Jun 13, 2012

The Waiting Room Miracle

Surrounded by others seeking relief from aches and pains, Patty sat in a wheelchair in the Emergency Department waiting room.

We picked her up at a clinic, where she was evaluated for a possible head injury. She struck her head on a door and had blurred vision and a headache. We talked on the way to the hospital. She shared the following story:

Patty had great plans as a young woman. She dreamed of working in law enforcement, so she attended a law enforcement academy. In her first job interview she asked about her health. She told them she had medical condition that causes forgetfulness and disorientation. She was turned down and advised to look for another career. She interviewed with the department of corrections, hoping to be hired as a prison guard but was turned down again because of the condition.

She changed course and took a job at a bank. She soon found a job in management, working there until the banking crisis a few years ago, when she was let go. As she got older, she developed more medical problems. Friends told her to apply for government assistance because of her disability, but she hated the idea of taking money without working. 

We arrived at the Emergency Department and were directed to the waiting room. Patty didn't have a serious condition and the ED was crowded. She didn't complain. We helped her to a wheelchair, I took a seat beside her and waited to give report to the triage nurse. I couldn't help but feel sympathy. I wanted to end the string of disappointments and give her one small victory. I wanted God to restore her hope. So I asked if she wanted to be healed.

I was stepping out on a limb, since I didn’t know exactly what she needed to be healed of yet. The description of her medical problems was vague. But God knew and I figured He'd take care of the details.

“I’d love to be healed” she replied as her eyes filled up with tears.

My eyes misted over as I placed my hand on her shoulder. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence near and touch her. I felt Him immediately. I declared healing of all her diseases and asked what she felt.

“My legs are tingling.”

“What’s wrong with your legs?”

“I have a lot of trouble with them.”

“Well, you don’t any more, because God is healing them.”

I asked if she wanted her mind to be healed. She did. So I placed my hand on the back of her head and commanded her memories to be healed and for evil spirits to leave. I commanded her brain to be free of all neurological conditions and asked what she felt.

Moving her hands to feel her face, she said, “Wow…..my whole head is tingling.”

We sat in the waiting room crying like a couple of babies as God gave her a complete makeover from head to toe. Then I taught her how to keep her healing. All of this must have looked strange to the triage nurse, who approached and said it was her turn.

I wheeled her to the exam room and gave report. Patty thanked me then gave me a hug and I left. I found an empty room where I finished writing my report.

When I was done with me report, I returned to the triage desk and gave them a copy. The nurse who took it asked if I would write down my contact information for Patty. She told them she’d been healed. The nurse wanted my contact information too. She was a Christian and wanted to know more about healing, so I told her how to find this website.

Sometimes I forget that God wants people healed more than I do. It’s easy to lose that perspective when someone isn’t healed. But He’s been healing a lot of people lately and I have some wonderful stories to share with you in the coming weeks. As soon as I can get them written, I’ll post them.

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