Sep 7, 2012

Stan's Story

Beginning tomorrow, we'll be posting updates from our trip to Brisbane, Australia, where we'll be teaching on healing and releasing the kingdom of God. The first week's activities involve ministering to the homeless. In light of that, this encounter from a few days ago seems prophetic.

Stan approached my pump from his resting place in the shade next to the gas station. 

"Excuse me sir....would you have any spare change for bus fare?"

Stan is one of the millions of men and women who are out of work due to disability, addiction or mental illness. Many spend their days at intersections and gas stations asking strangers for money. I pulled out a few dollars and handed them over.

"Thank you sir. Is there anything I can do for you....Can I wash the windows of your car?"

I told him I was going to wash it when I got home.

"Sir....would do me a favor and please pray for me? I need my disability to go through so I can get some money to live on. Would you pray that God would make my disability go through?"

"I'd be happy to pray with you Stan."

He described the injuries that caused his disability, which resulted from a gunshot would to his head. They included missing part of his brain, a titanium jaw and a coil in his temple. Nothing serious.

"I'm pretty messed I really need my disability."

"Stan....let me ask you a question. I'll pray for God's favor on your disability claim, but I'd rather see you healed. If God would heal you of all your injuries, would you go back to work?"

He smiled.

"Yeah I'd go back to work. I really like working."

"Cool. Then let's pray."

I asked the Holy Spirit to whack him good and heal his injuries, take away his pain and set him free. I felt like I was standing in a 50 knot wind as my body swayed back and forth under the power of God.

Stan thanked me for the money and for praying with him. I put the nozzle away and got in my car. My daughter asked who I was talking to.

No one special.

Just another guy who desperately needs the Master's touch.

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