Mar 4, 2011

A New Model of Heath Care

I've been thinking about the future of medicine and I've been having a lot of dreams. Many of those dreams are about healing. The one I'm about to share seems to be a big picture view of coming changes in our health care system.

About a month ago I had a dream in which I watched a new hospital being built. I walked to the construction site every day to check on the progress of the new building. Each day, I took a different route to the building site, trying to find the shortest route.

One day I arrived at the site, as the building was nearly completed. I walked to the street corner and began walking up a steep sidewalk next to the building. There was a handrail, so I used it to assist me in climbing the long, steep slope. I met a man coming down the sidewalk. He was tall and austere in appearance. He was one of the hospital staff. He said nothing as we passed. As we met, he glared at me and kept walking.

There was one more element in the dream; in the beginning of the dream, I watched as group of hospital employees sat around a bed, speaking curses that were damaging patients. They seemed to be unaware of what they were doing. At the end of the dream, when the hospital was completed, the same group of people sat in the same room and prayed for people, who were healed by their prayers.

Lets do some interpretation:

I believe the new hospital represents a new model of health care that God is "building". My trips to the construction site reveal my involvement (and probably the involvement of people like me) in "seeing" the new model of health care come to pass. The fact that I took a different way each day, trying to find the shortest route would suggest there are longer and shorter paths to seeing the project completed. Our influence is intended to get it done in the most expedient and efficient way possible. The steep sidewalk is a reminder that we have an "uphill battle" in helping the medical community see the value of divine healing. The austere man is a representative of the existing medical paradigm. Although they may be left "speechless" by what they witness happening, many will not react favorably to the changes. Finally, the group of people who curse patients in the beginning and pray for their healing in the end, represent the actual change of heart and practice that we'll see in the future.

You can help us build the new model by praying for hearts to be changed and eyes opened to the benefits of divine healing. Another way to help is to get trained and begin healing the sick. You will not only bless your friends, family and patients, you'll be a role model for others to follow. We're all in this together.