Apr 3, 2011

Uterine Tumors Healed

This was posted on my Facebook wall yesterday by a friend:

HUGE PRAISE REPORT: Last night God healed my uterine tumors. I have been suffering with these for some time now and last night in a healing service I went up for prayer and started feeling a swirling going on inside me then a heat and then it felt like something shot right into my belly and straight through my back and was stuck in there.

I asked the Lord what it was ,,and as the prayer kept going, He gave me a clear picture of a big old Sword. It was bright and lit up and it was in me, with massive heat radiating from it...I was sweating and spoke what I saw to those praying for me.

This lead them to be even more intense in their prayer and I just thanked the Lord for the healing; and kept receiving His healing. I could feel the dissipation of the tumors going on inside me. I kept thanking God and then I could see the blade start to come out. As it came sliding out quickly, just at the very same time, those who had their hands on me pulled them back suddenly, right at the very same time. I said, "He's done" and the smile is still on my face. You have to know that I have been suffering with these for some time now and do not have insurance. The pain had started to be almost unbearable.

I had to share this with brothers and sisters that I know would understand and believe and wanted to encourage others. God bless you all. I've had this condition test/documented for about 6 months, but I had been having a lot of the symptoms for at least a year. Not having any insurance though, stopped me from pursuing any medical advised, knowing that I would not be able to follow through with anything recommended.

I do plan on getting checked up, as soon as financially able to. I have to be able to pay for the doctor visit and then get a referral and pay for the test. But, I had a large bulge on my left side that is completely gone. I have, from time-to-time started having twinges inside, but I keep thanking Jesus for my healing and they go away. I would not mind at all if you posted this because I hope it would encourage others.

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  1. Hey prayingmedic, I sent you a friend request on facebook. I would like to communicate regarding your sermon on the wave. Had an intense intercessory experience while praying at church with friends today. Would like to connect with you for a chat. Thanks