Aug 14, 2010

Brain Tumor - Two Options

Warning - In the first video, a surgeon is shown removing a brain tumor. This video may be too graphic for some viewers. Consider this before watching.

If you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, there are several options for treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation may be indicated. Surgery is sometimes an option, if the tumor is encapsulated and not spreading. In the first video we'll watch a tumor being removed surgically.

In the second video, we'll hear the testimony of a young man for whom surgery wasn't an option.

Matthew, was diagnosed with a small brain tumor in April 2008. After a checkup in November of that year, the tumor had grown to the size of a softball. The tumor was not encapsulated and was rapidly spreading, making it inoperable. His doctors gave him less than a month to live. His family refused to accept the prognosis and began to pray. A few months later he was healed. Matthew went in for a MRI in January of 2009. There was no sign of the tumor.