Mar 17, 2010

Healed Heart & A Word of Knowledge

Happy St. Patrick's day!

This would make a great valentine's day post.

Oh well.

If you haven't noticed, we're in a season of new things. Some are painful. I was on duty yesterday getting lunch at a deli. I felt a sudden pain in the first knuckle of my middle finger I've never had before, so I wondered if it might be a word of knowledge for healing. I asked the person closest to me if they had pain in their hands, but they said no.

I got in the rig and told my partner about it. He shot me a puzzled look and asked, "where's your pain?" I repeated, "first knuckle, middle finger." He smiled and said he's been having terrible pain in that exact spot for a week - ever since our last shift. The pain woke him up this morning. So I put my hand over his and commanded healing into the joint. He felt a tingling sensation like pins and needles. A little while later he was pain-free. To someone who has words of knowledge like this often, it might not be a big thing - but to me it's a major breakthrough. I've been wondering for a long time if I'd ever feel the pain of a friend as a sign that God wants to heal them.

My wife had an episode of tachycardia two nights ago. She was sitting at the computer when it started. Suddenly, her heart began beating about 150 times a minute. She's had PSVT for many years. I felt her pulse to confirm it. We decided to pray for healing. I put my hand over her heart and spoke healing into her. I asked for a new heart. Within a few minutes her rate was back to normal.

No bearing down or holding her breath. No drugs. It just returned to normal as we prayed. We'll have to wait to know if she was healed permanently. We're trusting in God for that.