Sep 1, 2010

Healing Down Under

I asked a Facebook friend, from Australia, Jessie Campbell, to e-mail me a few interesting healing stories. This is what I received. God never ceases to amaze me:

Today, I felt like God was finally out of the box. It wasn't me being let out of the box, it was HIM. When a need was observed He was drawn and fulfilled it. As they say in Oz: "Too easy!"

So in the middle of homeschool (which had turned into a lesson on forgiveness and love) we got a call from someone I didn't know. She said she was a friend of the man who we prayed for and had woke within a few hours from the coma and could I pray for her niece who could not absorb any nutrients into her body since the chemo for the leukemia. I asked if they wanted me to come and she said yes and gave me a few details of what floor of the hospital her niece was on. We stopped our discussion and Skinny Man and I left for the 1 1/2 hr drive. We prayed in tongues together on the way and prayed for the young woman. When we arrived in the city and parked, a man was walking towards us with an injured arm in a cast like contraption. I asked what happened and saw his hand was severely cut. I asked to pray and he said no, but I found myself touching his hand anyway and praying over the stitches and lacerations and could feel how new it was (as if I could feel the restoration process that the body was involved with). It seems I have lost the social etiquette when it comes to healing. Go Holy Spirit! LOL!

Then we entered the hospital and had to find reception and the lady behind the counter was shaking her head in frustration after she gave the man she was speaking to directions. I asked if she was having a bad day and took her hand and prayed for God's blessing on the rest of her day. Then up the elevator. We could have stood in front of the elevator and prayed all day. Anyway we arrive on the 7th floor and the young woman wasn't there but there were 3 other beds with patients being attended to. We were directed where she was across the street in the church lawns. I found the group and asked if she was there. Her mother pointed to where she was. (As they were all strangers; but not for long)

The mother thought I was a psychic or something when I mentioned I was there to pray for her daughter. I told her it was Jesus, and that her relative had called me and she was happily surprised. So I joined the young woman on the grass and told her I had come to pray for her. She had such tender brown eyes and looked more like a small defenseless child than an adult. I laid hands and commanded and she could feel the heat in her hands ( I had her lay her hands on her bowels with my hands on top). God gave me a WOK (word of knowledge) that her heart had been broken and I asked her and she nodded yes and I prayed for that too. He gave me another WOK that she believed she was going to die and I bound and crushed that. The Father poured His love upon her and I left. As I ran into her mother a few minutes later, I asked if I could pray for her, but she said no and asked if He heals broken hearts. I said yes but she refused prayer. So as I kept running into her on the 7th floor, she told me she had just spoken to her daughter and she had told her mom that she wasn’t going to let this defeat her, she was going to fight. So God put the fight back into her.

I had brought the last sheet of gold paper with me and envelopes but had forgotten the love letter that the Holy Spirit had dictated and SkinnyMan suggested I ask God again and He would write her another one or remind me of the last one. Out of the mouth of babes…..So I sat near the mother and wrote carefully His letter much of it was what I remembered but some was just for her. I cried as I read it back. I folded it and enclosed it in the envelope and wrote For You Happy Valentine’s Day and gave it to her. She thanked me but looked downcast as if how is this going to help. I told her to read it as it was from Him. I saw her one more time near the elevators and she said Thank you (I believe she had red it). I touched her and said goodbye.

One of the young woman's relatives, a teen aged boy was standing nearby in the church garden and I said hello and noticed he had a bandage on his hand. I asked what happened and he told me with an embarrassed look that he had had a fight and had severed some tendons. I looked at him and said God will heal that no matter how you got it. I said let’s pray for that and asked for his hand. I prayed the first time and he had improvement. I prayed again and it was better. I told him let’s get 100% that’s what Jesus wants and when I stopped he said it was good. I laughed and asked if that was because he wanted to get rid of me and he said no, it’s good and started talking to his mate, laughing, in unbelief because he could barely move it before and now he was bending it and flexing it. I touched both their faces and said Jesus made you and He loves you and cautioned the young man who just got healed to take care of that hand.

From there we exited the hospital and found a man sitting on the stairs with a crutch. I asked him what happened and he told me a detailed story of how he contracted Hepatitis B. I asked to pray and when I laid hands on him, I could feel the presence of God enter in. He had a peace that was already his but the Lord filled him up. He said he was a Christian although he was not living as such and I was so glad I didn’t need to moralise his situation and correct him but simply minister the healing that was already his.

Next we went to the Christian Bookstore that was nearby and the young woman behind the café counter took our order. When she came to the table I asked if she needed any prayer and she said there were a couple of issues and that she was going to China and needed finances for missions work. I prayed and she felt the presence of God (and was hot and shaking slightly). She left and came back out later and started talking again and said she had never asked this before but wanted a husband. So I laid hands and prayed and God gave me such a precious word for her. We hugged and said good-bye again. Then as SkinnyMan and I opened our Scripture cookies (like fortune cookies only true), I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to pray for her protection. We went back inside the café and I asked if she had had any prayer for protection for this missions trip; she said she hadn’t and this is where the real fun began. I prayed for her to be hid in Christ in China and for her ministry to be protected. After I finished she said when she was complaining to the Lord about her lack of knowledge and understanding about what to do in China, He kept telling her she knew what to do and she said “well how?” He reminded her she knew how to be undercover. This is when she told me she was a “born Muslim” from Malaysia and had to hide her faith for 20 years and detested doing so, as she wanted to proclaim Him. And now He was going to use that experience for her to set the captives free in China! How about that? ! Is He good, or is He good?! Just before SkinnyMan and I left, I went to purchase a lavender leather bound journal for her and wrote in her card to that she could write down the adventures of love she was embarking on with Him. She said "You shound't have." I told I didn't it was from Him!
Man, it was a good day!

Shalom brother,