Apr 11, 2010

Near - Death in The Dentist's Office

This woman's near-death experience happened in a dentist's chair. Beautiful lights, peace, harmony, and heavenly assignments. And no review of her life....lucky woman!

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  1. This woman was truly lucky that God gave her a second chance to live in this world and it's really unbelievable to know how she nearly died in a dentist office and yet, she was revived and she's now alive. Truly, stories like these are life's one of a kind miracles. As for me, I really don't have near death experiences. I'm just the type of person who's afraid of everything. One of those were dentists. But when I went into some of the dentists (Atlanta area), everything has changed and this family dentist (Atlanta) really helped me in making my fears go away and start being happy when I go to my dentist.