Sep 21, 2010

Prophetic Hot Tub

My wife and I spent a romantic weekend alone to celebrate our anniversary. Jesus went along and made our vacation nicer than we expected. This is the third story of how God touched people that weekend.

Early in the morning, my wife and I decided to soak in the hotel's hot tub. But we weren't alone. A family of four children and their mom were there. The two youngest children who were about 10 years old were in the hot tub with us. As I rested, God gave me a vision for the boy. I saw him building things with Tonka trucks. Then I saw large yellow construction equipment like backhoes and bulldozers. It seemed like God was telling me the boy likes to build things. I began a conversation with him about breakfast then asked if he likes to build things. He said he did. That led to a conversation in which I told him that God would probably open doors for him in construction. He was surprised that I knew this information, but was glad I shared it with him.

I gave his sister a similar word about her love of dancing. God showed me a vision in which she appeared as a young lady of about 20 years old. She was moving gracefully as a ballerina. I suggested that God may bless this endeavor if she pursued it. She was happy but surprised to hear this coming from a stranger.

Their mother was amazed at the fact that I knew these things about her kids. We sat with her and talked about prophecy and the healings we’d seen that weekend. Eventually she asked if we would prayed for her vision to be restored. She’s was far-sighted.

Then she asked me to pray for her older son who had symptoms of a cold. To be honest, I didn’t expect a cold to be healed by prayer. It seemed off limits for some reason. But I prayed with the same faith as all the other times this week. The boy told his mother (Jessie) that his nose, which was sore and runny felt a lot better after I prayed for him.

Before we left she had me give her oldest daughter a word. I saw her windsurfing off the coast of an island like Hawaii (which turned out to be her favorite place). In the vision I saw that she had confidence on the board and the look of determination. She was moving fast. Then I saw the front of a thin boat, like a kayak and a paddle going through the water. I gave her some insights from this vision and she was encouraged by it. Her mother said it described her very well.

Earnestly desire the best gifts, especially that you may prophesy.....

You never know who will be blessed.