a big deal about reducing on the job injuries. They're giving away a mystery prize to the operation with the lowest number of injuries this quarter. How cool would it be if every time one of us got injured, instead of the usual routine of seeing a doctor, paying our co-pay, taking time off work, laying on cold packs and taking pills - we prayed for our co-workers and healed them instead? I dunno, I think it would be good for the company, good for us, and God would be honored. Call me crazy.

Monday was a great day. My partner was healed again, and I think I prayed with just about everyone we transported. We transported a sweet woman with multiple problems - severe COPD, diabetes, depression and the terrible effects from long-term steroid dependence. She had a new pericardial effusion, which was causing persistent hypotension. That bought her a vasopresin drip and a cardiology consult. I told the patient and family about some of the healing miracles I'd seen and they were all glad to let me pray for her. When I closed my eyes to pray I saw a vision of cigarettes. (This was before I read her chart or had any information about her medical history)

I took the vision as a sign from God that this was the cause of her problems. She confirmed she'd been a smoker her entire adult life until a few years ago. That caused her COPD and other conditions as well as her dependence on steroids. My prayer strategy was simply to reverse the effects of smoking and all it's damage to her. Did it work? All I can say is this - her primary problem was low blood pressure from the damaged heart.On vasopresin her systolic pressure was around 120 - 130. By the time we arrived at the other hospital it was 160/90. When I told her she was shocked. She couldn't remember ever having a blood pressure that high. This wasn't the first time I've seen this. Several months ago I transported someone on pressors to a large hospital. The report I got was profound, persistent low blood pressure no higher than 100 and no neurological activity. By the time we arrived his pressure was in the 140's and he was waking up, trying to pull out his IV's.

Some days are full of victory, some are discouraging. Others are a mixed bag. I can't predict what kind of day I'm going to have. Every day as I drive in to work I wonder, will I be able to pray for anyone? Will anyone be healed? I know this - victory is unavoidable when you pray, but it may take time. Defeat is assured when you don't pray - it's usually immediate.

November is going to be a pivotal month. Huge changes are in the works. I can feel the shift happening. Some of it is very hard to endure. Many of us feel like giving up. Please don't abandon your hope. God is about to bring something incredible to your life. Hang in there and wait for the promise. He is faithful in everything.

Till next time-

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