Aug 24, 2010

New Wine Healing

My wife and I spent a romantic weekend alone to celebrate our anniversary. Jesus went along and made our vacation nicer than we expected. One morning we were at a shop tasting the new vintage. We struck up a conversation with the woman behind the counter who poured the wine samples. The subject was the miraculous healing we've seen lately. I asked if she had any chronic pain. She said , "no....well, except for my shoulder. I can't raise right my arm up very high without it hurting right on top of my shoulder." I had her demonstrate how far she could raise her arm and told her to stop when it began to hurt. She raised it almost exactly 90 degrees, straight out from her body.

Having seen this before I believe she had a torn rotator cuff. The classic sign is when you can't raise your arm up higher than 90 degrees without pain at the top of the shoulder. It usually hurts to extend the arm backward as well. I asked if she'd had an MRI, but she said she'd never had one.

I asked if she wanted to be healed and explained that we wanted to pray for her. She agreed. It went very quickly. I didn't see anything in the spirit as my eyes were closed, so I opened them and commanded pain and inflammation to leave. I commanded healing of all tendons, muscles and ligaments. I asked if she felt anything and she said, 'no'.

I said, "now I want you to do something. I want you to raise your right arm up as high as you can." (I raised mine to show her how I wanted her to do it.) Her arm went all the way up until it extended straight above her head. She had no pain. She was completely healed.

We stayed for about 30 minutes and shared a little with her about some of our experiences with God and healing. We talked about wine and bought a bottle to take home with us. This was just one of many people we saw healed on our weekend getaway. Stay tuned for more healing stories in the coming days.