Jul 12, 2011

God Wants You Confident - Steve Thompson

There is a subtle difference between arrogance and confidence, as Steve Thompson explains.


  1. mmmm......had a hard time hearing the word 'I" in this video.

    "I am a great teacher." Wrong. HE is the great teacher that happens to live in me.

    It kinda reminded me of me walking around calling me a prophet or a apostle. Its all about HIM. Not me. I boast about my Father. Not me.

  2. Thanks Sue. We can go overboard and walk in self-confidence, which is not the same as confidence in HIM.

  3. Gosh Dave. I hope you correct me when Im wrong. It was just what I sensed, yet what do I know..not much.

    I just try to be obedient to HIS voice. I love reading your stuff. Keep it coming.