Apr 18, 2011

The Collapse of Canada's Health Care System

You read that right.

And I know what you're thinking....


On the night of April 15th, (tax day in the US) I had a dream in which Canada's very successful and highly popular public health care system failed.

Patients tried to visit doctors and get prescriptions filled, but they were turned away because there was no money to support the system. I don't recall exactly how the bankruptcy occurred, but I knew the system had run out of money. People contacted the government and complained, but the government denied there was a problem.

In the dream, I knew the government was aware of the problem, but they feared the consequences of admitting to a failure, so they lied to the public about it for as long as they could.

I've been having more dreams like this lately, where I see the catastrophic failure of large organizations. This one is related to medicine so I posted it here. I think there may also be a connection to healing.

What would we do for the sick if a national system of health care failed?

Does the Canadian government have a backup plan if such a thing were to occur?

I wonder if the citizens would be ready to use divine healing in place of conventional medicine if there were no other alternatives.

Maybe this dream was a warning to get them prepared before it happens.

I know it's a call to prayer. Let God direct you on how to pray in the matter.

- peace

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  1. Thank you brother. Our health care system here has been on shaky ground for quite awhile now. Still working and good but we would do well to make sure we know where each of the candidates stand in this very important issue before voting.