Jan 18, 2013

Allergies Healed in a Dream

This testimony was shared by a friend on Facebook, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Approximately 10 years back I just got bad allergies and I avoided going out from April to August at all cost. My eyes felt painfully dry, my nose was constantly running, even with blood. It all was no fun at all.

The doctors gave me stuff to get over that time, but each year it got worse.

After I got invited to supernatural healing I commanded that stuff to leave. It was a constant struggle. Half a day it was fine and I could even breath through my nose, just to come back.

Two years back I was crying, blood came out of my nose, pain all over my face. I cried out to the Lord what's going on, why do I not get healed, when He said to me, because I see myself sick.

I was embarrassed, angry and said, no way, I know I'm healed by your stripes. Silence then...

I decided to take a nap and laid down for a while still crying, when I remembered what the Lord said and asked him:

I see myself sick? What does that mean?

All of the sudden I was in a dream, or I was dreaming. It was at least totally real.

I found myself waking in the midst of a field with all the triggers I could imagine without fear of them. I just stood there looked around and all of the sudden realized how all these flowers smelled like.

In all these years I forgot how spring smells with all its flowers and stuff coming out.

I realized what Satan took away from me. I cried, cried and cried.

This dream went on for approximately 20 minutes.

It took me this time in that dream to realize that I really was healed.

I woke up and was healed!

As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. 
( Prov. 23:7)

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