Sep 29, 2010

Who Will Be Healed Today?

As I drove to work I wondered...

Who will be healed today?

God has been doing more miracles lately when I ask people if they want prayer. It's not an occasional thing anymore, but a lifestyle.

We checked the rig and went in service on a slow morning where everyone seemed to be in quarters.

...would it be someone with a foot injury?

...or back pain?

Our first call was for a woman who fell while attempting to cross the busiest street in town. She didn't make it far. We found her lying half on the curb and half in the street in the pouring rain. We quickly put her on a backboard and in the rig where it was dry.

I got her medical history and asked what happened. She was walking with a cane because she has decreased feeling in her right foot from neuropathy. She couldn't feel the irregularities in the sidewalk and tripped. She had an appointment to see a specialist the following day. He would do a procedure on her foot and she'd be using a walker after that.

I asked if I could pray for her foot to be healed. She said, "Get over here and take my hands. Let's get this done!"

I placed my hand on her foot and commanded it to be healed. I told the nerves to come back to life and spirits of disease to leave then asked if she felt anything. She said she could feel the swelling in her foot going down and in a minute or two it felt normal in size, but she had numbness in her foot. I commanded the sensation in her foot to be restored. She felt a wave of sensation going down her foot and the numbness was leaving.

Lying on a hard yellow board in the back of an ambulance, I can only imagine what was going through her mind.

I looked in her eyes. "In case you didn't know it, God really loves you."

I didn't need to tell her. With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, she softly said "I know He does".

Who will be healed today?

The choice is ours. If we don't lay hands on the sick, the answer is 'nobody'.