Oct 9, 2010

Healing For a Co-worker II

On a day when my regular partner took a sick day, I worked with someone I didn't know very well. Cindy (not her real name or picture) and I were having a slow day. We were five hours into the shift and hadn't run a call. We talked about a lot of different things. One of my favorite things to talk about?


I shared a few of the crazy dreams I've had about healing people. One of the latest was a dream in which I transported someone from a car accident. My patient had severe crush injuries. Although, I'd never do it in real life, I didn't provide any medical care for this patient. By the time we got to the hospital, all his injuries were healed. I didn't even pray for him. It was the presence of God in the ambulance that healed him.

I know - crazy dream, huh?

The subject of healing dreams led to the subject of healing itself. I told her some of the stories I'd seen of people being healed. That prompted her to tell me about the car accident she was in a few years ago that left her with chronic pain between her shoulder blades, even after physical therapy.

In healing, it's always helpful to build a bridge of understanding before asking the person if they want to be healed. It took several hours, but I gained her trust and when I asked if she wanted to be healed she was comfortable having me pray for her. I explained the process then put my hand on her back and commanded it to be healed.

And it was.

We talked the rest of the shift about healing and the things God has been doing in my life. I didn't preach at her or ask her to say the sinner's prayer. I didn't feel the Holy Spirit leading us in that direction. It was a low - key afternoon of simple conversations about everyday life. It just so happens that my everyday life is a little more supernatural than it once was. In getting her healed, I opened the door to the kingdom of God. It's her choice to decide if she's ready to go in. Perhaps she will. Maybe she won't. The Holy Spirit is more than able to guide her if she's ready.

I'm gradually coming to the awareness that I'm a role model for others. I'll confess I'm a little uncomfortable with that. I've been comfortable as a student thus far. But now people are asking me the questions. I'm being asked to demonstrate healing for others and to consider teaching classes. Like it or not, when we operate in some type of calling whether traditional medicine, divine healing or something else, we naturally become role models.

If we are to be role models in healing, perhaps healing should become a lifestyle. It certainly was the lifestyle of Jesus. He knew it would take a consistent demonstration of healing if His disciples were to believe they could also do it. I don't think anything is different today. For others to believe they can heal the sick, some of us need to make it our lifestyle.

It seems like people are catching on to healing and that's good. It shouldn't be about one person doing something unusual. Healing should be a common thing practiced by many of us. At some point in the future it should become the norm.

My desire is to see more people healed on the job. That's one of the reasons for writing these stories. It's going to require more of us to leave the safety of the boat and walk out on the water. I hope you'll take a step of faith and heal someone today. If you do, send me an e-mail.

We'd love to hear your story.

This week I ran into her and asked how she felt. It's been two months since she was healed and the pain has not returned.