Jun 4, 2012

Jason Chin - "In My Shoes"

I saw this video that Jason Chin posted.

I liked it so much, I left a message on his Facebook wall.

Here it is:
I love the videos people like you, Todd, Pete and Thomas put out. I've really been encouraged by them. They've strengthened my faith a lot.

But when a person goes out on the streets and prays for a dozen people and no one gets healed, there are a lot of questions to be answered. And the video guys aren't usually around to answer them.

People who watch the videos get this idea that everyone is supposed to be healed every time, because that's what they see in the videos. They get a view of healing that's not really accurate.

We need leaders to show their failures, misses, mistakes, etc. I've probably posted as many failed healing stories as I've posted successes because I've had so many and I feel that people need to know it's not always going to work out the way you hope for.

Transparency in what we do is absolutely critical if we're going to be taken seriously and not seen as a bunch of delusional nut-jobs or magicians ala Chris Angel.

People not being healed is a huge part of being transparent. Yeah - it opens the discussion up to more difficult questions, but we're beginning to get some decent answers to the hard ones people ask.

Thanks for doing this. I would encourage others who make videos to do the same.

Here's a link to Jason's website; Lovesaysgo.com

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