Oct 25, 2010

New Hope For Mary

The nurse motioned for me to leave the patient's room. I followed him into the hallway. He wanted to give report away from Mary and her family.

She was admitted to the ER a few hours ago for a severe headache. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her head CT showed a new frontal lobe mass which would likely be another tumor. She was being transferred to a larger hospital that had the capability of neurosurgery.

Along with a severe headache she had severe abdominal pain. They'd medicated her with Dilaudid so when we returned to the room, she was slow to answer questions. I did the introductions and explained the transfer process.

Having just transported a Muslim man with a GI bleed who was healed, (Go here for that story) I felt this was another opportunity to demonstrate God's power and love.

I told Mary that my plan was to have her feeling better during the 2.5 mile transfer.

She smiled."So what do you have... some kind of crystals or magic spell for me?"

I smiled. "No, I don't do the crystal or magic spell thing. Let's just say pain and sickness don't like me very much."

After we had her loaded, I told a few stories about people who'd been healed, including the Muslim man we'd just transported. She was interested in hearing more, but it was a short trip so I asked if she wanted to be healed. She said the headache was killing her and asked if I could make it go away.

I placed my hand on her forehead and commanded the pain to leave then asked how she felt.


I did it again and asked how she felt.

"It's a lot better"

I did it a third time and asked how she felt.

"It's gone."

I asked if she was serious, or just saying that. She said, "No, I'm serious, it's completely gone."

I explained that God just healed her headache as a demonstration of his power and love for her. She asked if I could make her abdominal pain leave.

I repeated the process over her abdomen until all her pain was gone. I asked if I could pray that her cancer would also leave. She gladly said yes. I had her place her hand where the breast cancer was and I placed my hand on top of hers. I put my other hand on her forehead and commanded cancer to leave. When I was done I told her to close her eyes and rest until we got to our destination.

I noticed that her daughter, who was riding along, had streams of tears running down her cheeks. I love how the power of God moves the hearts of people.

We arrived and whisked her to the ICU, where we transferred her and I gave report. This time I told the nurse that her headache and abdominal pain were mysteriously gone.

Before leaving, I bent down and put my forehead on Mary's.

Then whispered in her ear, "God loves you."

Two days later I went the hospital to check up on Mary. I found her daughter and mother coming off the elevator. The surgery to remove the brain tumor, was a shorter procedure than expected and it went well. She was having an MRI when I stopped by so I didn't get to see her. Her family was grateful to have a stranger pray for her.