Jan 24, 2013

Last Call for Healing

After a long, disheartening spell of not praying with anyone in the ambulance, Jesus set me up with an easy win on the last day of the year. This encounter renewed my faith in a big way.

It came how it often does. It was near the end of a long, busy shift. My heart longed to be home, in my kitchen, cooking dinner with my wife and enjoying her wonderfulness. But this little old lady needed to get some place and we were her escorts.

Margie was in her 70’s and full of life. From the minute we walked in her door, I liked her style. Slightly sarcastic, but not disrespectful, she had a humorous take on life that was refreshing. Her problem today was back pain.

She’d fallen 3 weeks ago and had been experiencing upper back pain ever since. She was seen in the hospital and discharged home, but the pain persisted. Her doctor advised her to check into a rehab facility and that’s why we were called.

With the pain at 8 out of 10, she wasn't able to help us, so we hoisted her from the wheelchair onto the gurney and got rolling. My wife sent a text message letting me know that a crock pot full of chili awaited me at home.

I got a set of vitals and began charting, but I felt like maybe she’d be open to prayer. I thought about it for a moment and decided to ask.

I asked again where the pain was and how bad it was.

“Well, maybe I should just pray for you and get you healed.”

With a wry smile, she said, “Well, maybe you should.”

I placed my hand on her back and began commanding bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves to be healed. She began praising and thanking Jesus. We prayed some more and I asked how she felt. The pain was slowly subsiding, so I continued commanding it to leave and she continued praising Jesus. You should have been there, it was priceless.

“Wow, I just feel completely relaxed,” she said. “I think I could go to sleep.”

I told her she was welcome to take a nap until we got there.

It was a splendid ending to 2012.

2013....I'm ready for whatever you have in store.


  1. What does you colleague say about the prayers? Is he a Christian too?

    1. Luther - My EMT is not a Christian, but he likes seeing our patients healed.

  2. I'm far too used to the "LIKE" button...:-) This gave me the shivers.