Nov 3, 2011

The Security Guard

She was a frequent flyer who landed at urgent care after a drinking binge. While waiting for the paperwork to be copied, I chatted with the security guard, who told me he was the first patient of the day.

“But, don’t you work here?”

“Yeah…but my bursitis was acting up and I figured they could take a look at it before I went on duty.”

They gave him a steroid injection and he put on his uniform. A few hours later, a paramedic on a routine call asked if he wanted to be healed. He said, “sure.”

Sometimes the need for healing is obvious. Sometimes it isn’t. Words of knowledge are great, but often we stumble upon a need for healing in every day conversations. Spend a few minutes getting to know a stranger and if they have health problems, they’ll probably tell you. Once they do, just ask if they want to be healed.

After he agreed to let me pray, I shared a couple of testimonies; partly to build his faith and partly to build mine. I asked him to describe the injury. He had a partial bicep tear and a piece of cartilage floating in the joint to go with the bursitis.

I took him around a corner for privacy and asked the Holy Spirit to bring his presence and power and touch him to let him know He was at work. I placed my hand on his shoulder and commanded the spirit of pain and inflammation to leave then ligaments, bones, nerves, tendons, muscles and cartilage to be healed and asked what he felt.

Grabbing his shoulder, he said, “It’s hard to describe. It’s like….the pain is gradually leaving.”

I asked the Holy Spirit to increase His healing power and repeated the first commands then asked what he felt again.

The look of amazement on his face turned to a smile. "It's almost completely gone." I asked him to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. “Maybe a 0.5. I can hardly feel it at all”

I gave him a quick talk on how to keep his healing:

"Most people never experience the symptoms again after being healed, but some do. Healing is a battle. There’s an enemy who wants you sick and in pain and a God who loves you and wants you healthy. If the pain comes back, do what I did. Believe that God healed you and command the pain to leave.”

If you look at the stuff I was writing a few years ago, you’ll notice that no one ever got healed back then. Working up the courage to ask people was a huge step. When I prayed I was afraid to ask what they felt because I knew they’d say, “nothing”. Since then, by persistently asking and laying hands on strangers, my confidence to ask and my faith to heal is so much bigger than it used to be.

Step out and ask people if they want to be healed. Don’t worry about whether they'll be healed or if they’ll say no. Sooner or later they’ll say yes and they'll be healed.

Trust God.

If He did it for me, He'll do it for you.

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