Apr 20, 2010

Electrocution & Seeing The Light

When Dianne Morrissey, PhD, was twenty-eight years old, she was electrocuted and had a profound near-death experience. That experience transformed her life. Today, she is a certified hypnotherapist and has teaches people to see and feel God's presence in dreams. The following is a short excerpt from her book, You Can See the Light

I was electrocuted by 119 volts and dead for forty-five minutes. My near-death experience changed my life. I quit playing professional clarinet and started lecturing at local colleges on near-death and out-of-body experiences as well as related paranormal phenomena. I never believed in such things before I died. I was raised Catholic and I am sure I would not have believed such a story before I died myself.

The doctors said they were amazed that I ever woke up. I asked the emergency doctor how he thought I came back. He said, "I don't know, maybe it was your dog?"

I knew what he meant because during my near-death experience I was floating at the ceiling in my den when I noticed below me was my dog, Tuffy, was trying frantically to awaken me. He scratched my arm and lightly bit the side of my face repeatedly to awaken me. Later, when I was out of the hospital my dog never let me lay on the floor again. He would stand firmly and bark continuously until I would get up. (I guess he thought that the floor caused my near-death experience).

When I first came out of my body I noticed that I was transparent and wondered how I could see so good without my glasses, because I saw them on the floor next to my lifeless body.
I was thrown by such force that my physical body was thrown about 10 feet away from where I was standing and my head went right through the wall about 1-1/2 feet off the ground. I felt no physical pain. I watched it all happen out-of-my body. I had what researchers call a "core" near-death experience. That is an experience where all the phenomena associated with near-death occur.

I wanted to save me at first and became more dispassionate about saving me as my near-death experience continued. I first tried to call for help, but could not as my hand went right through the telephone. I tried to open a door and went right through the plate glass window. I was truly amazed by it all and even tried to get a man's attention walking down my street to save my physical body. I put my hand through his upper left shoulder blade when I tried to shake him. This amazed me.

I moved through many dimensions and at one point I knew I was dead. I met an angel-like woman on the other side who explained much to me, who helped me with my life review. I went through many tunnels, not just one.

I will never forget the love that surrounded me at that moment, or the joy that ran through me. Can you imagine being hugged by God and your angel? It's an experience that defies description!

In this rapturous place, I recognized that there were two aspects of "me." My soul was my consciousness, everything that had made me who I had been and what I had become. My spirit, on the other hand, was the part of me that was now transparent and glowing, dressed in white.

I felt torn between two desires: wanting to go into the light and wanting to touch something tangible and retain my connection with all that was physical. Both desires grew stronger. The light became more intense, more radiant, more loving. As I lifted the lace and extended my hand toward the brilliance, wanting to touch the light, it rushed under the lace and touched the outstretched middle finger of my right hand...

Within the light, I knew that everyone and everything is connected to it. God is in everyone, always and forever. Within the light was the cure for all diseases.

I've found that people who hear about my journey to the Other Side are both fascinated and cautiously optimistic that a similar experience awaits them. All I can say is, once you have seen the light and then return, life will never be the same again.

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